How much do the medals cost in China?

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The price of any product is different in different places. You will easily find the same type of product at different prices if you purchase it from different companies. Different companies label their products at different prices due to many reasons. The same goes for the price of medals in China. If you have been looking for the best medals then you will find them here in China.

If you have decided to buy medals for any event or any other purpose or if you are looking forward to buying medals soon and want to know more about the price of medals then keep reading. In this article, you will get to know the factors that play a role in the price of medals. You will get to know how much medals cost and why they cost that much. You will also know how to get the best medals price even if you do not have any previous experience of buying medals. Without further delay, let’s get started:

Best price of medals based on the manufacturer: 

China is a huge country. It is the 4th largest country in the world. As Chinese people are great at crafting different things, you will get great medals all around China. Because there are some awesome medals manufacturers all over China. Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Fujian are quite famous for manufacturer excellent medals in China. But it does not end here because there are other places inside China where you will also get excellent medals based on your choice and preference. However, the price of medals is different with different medals manufacturers. The medals price is different in different places because of the different ethics and situations different companies have. Some companies set their prices of medals based on how much they think the customers are willing to pay.

Technology plays a role.

The technology in medals manufacturing is getting more and more sophisticated. This is why the different medals price exists. Some medals manufacturing companies are getting their hands on the latest technologies as soon as they can. And other medals manufacturers are getting the touch of the latest machines much later than their competitors. As a result, different companies are charging different prices for medals. Different medals prices also come with different qualities. Most of the time, the medals manufacturers with big factories and a lot of staff members that can produce a large number of medals can offer more affordable medals prices compared to small companies.

Price discrimination.

The price discrimination of medals exists in China or anywhere in the world because some companies move forward to capture the consumer surplus in the market. Some medals manufacturers generate more revenue compared to others with the different prices of medals. Different prices of medals give much higher output in selling by making the proper use of even its spare capacity. As a result, a medals manufacturer can produce more products more efficiently and sell more medals as possible. Even though some people think that the different prices of medals are unfair but these are the reasons why economists say that price discrimination is greater welfare for many cases.

If you want to buy the best medals in China at the most affordable rates then we are the perfect choice for you. We have been working in this sector for a long time. And our main goal is to satisfy our customers with the highest quality and the best prices of medals. As we have been satisfying our customers with the best medals at the most affordable prices, our reputation has reached far and wide. You will get the best prices of medals on our website.

What is the process of custom medals?

Best price of medals based on the place:

The prices of medals depend on the place most of the time. The price and the quality of different products have always depended on the place the products come from. Different places have different types of environments. In some particular places, a large number of populations work on a particular product or offer a specific service. Sometimes it’s their tradition and they have been doing it for a long time as their ancestors did it. In some other cases, they do it because it is the best way to earn money in that particular place. And in other cases, the origin of that specific product has started from that specific place. As a result, different places offer different prices of medals and different qualities of medals.

The impact brought by the cost of lifestyle.

The different place also has a different cost of lifestyle. In some places the lifestyle costs much and that’s why the price of a certain product is more expensive there compared to some other places where the cost of the lifestyle is comparatively cheap. There are a large number of people who are willing to work at a cheap price in some particular places in China. In those places, the medals manufacturers can mass-produce medals cost-efficiently and the price of medals is quite affordable there compared to other places where human labor costs much.

Dongguan,the best place to get the best prices of medals.

If you want to get the best prices of medals then the place matters and one of the best places to purchase the best quality medals at the most affordable price would be in Dongguan city. This city is situated in Guangdong province. This city does not attract many tourists because this is a city that is famous for business. Most foreigners come here for business purposes. So, you can imagine the economic environment in this city. And this city is the birthplace of the medals everyone seeks for their events and other purposes. This is why the prices of medals are the best here from any other place in China. As this is the birthplace of medals, people in this area have been manufacturing medals for a long time and this is why there is a good environment that has been built up in this city for medals manufacturing.

Many people are working in this medals manufacturing industry. And the use of the latest technology in medals manufacturing is present here. As a result, the overall medals manufacturing process is perfect here. With the help of the latest technology and the relentless workers relying on this medals industry, the medals manufacturers in this city can mass-produce great quality medals. This overall process and the environment greatly reduce the cost. This is why the prices of medals are more affordable here compared to other places in China.

Prices of medals based on your source:

If you want to get the best medals price then you need to look out for a few factors. Now that you already know that the prices of medals are different in different companies and places, there is another thing you must need to know about medals price. And that is the source you purchase medals from. You need to check if the source you are buying medals from is direct or indirect. If you buy medals from an indirect source then you will be paying more money. On the other hand, purchasing medals from a direct source can save you a lot of money.

Purchase medals directly from a manufacturer to get the best prices.

As we want you to get the best prices of medals, we always recommend you to purchase medals from the manufacturers directly instead of buying them from traders. There are so many traders in the market nowadays and they will try to make you believe that they are the best source for you to find the highest quality medals at the most affordable medals price. But in reality, the opposite will happen.

The traders usually take orders from the customers and then forward them to the factories for production. After the medals manufacturers are done with the production, the traders collect the medals from them and then forward them back to the customers. In this process, the traders make orders for the medals to the manufacturer at a cost-efficient price but they sell the medals at a high price to the customers. This is how they make a profit by raising the medals price from the original price.

To get the best prices of medals with good quality from a manufacturer.

The traders also do not care about the quality of the medals. The traders are not dedicated to offering the best quality at the best medals price because they are not the manufacturers. The manufacturers invest a lot in the business and this is why they are willing to stay in the business for a long time. To keep their business running, they need to have a good reputation. The better the reputation the better the business. As a result, the medals manufacturers always make sure that their customers are getting the best prices of medals with great quality.

On the other hand, traders do not start their business keeping in mind that they will be in this business for a long time. Most traders keep their business for a short period. Their main goal is to make a profit without caring for anything at all. That’s why some traders take the high price of medals but do not offer the exact quality that should come with that price. These are the reasons why the prices of medals are different based on the source you purchase from.

We are one of the most renowned medals manufacturers in China. If you want to get the best prices of medals then you can directly contact us and orders medals of your choice from us. As we want you to get the best prices of medals, we recommend you to order medals from us directly. We always make sure to offer cost-efficient prices.

Prices of medals for custom orders: 

Most organizations and companies who need medals for their events and other purposes order custom medals these days. Custom medals offer more benefits than stock medals. As a result, custom medals are the first choice for many people out there. The prices of medals that are available in the stock are simply given on the website. But the price of medals for the custom order is not possible to mention right away without knowing the requirements from the clients for their medals.

Each medals price is mentioned on the website based on the material, efforts, and technology used on them. But custom medals require more modifications and they always need extra effort. As a result, the prices of medals for custom orders will be mentioned after the client sends the design and all the requirements to the medals manufacturer. Each medal on the website is categorized based on the characteristics of the medals. They are categorized based on the events they will be used. But custom medals are not categorized like that because custom medals do not fall into any specific category. Each custom medal is crafted from the deep imagination of the customer. As a result, each custom medals price is completely different from the other.

If you want to get the best prices of medals for your custom orders then we are the best choice for you. To know the exact price of medals for your custom order, you have to send us the design of the medals you want first. And then you will have to mention the size, color, thickness, and material you want for the medals. We will calculate our cost and effort for customizing the medals of your dream and then you will simply know the prices of medals.

Prices of medals based on the characteristics:

The prices of the medals depend on many aspects such as; the size of the medal, the thickness of the medal, the process of the medal: soft enamel color, transparent color, glitter color, glow in the dark color, and so on. Different ribbon for medals also makes different prices of medals. The ribbons are plain-woven ribbon, printing ribbon, and sublimated ribbon.

The prices of medals will be higher if the medals are large. The price will also depend on the thickness. The more the size and the thickness the more material will need to craft the medals. And the more the material, the more the cost. Therefore, the price of medals will be higher if you want large size medals with more thickness. The price depends on the material too because different materials cost differently due to their characteristics. Some materials are more durable than others. As a result, they offer more longevity for the medals. Some materials are prone to corrosion.

On the other hand, some materials are corrosion resistant. If you choose materials that are corrosion resistant and highly durable for your medals then the medals price will be higher compared to the medals made of materials that are prone to corrosion and do not last as long as the other materials. The overall price for medals depends on the quality of materials. If you go for hard enamel then the medals price will be a little bit higher than the medals made of soft enamel. Soft enamel is suitable for producing a large number of medals at a cost-efficient price.

Everyone like the soft texture of soft enamel. On the other hand, hard enamel costs more because hard enamel offers jewelry-like quality to the medals. The surface of the medals will also be super smooth if you go for hard enamel. This is how the prices of medals vary. Different types of engraving processes also determine the medals price. If you want high-quality colors then the price of medals will cost more compared to less expensive colors. If you want to purchase medals with ribbons that have a printing system on them then it will cost more compared to the ribbons that do not have any printing system on them. These are the factors that play a role in deciding the medals price in China.

Prices of medals and delivery time for our company: 

Now that you know that the price of medals depends on the manufacturer, place, source, you should know that we are the perfect choice for you. We are the manufacturer who always makes sure to keep the price of medals affordable for everyone. As we are the manufacturer, we are the direct source for purchasing medals. You can directly contact us and purchase medals from us at the best medals price without the help of any middle man. We also have options for custom-made medals. You can order custom medals from us with any requirement you have and we will take care of that. The price of medals and the duration of the delivery process are mentioned below:

Item: medals 

Material: Zinc alloy

Process: die-cast no colors filling

Attachment: 850X25MM plain woven ribbon or stripes ribbon

Size: 50MM thickness 3MM

Qty: 500pcs

Plating: Antique gold/ silver/ copper

Unit price: USD0.43/pcs

Mold charge: USD 100

Shipping cost: 160

The price above doesn’t include color filling, if need there are USD0.025/color for soft enamel, USD 0.05/color for glitter color or transparent color, USD 0.08 for glow in the dark color.

Additional USD 0.03 for one color printing ribbon

Additional USD 0.07 for sublimated ribbon

For custom medals MOQ 20pcs

Our Delivery time:

100-300pcs delivery time 12days

301-1000pcs pcs delivery time 15days

1001-3000pcs delivery time 18days

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