How to pack and ship bespoke medals?


1. Shipping bespoke medals by Air.

1.1 Famous international couriers

When it comes to the shipping of bespoke medals, air express is the most convenient and fastest way. The goods will be delivered on air freight and it is the fastest form of transportation overseas. We all know the fact that planes fly faster than ships sail on the sea. Therefore,if you are in urgent need of the delivery,we suggest that you go with air express. DHL,FEDEX,UPS and TNT are the most famous and reliable international express service providers . Want a recommendation from us,then DHL will be the one.

1.2 How to choose the right one for you?

1.2.1 Pros and cons of faster transportation.

If you want the goods to be delivered fast then the transportation cost will not be cheap. Faster transportation will cost more money compared to the transportation system which takes a longer time. Either you will have to choose fast transportation with more cost or slow transportation with less cost. You will need to evaluate your priority and make a decision based on that. You can choose the mode of transportation that suits your requirement the best at that moment.

1.2.2 Another factor you also need to consider.

If the products are sent from China then it will take about 3 days to ship from China to the United States and Canada. However, you will need to count extra one or two days if you live in a remote city. The delay usually happens because there are only a few service outlets in remote places. This is why it will take a long time to transport and there will be delays. It usually takes about 3 days to ship from China to Europe.

1.2.3 DHL, why not?

DHL is a German company and this is why it will have more advantages in European transportation. If you are ordering from Europe then choosing DHL will be a better decision. It is the world’s largest logistics company with services available in over 220 countries on this planet. You can expect standard parcel pick up and delivery service both home and abroad from DHL. You will get an end-to-end tracking system and customs clearance with fast delivery. Hopefully, you will get the products in your hands at the right time because the delivery will not be postponed unless it has a flight or local weather problem and that does not happen often. You will get the delivery fast under normal circumstances.

1.2.4 Couriers that are also good to choose from.

FedEx, UPS, and TNT offer both priority and economical services. Priority service refers to the shipping process where you will get the the delivery as soon as possible but it will cost you more than the economical service. The economical service stands for the transportation mode that is cost-efficient but it might take a while to get your hands on the products.

1.2.5 The strength of FedEx.

FedEx offers fast, reliable, and on-time delivery to more than 220 countries in the world by connecting almost 99% of the world’s gross domestic product markets. They believe in service, innovation, integrity, and responsibility to run their company. With the latest online shopping tools and systems,they can meet all your expectations about your order like tracking the status of your shipment anytime and anywhere by simply clicking the mouse of your computer. They can handle all types of shipments including all sizes of packages and freight. This is why you can choose them for shipping your bespoke medals without any doubt. They come with well-designed packaging systems that you can choose from based on the requirements of your bespoke medals shipment.

1.3 How to choose the service type?

Priority service generally takes 3-5 days and the cost is smiliar to that of DHL. While economical service,the cheaper one,takes 6-10 days. Customers can choose any of these modes of services according to the time of the activity. The advantage of choosing air express is that the transportation time is very short but the price will be relatively expensive. Most bespoke medals can choose this air express if the quantity is less than 3000.

To choose the right delivery company for bespoke medals, you need to determine at first about how many packages you want to ship and whether you want to ship internationally, domestically, or both. As medals manufacturers, we also get to know about the expectations of our customers and then make suggestions for transportation company services based on that. Once you have a clear idea about these, you will be able to make a proper decision on choosing the most affordable and convenient service.

Instructions on how to receive the goods:

When ready,the factory makes appointment,usually on-line, with a courier,during which a tracking number is generated.With the tracking number, customers can check the whereabouts of the goods and the ETA as well on the courier’s website any time they want.After reaching the local area, the courier will directly send bespoke medals to the address specified by the customer. The customer only needs to sign to receive the goods, which is very time-saving and convenient. In this process, the customer does not have to go through any hassle at all. The overall process is quite easy and anyone can do it anytime. No need to call or text to get the current location of the products.Any mobile phone or computer will do the job. This allows the customers to be tension free when they know that the product is coming and where its location is at that particular moment.

However, the Customs of some countries have strict control. After bespoke medals arrive at customs, the customs will notify the consignee to provide the goods documents. In this case, the customer only needs to contact the manufacturer to provide all the information about bespoke medals orders on the commercial invoice. After the commercial invoice is sent to the customs, the goods can be released soon. This process is quite easy as well. All you have to do is follow this instruction and get the products passed. Since bespoke medals are made of legal materials and are not harmful at all, they will surely pass any customs of the world. Yes, you might need to face a little hassle but you will be able to get the products on your hands inevitably.

B: Air transportation to the airport, this method is for large orders. For example, our bespoke medals weigh more than 150kg + and the transportation time is 10-12 days. The customer has reserved sufficient time to choose this method of air transportation to the airport, which saves costs greatly and cheaply. After manufacturer send out the goods, there is also a tracking number. With the tracking number, he can track where the goods are. After bespoke medals arrive at the airport, the airport will notify the customer to come and pick up the goods. The customer only needs to take a commercial invoice to take away the bespoke medals. If you want to buy a lot of medallions wholesale for business or any other purpose and if the order is large then you have to go with this process.

2. Shipping bespoke medals by boat

Sea transportation takes more time compared to air freight but it is the cheapest option available for anyone importing medals from overseas. It is suitable for those who have enough time on their hands. If you want to use this mode of transportation then you have to plan out the medallions and order them much before the date of the events. You need to keep in mind that if you need the medallions urgently then you cannot use this mode of transportation. You can negotiate about the production time with the manufacturers but you cannot possibly expect fast delivery when they will be going to you via ocean.

When the weight of bespoke medals is more than 200kg + and the transportation time can be provided for 60 days, then sea transportation can be arranged. There are three modes of sea transportation.


The supplier transports the produced bespoke medals to the ship, and the sea transportation costs and customs duties are undertaken by the customer. After the goods arrive at the port, customers only need B/C and packing list for picking up.  Most customers would love to go with this method because it is one of the most cost-effective options. In this process, the customers usually do not have to pay the extra fees that CIF protection plans incur. The customers have more freedom and control over things like the cost, terms, freight planning, among others. However, some new buyers should be careful if they want to go with the FOB method because there are some scopes for delays and penalties if they do not have previous experience with overseas shipping.


The supplier will send the goods to the designated port and at their own expense. When the goods arrive at the port, customers only need B/C and packing list for picking up. Many people stated that this is a better transportation method for people who are handling overseas shipping for the first time. New traders with small cargos use this option. This method is mostly used for oversized products and large deliveries that are meant to be shipped by sea.


Deliver the goods to the door by sea. Supplier arranges the shipment for the produced bespoke medals by sea. After the goods arrive at the destination port, local express companies (DDP, FedEx, TNT, DHL, etc.) provide delivery to the door service. Customers do not need to provide any information during the receipt period. This method is very cost-effective, but it needs enough weight and 2 months of transportation time. If you want the products delivered to your door then this one is for you. This is another hassle-free system that you can use to get the delivery of bespoke medals.

 3. Shipping by Train delivery to your office.

When the weight reaches 50kg+, you can send medals to the door in most Asian and European countries by train. This mode of transportation is slightly more expensive than sea transportation but much cheaper than air express transportation. The transportation time from China to Europe is generally 45-60 days. After the train arrives, local express companies (DDP, FedEx, TNT, DHL, etc.) also provide door-to-door delivery services. The customer does not need to provide any information during the receiving period, which is very cost-effective.

These are the ways everyone generally uses for the shipping of bespoke medals both home and abroad. With customers in more than 60 countries, we’ve been manufacturing bespoke medals for over 10 years. We package them in such a way that they stay unscratched and intact in any type of shipping situation. Contact us for your bespoke medals and our highly experienced staff members will guide you through the whole process from the starting of manufacturing to the shipping. We know what’s best for you.

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