Buyers Guide for Sports Medals

Sports medals are token of appreciation and motivate one’s to do better. The custom-made sports medal adds value to the medal because it not only can display but will always remain intact as a memory. So, either you want to give a medal for a sports award or honor a player with a sports medal. Custom-made sports medals add extra charm because they can be made by engraving the winner’s name. By the end of this article, you will have Buyers Guide for Sports Medals and be able to understand what type of sports medal or custom-made sports medal you need. Here are Buyers Guide for Sports Medals.

What are sports medals? 

Sports medals for any kind of sport are no lesser than motivation for a player who has made their way to win. It ignites sportsman spirit. These medals are given in different sectors, including sports, education and offices. These medals remind you of the achievements of what you have done in the past and become an unforgettable memory for your whole life.

There are different qualities of medals available. They are made in silver, gold, and bronze plated. And the colors are distinguished according to the level in-game achieved by the player. They are given for every sport; basketball, cricket, snooker, hockey, swimming, and volleyball. In short, it covers all kinds of sports.

Since 1900 the trend of giving medals has just touched a peak. They are made custom-made by mentioning the participant’s name, the type of game they participated in and in which year the competition happened, and the organizing club. Custom-made sports medals for the winner don’t only excite the winner. But also adds a good impression about organizing a club or team.

Sports medals for a marathon race 

With the growing population and economic risk all around the world. The anxiety and depression are also increasing. And for it, games are an important source. But some paralyzed or handicapped people can’t participate in games. And this can cause fear and terror of getting rejected and, above all, can add complexity to them. The people can participate in marathon races.

So, let’s first discuss the marathon race. It’s a long-distance race. In another word, it can be defined as a long road race. An interesting fact is that paralyzed people can also participate in it. Many people strive to get it. And several people participate in it.

Sports medals can be made custom-made. The marathon race is exciting and most liked by the public. And the importance is unimaginable, much more than other games for some reason. This above-given example can understand the importance of winning a marathon race medal: –

A performer who won an Olympic marathon race medal expressed his happiness.

‘‘It’s a great feeling for me; I am feeling amazing. And it will encourage to do better and excel more.”

Custom-made marathon medals are available at MEDALS CHINA in three different categories. You can either get it designed with a logo, high-quality marathon medals, and medals with your design.

Hence, custom-made marathon medals in marathon activities are legit and add extra charm, ignite a sportsman’s spirit, and encourage him to perform well.

Buyers Guide for Sports Medal-type of Sports Medals:

There are different kinds of sports medals. And medal can be given without ribbon or with ribbon. Some medals are gold-plated, some are silver-plated, and some are bronze-plated. Medals for sports awards are manufactured in higher volumes on order at MedalsChina.

However, sports medals are not only confined to one sport. These are running medals, swimming medals, marathon race medals, football medals, soccer medals, racing medals, basketball medals, cycling medals, hockey medals, 5k medals, Karate medals, shooting medals, tennis medals, weightlifting medals, blank medals, Christmas medals, hiking medals, roller skating medals, piano medals, dragon boat medals, bowling medals, fishing medals, skiing medals, balance bike medals, lacrosse medals, judo medals, softballs medals.

All these are the types of sports medals available in the market, and the most trusted place is MedalsChina which provides all the medals quickly. You can find a few in the store already, or if you want them to customize a few of your sports medals, you are welcome. There are no such restrictions on the designs. You can ask them to quote the price for specific designs. It will make things easier for both.

Buyers Guide for Sports Medal-Custom Medals:

Custom-made sports medals for sports events are very much in demand. And shows uniqueness and adds value to the competition. People strive more to get it. Because monetary prices get used, and not many people can know.

There are different kinds of custom medals. For example: – Award medals, sports medals, spinning medals, glitter medals, interlocking medals, standing medals, wood medals, glow in the dark.

A sports medal is our priority here, as discussed above. It has got a huge variety of sports medals. And these sports medals can be customized according to your desire and design.

How to custom sports medals: 

Why do you need a customized sports medal?

Once you have decided to buy a sports medal, you don’t want a typically designed medal that every club or organization is giving. You want your medal to be unique so it can add some value to the event. And ignite participant spirit too. For this, you need a customized sports medal. So, if you are organizing a sports event and want to give a custom-made sports medal. Here are a few things you need to know and should have in mind before purchasing.Custom sports medals are available for every sport, almost like Marathon race, Running, singing, bicycle, dancing competition, Ludo winner, karate competitions, and many more, since sports have become necessary and part and parcel of today’s education system.

Things that need to be considered on the customization of sports medals.

So, investing in good medals will Increase the worth of your company too. To honor their persistent efforts towards passion and game. The custom sports medals are the best for them.Once you have decided which type of sport you want, i.e., cycling, first need to be focused on the design you want. There are multiple options for it available also. You should select a factory that has got this parameter. These colors are gold-plated, silver-plated, bronze plated. 2nd most important parameter in selecting whether you want it with your design logo. Or want that factory/ company to design that.

After you have designed that logo, you should think about the color of the ribbon. Ribbon color is very much important. As in most competitions, ribbon color is the factor that distinguishes between the ranks of players or positions. The ribbon color is significant. The ribbon color can be red, green, or blue, any of your choices.

Another important factor is the ‘ Price quote.’ Suppose the price quote given by you is less. Or you have a less financial budget. Then you should select a company that can make quality products within your prescribed quote. The company you have selected for custom sports medals should be internationally standardized and certified. The criteria mentioned above for custom sports medals will hopefully let you decide which company you need. Custom Sports medals are manufactured in bulk numbers at MedalsChina on request. You can check them out to see what they have in their pocket for you.

Buyers Guide for Sports Medal-Where to order sports medals in bulk?

Suppose you are organizing a big sports event. You need medals for sport event. And you want a custom-made sports medal. Custom sports medals are important for your event, and the event is organized at a bigger level. So, here’s a complete guide about which custom sports medal factory you should choose for your sports event.

Ways to find you the right supplier.

You should order from a factory/ company with expertise in manufacturing at a bigger level. And can manufacture within your quote. That company/ factory should be internationally certified and standardized.After you have selected that company or factory check their reviews. All good companies or factories have made review section box for their valuable customers. In which their customers who have ordered their products in the past. The review section box will help you know about the product services and the quality. Also, it will give you an idea about the customer care services of the company/ factory.

Suppose the reviews of the company/ factory you have chosen for an order are good. You shouldn’t order straight away. Rather if they offer sample services, you should do that. And if they are international expected delivery time can be 10-15 days. So also look into the details of the company. After you have received your sample, it matches your set criteria and your price quote. It’s a yes sign to order from that company or factory in bulk.

Medals China is one of the finest medals factories that receive online/offline orders for people of different regions. They ship medals to different countries as well. The shipment cost is excluded from what they have mentioned on the website. You should ask about the shipping prices before ordering your sports medals in your country.

where to order sports medals in bulk

Metal Awards Factory was established in 2013 with 3600 square meters workshop and 80 professional production workers. It is a comprehensive factory integrating production and sales.

Buyers Guide for Sports Medal-How do you maintain the sports medals? 

Suppose you have ordered from a company That is internationally certified. That company must have taken care of all the precautions and must have followed all S.O.P and protocols of the packaging once you have received the custom sports medal for your sports event. After checking that they are all good in quality, you should make sure that the company has dispatched quantity as per agreement. You should wrap them in acid-free paper and protect them from environmental rays. You can also wrap or preserve them in paper sheets, satin, silk, or velvet clothe. Medals for sports awards are offered on order at MedalsChina. Visit them to see the different awards. You are allowed to provide your designs as well.

  • You should keep them in a humidity-free area.
  • If you are an athlete and you have won a custom sports medal. You can want to display it in your room, then you can maintain it by keeping it less temperature, damp-free, and less dry.
  • Occasionally clean it with linen, velvet fabric.
  • Make sure you are wearing gloves while dealing. An acid-free environment is a must.

Buyers Guide for Sports Medal-Introduction to MEDALS CHINA:

Medals China is a factory that believes in motivating youth and people who achieve great things. To commemorate this event, they believe in motivating via medals.

Medals China is a China-based factory. Its focus is on providing the best quality products, including custom-made medals, custom-made accessories, etc. However, their custom-made sports medals for sports events have gained popularity and been made on the market for a lesser period. It was established in 2013. About 80 skilled workers, 18 representatives, are doing day and night shifts to get tasks done. Once you have selected the color, ribbon, design, and logo on the medal. Then comes the step of quality assurance. Medals for sports events, schools, and functions are easily available.

They have established a proper quality assurance team. The company has a quality assurance department. And ISO 9002:2015 quality certified. Believing in recycling and environment protection, they don’t discharge waste to the environment. Also, they are Sedex certified too. The company has made partnerships with 60 other companies.

They have catered to many customers with their desired customized medals for sports events in the past few years.

Make your life easier by choosing Medals China.

The company doesn’t only make medals in stock, but also, they are custom-made. They make a quality product within a competitive price range. For the customers who can’t pick the products. For them, the delivery option is available. There are different qualities of medals available at a very much competitive price. For the people who want medals at less price. They take orders for that too.

If you want to order medals for sports awards in bulk, contact us. However, if you don’t want your money to be wasted and you are suspicious, you can surely ask for samples. That’s what we do for our valuable customers. Here at medals China, they are well aware of your suspicions and doubts. If you want to design your own, you can do that too. You need to check regularly as they put sports medals for sale often.

You can directly contact them on their website or via the contact no. So by contacting them directly, they can better guide you. And there would be fewer chances of any mistakes. This is one of the reasons why Medals China has successfully made a name in such a short span.

If you are from the Middle East, you can choose Arabic. And if you are from Germany (Europe), you can choose German similarly. There are about five different languages to choose from Chinese to German. They have sought out every little hurdle that can cause stress to customers.

Separate bar is in place for reviews in which valuable customers write their suggestions and reviews about products, which helps other customers to choose.

A wild variety of sports medals for you to choose from.

They do different kinds of custom-made medals. The range is vast, starting from the award, sports, spinning, glitter, interlocking, standing, wood, and glow in the dark.

Also, they are expert in custom-made catering medal, which is best for your sports event. It also has a huge variety of them. And have These are running medals, swimming medals, marathon race medals, football medals, soccer medals, racing medals, basketball medals, cycling medals, hockey medals, 5k medals, Karate medals, shooting medals, tennis medals, weightlifting medals, blank medals, Christmas medals, hiking medals, roller skating medals, piano medals, dragon boat medals, bowling medals, fishing medals, skiing medals, balance bike medals, lacrosse medals, judo medals, softballs medal and many more.

medals china


Medals China is the right company for you to order for your sports event. It’s Sedex certified. It can manufacture custom sports medals in bulk and guide you to maintain your sports medals. For more details, you can click on

For quotes and designs, contact us. Stay Blessed!

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