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Whether you are looking for medals for schools or universities, your academic medals mean the world to the students who get them, so make them more special with the customized academic medals we offer.

Importance of Medals

No matter what field they are being presented in, Medals hold a deep value and meaning. It is a sign of appreciation of your skillset, and we all like being appreciated. Being appreciated acts as a booster that propels us to perform even further. Often, medals are given to boost up the spirits of the participants. The winner, and later their family members in their absence, often keep these medals as treasures and memorabilia. Medals are awarded in all fields of life for appreciation and acknowledgment. They are cherished for the victory they spell. Generally, medals are awarded in sports, but these are also awarded in the academic field. These are awarded to students who perform beyond expectations and teachers who help those students excel. Apart from sports and academic medals, companies also award them to their employees as appreciation.

A Brief History Of Academic Medals

A Brief History Of Academic Medals

There is no specific record of when academic institutions started using medals to appreciate their students. All universities awarded academic medals to their topmost students after the academic session. Initially, undergraduates were awarded their graduation degrees. Then slowly, these academic awards started spreading throughout the academic institutions as a sign of appreciation, then started when these academic medals were for encouraging enhancement in academic performance. As more and more curricular activities were added to the institutions, the awards and medals increased. Throughout the world, medals for schools are the most vastly sold medals. School medals are awarded to both teachers as well as students.

Types Of Academic Medals

Science has proven that appreciation releases a hormone in our body that pushes us to perform even better. This is why the number of school medals awarded is infinite, as no two qualities are the same in any two students. Medals for schools are designed according to the theme of the presentation. There are different categories. However, we have selected the most common academic medals distributed in schools and other academic institutions.


As important as academics are, Art is equally important. It is the most honorable of all creative works. It is the mastery of creation no matter which field or medium it is used in. This is why no matter where it is used, Art is celebrated with medals and awards. School medals consist of various awards based on Art.

2. Society Medal

There was a time when schools and universities offered only academic studies, but there is a lot more that schools and universities offer in the modern era. Based on the interest and caliber of the student, they can join different groups or societies that differ from the courses that are on offer. These can include sports, debates, dramatics, even cooking. These societies then award their participants who stood out from the others. Medals for schools often include these medals also.

3. Honor Medal

Honor Medal

The medal for the Honor award is a special one. We use it to award those exemplary students who score well beyond the average ones. The school medals for the honor award are given to very few as it is an honor and can’t be awarded to everyone. Scholarships generally accompany the medal for the honor award. This award is generally awarded to one student per year who has performed beyond expectations.

4. Subject Medal

Subject Medals
Subject Medal

Each student has a different caliber, and it would be unjust to compare one another. For this reason, the top student for each subject will get a different award. The medals for schools are made to incorporate each and every deserving student. Often, these awards are customized according to the logo of the school or the subject. Comparing a student that excels in languages to a student who has an aptitude for math would be unfair. This is why different awards and medals exist. Academic medals hold a prestigious value and hence should be awarded to all who deserve them.

5. Student Council Medal

Each institute has student councils. These councils are to help the other students in different departments. The council members are selected via elections and hence are the favorite and most capable of helping other students. This is why they have a huge responsibility to play towards the other students. At the end of each academic year, the best student council member is appreciated by being awarded a medal. You can consider it an academic medal because it was one of the school medals!

6. Attendance Medal

To excel in schools, attendance plays an important part in any student’s life. To encourage students towards being regular and increasing the chance for them to achieve academic awards, most institutes have included the category of attendance in the school medals as well. Now, the student that is punctual and has full attendance is not just a candidate for medals for school but also often gets a cash prize for their efforts. Now that is called incentive!!

7. Homework Hero Medal

Most students often lag in their daily work. They generally study towards the end of the term to pass the exams. Now, that is not how you should pass your academic year. This is why teachers give homework to ensure that the students have grasped the concepts that they studied doing the day. However, many students still don’t pay heed and never submit their homework. To try to encourage students to finish their homework on time, many schools include an award for homework completion into their year-end medals for school list. Now, this is not exactly an academic award, but it still holds a lot of importance. Many students strive to achieve this medal and include it in their academic medals collection.

Best Selling Academic Medals for Schools

Best Selling Academic Medals
Best Selling Academic Medals for Schools2

1. Academic Medal

Academic excellence Medal

The most prestigious award is the academic award for any student. When we talk about school awards, then the student who does well in studies should be the one who gets it. We generally award it to the student who scores the highest for the academic year. No doubt to say, it is the most coveted award as it requires the hardest work. It requires dedication and focus. And students who strive towards this medal have a higher IQ level than most. Apart from being intelligent, students have to work hard and diligently to win over an academic medal. Getting knowledge is important, and this award is to make sure that they get the best.

2. Sports Medals

An old proverb says that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. It is an accepted fact, and now it has been proven scientifically that only focusing on your work decreases your productivity. You need to add a flavor of other activities as well if you want to succeed at something. It is essential for you to break the cycle of concentration and focus on something less strenuous. This is why schools worldwide slowly add sports and other activities to their curricula.

When now activities were added, these were tested as well, and everything that is tested should be graded, and the highest grade should be awarded. This is how we add the concept of excelling in sports during school. Now many universities have their teams, and new students are also awarded scholarships. School medals for sports are of high value when students apply to universities. This is why schools have added sports awards to their medals for their list.

3. Teachers’ Appreciation Medals

Teachers play a very important role in our lives. A teacher can make you like or hate a subject. They bring out the positivity of a student and polish it with their own hard work. A student is nothing without his or her teacher. They are the ones who recognize the capabilities of a student and push them to achieve to their limits. It won’t be wrong if we say that teachers propel their students to achieve their maximum.

Generally, a capable teacher inspires an average student to score brilliantly. This is why schools have started appreciating their teachers as well. They are also given an academic medal because academia holds no meaning without them. In the process of appreciating and rewarding those who deserve it, appreciating your teachers is very important as life is nothing without our teachers. No number of awards and medals can ever fulfill what they do for us. They break us and make us. They polish off our rough edges and turn us around into what we are. Medals can never repay them for what they do.

4. President’s/ Dean Medals

A president’s award is the epitome of all your achievements. It is a school medal that is not awarded to many students but is generally awarded to the most brilliant and promising student in the entire school. This medal covers a lot of achievements, from academics to sports, from being a leader to being a helping hand. It can include any and all qualities. A Deans’s school medal is generally accompanied by a cash prize and has double the charm. Firstly, the medal represents the honor a student gets for being exemplary, and then the joy of the cash prize is always unparalleled. It represents honor, integrity, and intelligence. It is the culmination of the efforts on the part of the students and not just the honor; its value doubles when you apply for a job.

5. Leadership Medals

Leadership is an important trait in any human being. Schools and colleges often have clubs and societies. Besides which there are the student councils that students themselves run. These prove to be the training ground for all those aspiring young politicians who can practice and refine their skills under the supervision of their teachers. The initial step is always to become a member of some society and then proceed to become the president of the same.

Later they can move on to the school council. A good leader needs social-personal skills and very good communication power. The rest is handled by the interpersonal relationships as well as honing their communications. Generally, elections are held to choose the leaders. These elections are like any political election, and this gives the candidates time for their campaigning.

Students who work so hard in maintaining peace and prosperity within their communities deserve applause. Academic medals include leadership medals as well because praise from your teacher is praise indeed and helps a great deal in propelling their energies. The list for Medals for school at the end of the year is generally long, and this category deserves a slot!!


1. Academic Excellence Medals

China has come a long way in every field. Education has paid a major role in their succession. This is why schools have received special attention throughout. Education serves as a tool to give the people of China their needed skills for making their nation a successful one. This is why several awards were given special preference. Anywhere in the world, the one school medal that always has precedence is the academic medal which signifies the success of not just the students but also the education system of the nation. This is why each school has the academic excellence medal in the school medals.

2. Martial Arts Medals

In China, sports form a vital part of a child’s life. They are promoted in schools, and playgrounds are set up to encourage fitness through sports in children. China is famous for its martial arts. Special attention is paid to ensuring that all acquire this. Schools have special training teachers for martial arts. This is why the medals for school lists always have a category for martial arts that includes karate, Tae Kondo, and Kung Fu. It is another extremely important school medal in china.

3. Above and Beyond Medals

All students try to strive hard towards excellence. They work hard in studies and sports, and other extra-curricular activities. However, some students can achieve much more. These are the ones who go above and beyond the set targets. These are the overachievers for whom there are special rewards. We should recognize and help these students to hone their talents. We should encourage them to achieve higher goals, but they must perform above their set targets. Awards play an important role in this. A medal will always remind them of what they achieved and what they are capable of achieving.

4. Teamwork Medals

In China, we give special emphasis to working as a team. Teamwork has extreme importance throughout our lives, and the values of teamwork are best taught during student life; this is why a lot of work is given as a team. This helps in teaching the value of working as a team. Getting award for being the best team is an incentive and helps motivate the students towards performing their best. A medal for teamwork is the best school medal.

5. The All-Rounder Medals

The value of multi-tasking is being appreciated more and more these days. The medals for school list now have a new category by The All-Rounder Medals. This medal is for those students who perform well in everything. They are academically sound, are athletic, and participate in extra-curricular activities. We should appreciate and reward such students. This is why we have included this medal to encourage students to target above their comfort levels. School medals play an important role in encouraging students and should be for to those who deserve them.


The best way to acknowledge and appreciate students is to award them a medal. School medals stay with them for a long time as beautiful memories not just for the students but also for their families. It is an inexpensive way to acknowledge and propel the students to perform even better. A little encouragement goes a long way in pushing these young minds to target above their comfort level. Academic medals spell the success of school life and the personal growth that comes with it. Students strive hard to achieve high grades, and academic medals prove that.

Life is beautiful, and you should enjoy it with the beautiful memories that these academic medals can provide you. These medals make students feel good whenever they see these. This is what Medals Chine offers, quality at the best price. Medals Chine provides you with bulk quantities if you want, and whenever you need medals, you are just a call away. Let us know your need and function days; we will try to help you out quickly.

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