Top 10 custom medals manufacturers in the UK

Save your time and money by choosing the top medals manufacturers.

For standing out from the crowd by offering the best quality awards and trophies, the first thing you must do is to choose the top medals manufacturers before you make an order. Choosing the best medals manufacturers can save you money and time. At the same time, the best medals manufacturers will offer you the best value for the money. On the other hand, you also don’t have to worry about the middle man and a responsible medals manufacturer will also deliver on time. Before we introduce you the top 10 custom medals manufacturers in the UK, we need to know why we should choose these top manufacturers.

If you choose those medals manufacturers who are not responsible enough to care about your time schedule and do not pay enough heed to their work then you will be in a great problem. Just imagine not getting your medals delivered on time. Or imagine what a big disaster it will be if you get medals that are not as you expected and then you lose your respect and reputation to everyone in the event. Therefore, choosing the best medals manufacturers is a key to bringing satisfaction to your employee and recipients. At the same time, good medals manufacturers offer such designs for medals that can become highly beneficial for the marketing of your company or organization. One of the best medals manufacturers to fulfill all these requirements would be About Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd. And then we are going to talk about the top 10 custom medals manufacturers in the UK that you can choose from in case you are looking forward to purchasing medallions from the UK.

About Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd

If you want to buy custom medals from China, Metal Award would be a very good option.

medals china

If you have been looking for the best quality custom medal, stock medal, custom Lapel pins, custom badges, custom keychains, custom Challenge coins, custom belt buckles, custom bottle openers, custom dice, and champion ring, custom refrigerator stickers, etc then this company is your one-stop solution for everything related to these. Metal awards factory currently has more than 80 highly professional and skilled staff members who are working there relentlessly to produce the best quality custom medals based on the vision of the clients. They have been working there since its inception which happened back in 2013. Their factory of 3600 square meters does both the production and sales. Here they use drawing, engraving, molding, mold polishing, die casting, product polishing, and elector-sparkling processes to manufacture the best quality products by using the highest quality materials. These are the reasons why Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd has become one of the most renowned medals manufacturers in China.

Metal Award, a top Chinese custom medals manufacturer worth to be trusted.

They have a good business partnership with more than 60 companies all around the world. They produced 10 million products in 2018 bringing an annual turnover of $5 million. Their strict ISO 9002:2015 quality management system and friendly website make them a trusted medals maker among all the medals manufacturers. They were certified by ISO 9002:2015 and SEDEX in 2015. Many clients all around the world have put their trust in Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd because their products meet the quality inspection standards of EN71 and CE. Their user-friendly website and all the other conveniences like privacy, multiple payment methods, huge collection of awards and trophies, and high-quality custom medals service have taken their reputation a lot higher among all the medals manufacturers.

Now let’s find out about the top 10 custom medals manufacturers in the UK and let’s have a look at what each one of them has to offer and why they are on this list:

1. Bespokemedals:


In this list of top custom medals manufacturers in the UK, we have Bespokemedals because they are dedicated to making every event more memorable for everyone present in the event including audiences, participants, and judges. Whether the event is little or big, this medals manufacturer assists the hard work of all sorts of institutions and organizations to celebrate properly. As they aim to make every event special and memorable, they never compromise in designing the best quality pin badges and medals for big and small events.

Why bespokemedals are unique among other medals manufacturers:

  • They are great at manufacturing custom award medals and trophies for all sorts of events like business, sport, and many more. All the client has to do is send his design to them and they will make it ready on time.
  • Bespokemedals knows the importance of delivery time and that’s why they always deliver on time.
  • Anyone can choose custom medallions based on their requirements at an affordable price from Bespokemedals. And they give high discount on bulk orders.

2. Sporting-Medals


In this list of the best medals manufacturers in the UK, we have kept sporting-medals medals maker in number two on this list. They have a huge collection of awards and trophies and all of their customers have always given positive feedback because of the way they provide their service and how good their products are.

Huge collection of medals:

  • Sporting Medals is a renowned name among all the medals manufacturers in the UK because they have a huge collection of medals with lots of variations. That means all sorts of medals buyers can go to their website and find out what they have been looking for. This medals manufacturer has different sections for medallions such as; the running section, swimming section, judo section, rugby section, gymnastic section, football section, and school and victory section. They also have a section where you can get the medals for your design. They have trophies and event essentials along with other promotional services.

Easy to order:

  • Sporting-Medals has a section on their website where they will show you how easily you can order all these types of products mentioned above. You can simply go and read the details along with delivery and payment details.

3. Trophies2U:

We have kept Trophies2U on number three on this list of the best medals manufacturers in the UK. They have over 15000 products on their website. Therefore, you can purchase all types of awards and trophies from this medals manufacturer. The whole work is done by their dedicated and experienced staff members.

Why go with Trophies2U among all other medals manufacturers:

  • They have a return guarantee system where the client can get a refund or exchange for the products they bought if they are not satisfied with them within seven days of delivery.
  • This medals manufacturer has a department of engraving with highly experienced and dedicated engravers. Here the artwork is uploaded to metal engraving, trophy plate engraving, glass and crystal-related work, and many more.
  • They started this business with a humble beginning in 1980. Their team of 10 has over 100 years of collective experience. They take pride in themselves with the outstanding customer service they offer. They are always ready to help.
  • They are always open for you to purchase from them. They are available every day for 24 hours and all seven days a week.

4. Trophystore:


In this list of the top custom medals manufacturers in the UK, we have Trophystore on our number four spot. This medals manufacturer offers their customers trophies, medals, shields, ribbons, cups, plaques, and other great quality products that anyone can purchase online 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

  • Their promise: They promise to have the policy of no hidden extras. All you will have to pay is the price you see initially. They guarantee the lowest price.
  • Online security: They claim to have tight security for your online purchase.
  • Why shop with them: On orders over 100 euros, you will get free deliveries. They deliver to 27 European countries. You also have the choice of free center discs and free professional engraving for up to 10 characters.
  • Return policy: They also have a return policy for faulty goods. There is also an option for the cancellation of orders and returned goods.

5. Medalstudio:


Among the top ten medals manufacturers in the UK, we have Medalstudio at number 5 on our list. They are dedicated to offering exceptional service every time with passion. Years of experience have made them specialists in awards and medals.

What makes Medalstudio stand out from other medals manufacturers:

  • They always offer fully customized unique medals and awards for each event they are made for. They perfectly craft medallions for the recognition of a team or an individual’s achievements.
  • This medals manufacturer has the in-house capability that allows them to offer the clients their products within five days. Whether you need a single award or a trophy or you need thousands of awards and medals for a big event, they will ensure medallions for each recipient to offer them a proper sense of achievement.
  • If you are not satisfied with their products then you can return them within 14 days and get a refund. They also have a great policy for faulty goods.
  • They do free delivery in the UK with a seven-day turnaround without any origination charges.

6. Afordawards:

Afordawards medals manufacturing company is on number six of our list of the best 10 medals manufacturers in the UK. This medals manufacturer has working experience with giant companies. They have been supplying awards and trophies for nearly 40 years. This has made them one of the leading medal and trophy specialists in the UK.

Why choose Afordawards:

  • Affordable price: They are dedicated to offering their goods at affordable prices compared to other medals manufacturers.
  • They have an extensive range of presentation cups, sports trophies, and sports medals with many different colors, designs, and sizes. And each one of them comes with the highest standard. You will get free delivery if you purchase over 90 euros. And they also offer free engraving for each product.
  • Afordawards medals supplier offers awards and trophies for every type of sport that you can imagine. From boxing to swimming, you will get everything. You can also purchase premium crystal awards for rewarding business excellence.
  • They also offer gift items like key rings, hip flasks, tankards, and pocket watches.

7. Bespokesportsmedals:


We have Bespokesportsmedals on number seven in our list of top 10 custom medals manufacturers in the UK. Let’s see why this medals manufacturer has made it to this list:

  • Largest selection: They offer one of the largest bespoke and custom sports medals services in the UK. They have many types of medallions that include specialist medals, full or part color medals, wood medals, oversized medals, large order medals, etc. And a person can get this all with free design service.
  • Bespoke medals options: Doesn’t matter what type of medals you are looking for because they have it for you from enameled medals, and non-enameled medals to metal printed logo medals and many more events medals. They have a global shipping order option available.
  • They focus on a timeless design. As they use high-quality material, their product quality is sustainable. Ecological awareness matters to this medals manufacturer. They have more than ten years of experience in this sector. You can purchase medals from them within three weeks for your events.
  • Doesn’t matter if the order is big or small, they offer each client the highest level of customer care.

8. Trophiesplusmedals:


On this list of top custom medals manufacturers in the UK, we have the Trophiesplusmedals. As they have a comprehensive selection of awards and trophies, they can help you with any requirement of yours. This medals manufacturer guarantees that they offer low prices. Let’s find out why to choose Trophiesplusmedals from all the medals manufacturers out there:

  • They consistently have a Trustpilot feedback rating of 9 or above out of ten.
  • A large number of medals, awards, and trophies.
  • You will get discounts if you purchase multiple items.
  • Do not have any hidden extras and the pricing is completely transparent. (VAT included).
  • They have SagePay as a secure payment option.
  • Best quality customer service with top priority.
  • You can get next-day delivery by ordering before 2 PM.

They have transformed their business into one of the largest medals manufacturers company from a small spare bedroom business in 6 years and their reputation of going the extra mile to offer the customers the best products has reached far and wide.

9. Etsy:

Etsy has made this list of medals manufacturers because anyone can purchase great quality medallions from the Etsy platform. Etsy is a marketplace where you can purchase many types of creative and unique items. It is a global market full of extraordinary items. From vintage treasures to handcrafted pieces, you will find everything here. And this makes Etsy heaven for different types of medals.

It is a place where you will find countless medals designs that you will surely like. Creativity lives and thrives here and that is why the creative options for medallions with different quality, designs, and materials know no bound. They have safe money exchanging option through the Etsy platform so that you can purchase medals from there with full safety. Their search tool will be quite helpful for you to find the type of medals you want to purchase. All you have to do is search properly and browse through their user-friendly website and then you will find it with much less effort than you think.

10. Efx:

On this list of the top 10 custom medals manufacturers in the UK, we have the EFX medals manufacturer on number 10. Let’s see why Efx was able to make it to this list and why you might consider purchasing from them:

Creativity, personal service, and high quality are the hallmarks of their business. They have worked with hundreds of clients in Uk and created employee recognition awards for sporting trophies. They manufacture original awards in Warwickshire with uniqueness.

  • Custom awards and trophies: Whether you want fully customized awards from your imagination or bespoke trophies for different events, the Efx team can always give you solutions with their highly professional team members. You will get incredible designs and friendly support to expert advice from them.
  • Simple solutions: If you are on a tight budget and looking for something cost-efficient then they have pre-designed medals, awards, and plaques for you.
  • Fast solution: If you are in a hurry and the day of your event is already scheduled and coming soon then Efx has fast customization and production for a fast delivery system for you.
  • Budget-friendly: Efx will always make you something based on your requirements within your budget for your events.


We have come to the end of our list of the top 10 custom medals manufacturers in the UK. All of them are highly experienced with great business reputations and you can look forward to great customer service and high quality from all of them. All of these medals manufacturers are trusted by many people and they are renowned because of the great jobs they have done in the past and still doing. With their extensive knowledge, experience, and high skills, they have remained in this industry and they are still moving forward. Therefore, if you want to purchase custom medals from medals manufacturers situated in the UK then you can purchase from any of these medals manufacturers.

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