Custom Sports Medals: Types and Recommendations

Custom sports medals are the first choice for most companies and organizations these days because they know that custom medals are the best way to increase their visibility, make their marketing strategy successful and fulfill other purposes in any sporting event. Let’s get to know everything in detail about custom medals that you should know before you choose and purchase for the sports events:

Introduction of Custom Sports Medal:

Many types of medals exist in the market. Different medals come with different prices and different attributes because they are crafted differently with different materials for different purposes. However, you get to choose stock medals and custom medals. To know what custom sports medals are we need to know first what custom medals are. Custom medals are the medals that are crafted by different medals companies based on the idea and the requirements of the customers.

Customers give the company their design and what they need of the medal for their events or any other purposes. That’s how custom-made medals are made. And if your event is sports-related then you make the order in the same way and they provide you with a custom sports medal. So, the custom sports medals are the ones specially made for you based on what you need.

Benefits that brought with the custom sports medals.

There are many benefits to custom sports medals. This is why most organizations and companies who are holding sports events are relying on custom sports medals these days more and more. They can be produced for running medals, swimming medals, cycling medals, golf medals to karate medals, archery medals, and many more. If you choose custom sports medals then you have the opportunity to customize its appearance exactly the way you want and you can go with different types of metal finishes based on your budget and requirements such as soft or hard enameling and choose the materials such as iron, brass, or zinc alloy, etc. You can do this for all sorts of medals including any type of running medal.

Wide applications:     

Adding more visibility to your company and the event through custom sports medals.

If you are looking forward to increasing your name recognition in some unique ways through sports events then custom sports medals will play an important role in this. With the these medals, you get the opportunity to give more priority to the important details about your company or organization. Most running medals and other custom sports medals are not much large so that the participants can wear them perfectly. As a result, there is not much space for writing on the medals. But you get to add anything based on your choice and requirements if you go for custom sports medals. As a result, you will get quite a good opportunity to add all the essential words such as business slogan and the names of the program and the organization. Doing this will bring more convenience by adding more visibility to your company and the event.

Medals have been around us for a very long time. If you go for stock medals that are already crafted then you will be choosing nothing but typically designed medals. In that way, you will never be able to challenge the norms. But if you go with custom sports medals then you can challenge the norm and create something out of the box. This will allow you to use your creativity in crafting your running medals and the more creativity you will use, the more unique the medals will be. And the more unique the medals are the more visibility you will get from the event.

Customize medals based on what you need.

With custom sports medals, you can just reinvent traditions and craft something truly custom. You can ensure the best functionality for running medals if you go for custom sports medals. With custom sports medals, you will be able to choose the perfect size that will be suitable for the receivers. You will be able to choose the perfect ribbon for the medals that will be highly beneficial for your company’s marketing.

Custom sports medals offer you more opportunities like choosing the best materials and the best colors based on your preference. You can choose whatever you feel is best for your sports event. Like the materials that will last long, and the combination of colors and ribbons that will be loved by the people who will receive the medals. In this way, you can choose the best materials, colors, ribbons, words, and everything else if you go with custom sports medals and that’s how you choose the best medals for your events.

Types of custom sports medals:

We already know that custom sports medals mean the type of medals that are produced completely based on the requirements of the customers. As the customers have the freedom to choose anything for the medals in any way they want, they can have many types of medals from running medals to tennis medals. No matter whatever the sport is, custom sports medals come in all sorts of designs for all kinds of sports. The list of the types of custom sports medals is given below:

  • Marathon medals. (including 5K medals,10K medals, and finisher medals).
  • Running medals
  • Swimming medals
  • Participation medals
  • Football medals
  • Golf medals
  • Soccer medals
  • Boxing medals
  • Racing medals
  • Basketball medals
  • Wrestling medals
  • Baseball medals
  • Cycling medals
  • Karate medals
  • Archery medals
  • Cricket medal
  • Cycling trophies
  • Tennis medals

Each sports medal has its own unique characteristic.

Each one of these medals comes with such shapes and designs that their looks give away what sort of sports medals they are. In marathon medals and running medals, you will be able to see men running. In swimming medals, you will see persons swimming. The same way cycling medals contain the shapes of people cycling and football medals contain the shapes of people playing football. This is why each sports medal is unique and you can distinguish one from another. As we can understand what kind of sports medal is it whenever we take a look at a certain custom sports medal, the receiver of the medals is also able to identify different medals and remember the achievement with it.

Available Shapes

There are three types of shapes available for custom sports medals. The shapes of the medals are:

  1. Normal around or rectangle shape.
  2. Irregular shape with sandblasted or cutouts.
  3. Customize shape as you want.

A custom sports medal is all about what you want for the event. This is why you simply get the opportunity to customize any shape you want. You can break the norm with it and create a shape that is not normally used. Or you can simply choose any irregular shape or normal round or rectangle shape. It depends on you and you have the full freedom of choosing any shape if you purchase custom sports medals from us. We will turn your vision of the whole design into a reality including any shape of your choice.

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shapes of custom sports medals
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How to choose ribbons for custom sports medals:

Ribbon, a essential part of your medals.

Choosing the most suitable ribbons for your running medals is quite essential. No matter how good the design of your medals is, if you choose the wrong ribbons for the medals then this will ruin the whole thing. To choose the best ribbons for your medals, let’s get to know the types of ribbons.

Ribbons in plain color, the most affordable type you can get.

Firstly, there is a ribbon type that comes in plain color. This is suitable for adding simplicity to the running medals. The color can be matched with the color of the medals. This type of ribbon can be single or stripe colors ribbon. If you want full simplicity then you can choose one color and if you want to add a little more color then stripe colors ribbons are perfect for the running medals. This type of ribbon is woven and when it comes to the price, it is the most affordable one. It is perfect for you if you are on a budget and don’t want any pattern on the ribbons.

Then you have the choice of printing ribbons with one color or two colors. The printing ribbon allows you to print your choice of words. You can put the slogan of your business or motivational words or the name of the event with anything else. And here you also have two colors and one color option. It means is to print our logo or letters in one or two colors in woven ribbons. If you want then the ribbons can be printed on both sides or one side.

Colorful ribbon.

If you want more than all those mentioned above for your custom sports medals such as more colors for the logo and the words added on the ribbon, then sublimated ribbon is perfect for you. It is also known as the colorful ribbon because you have the freedom to add different colors if you go with this type of ribbon. This can be printed on both sides with a logo and letters. It is known to be a superior quality ribbon.

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How to choose ribbons for custom sports medals
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How much do custom sports medals cost:

There are some awesome medals manufacturers all over China. Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Fujian are quite renowned for manufacturing excellent medals in China. If you choose custom sports medals from manufacturers that have been manufacturing running medals for more than decades and if they have a big factory with lots of experienced workers then the price will be less costly there compared to new companies who are not mature yet. Some companies set their prices of custom sports medals based on how much they think the customers are willing to pay. If you want to get the best prices of custom sports medals then the best place to purchase the best quality medals at the most affordable price would be in Dongguan city.

This city is situated in Guangdong province. You also need to check if the source you are purchasing medals from is direct or indirect. If you purchase running medals from an indirect source then you will have to pay a higher cost. On the other hand, buying custom sports medals from a direct source can save you a lot of money. However, the custom sports medals cost will be decided by the materials used on the medals. Some materials are more costly and others are less costly. The materials that cost more will be more durable and be of better quality for your custom sports medals. The more the size and the thickness the more material will need to craft the medals. And the more the material, the more the cost.

How to choose a reliable manufacturer?

Before you purchase custom sports medals or running medals, you need to be sure that you are not purchasing from a middle man. You need to be sure first if they are a real source or not. When you will be purchasing the medals from a real source from the real manufacturer, the middle man will not be able to make any profit. And that’s why you will be getting a cost-efficient price for the custom sports medals.

Find you best custom sports medal factories in China.

You can find many custom sports medals factories all around the world. But if you want to find the best medals manufacturer then you should search for it in China. Because all the is the biggest exporters are from China. Many factories there have more than 10-20 years of experience in making custom award medals. So, for finding the best medals manufacturer from the world market, you have to go and choose one from China. And if you want to choose the best medals manufacturer in China then you have to look for it in Dongguan, Guangdong province.

Then you have to look for some other factors for finding the most reliable custom sports medals manufacturer such as their website and how secure their website is. You need to check how many payment methods they have added to their website.Also, check out how big their medal collection is. After that, you need to read the frequently asked question sector on the website and then read the reviews given on the website by previous customers.

MedalsChina, the best medals manufacturer you can trust.

If you find everything secure and well on the website then you can look forward to ordering custom sports medals. In this way, find 3-5 custom sport medals suppliers and then compare the prices and the quality of their services. After comparing, go for the one you feel is the best for you. Our company has all the characteristics that it needs to be the most reliable custom sports medals manufacturer. That’s why it has become the most trusted source for many people all around the world.

Our advantage:

If you order custom sports medals from us you can look forward to high-quality products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We always deliver running medals before the deadline and each order is hand-inspected for quality assurance. And you will always get a fair price from us. From drawing, engraving, molding, mold polishing, die casting, product polishing to elector-sparkling, we ensure quality control for each process such as plating quality checking, enameling quality checking, ribbon and packaging quality checking because we know that when each process is checked properly, the final result will be the highest of quality.

Since 2013, we have been providing the best custom sports medals at the most affordable prices with the highest possible quality. This has made us the most trusted source for custom sports medals for many out there. Our factory has passed ISO, SEDEX, and the environmental protection certification because of using the best methods and the latest technology available in this sector. Our reputation has reached so far and wide that now we make medals for the biggest company in USA(Crown Awards) and UK (Running IMP). Therefore, if you purchase custom sports medals from us, you can look forward to the best quality products of international standard.

We cooperate with DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT so that we can deliver the goods at your doorsteps quickly and safely. We consistently maintain the quality of our products for running medals to all sorts of custom sports medals and all other products. As a result, currently, we are maintaining a good business partnership with more than 60 companies all around the world. So, you will be much benefited if you do purchase custom sports medals from us. Get in touch because we would like to establish a long-term partnership with you.

Our advantage of custom sports medals

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