Top 10 Custom Medals Manufacturers in USA

Before we introduce you the top 10 Custom Medals Manufacturers in US, it is important to know why you should buy medals from these top manufacturers. In this modern era, the use of medallions is quite common because of how beneficial they are. The importance of medallions knows no bound. However, the medals will not be properly beneficial for any organization or company if they do not purchase the medals from a great medals manufacturer with many years of experience. Medals are supposed to convey important messages, offer a sense of achievement to the participants, and impress everyone with their design. At the same time, the medals have to be long-lasting with high durability. You can only find all these attributes in custom medals. And you can find these types of custom medals only if you purchase medallions from the best medals manufacturers.

About Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd

If you want to buy custom medals from China, Metal Award would be a very good option.

Metal Awards Factory was established in 2013 with 3600 square meters workshop and 80 professional production workers. It is a comprehensive factory integrating production and sales. Metal Awards’s main products are: custom medal, stock medal, custom Lapel pins, custom badges, custom keychains, custom Challenge coins,  custom belt buckles, custom bottle openers, custom dice, and champion ring,  custom refrigerator stickers, etc

Metal Award, a top Chinese custom medals manufacturer worth to be trusted.

In order to have better service to customers on quality and lead time, Metal Awards has a complete set of production process: drawing, engraving, moulding, mold polishing, die casting, product polishing, elector-sparkling. Metal Awards has quality control for each process such as plating quality checking, enameling quality checking, ribbon and packaging quality checking to make sure every product is good for the next process.Metal Awards strictly implements the ISO 9002:2015 quality management system, and in June 2015, Metal Awards was certificated by ISO 9002:2015 and SEDEX. Meanwhile, the products of Metal Awards also meet the quality inspection standards of EN71 and CE.

If you purchase medals from the best medals manufacturers then you will also be saving money because there will be no interaction with the middle man. Purchasing from a medals manufacturer will also be more convenient for you because they will serve the best quality medallions and that is why you will get proper value for the money. You also need to be able to trust the medals manufacturers because a medal maker must deliver you the medal on time. If a medal supplier is unable to deliver you on time then it will be a huge problem for you. This is why you need to go with top medals manufacturers as they care about their reputation and this is why they never compromise with the delivery time. Now that you know why you should always choose top custom medals manufacturers then let’s get to know about the top 10 medals manufacturers in the USA:

1. Crownawards:

Crownawards is on number one in our list as it has gained the reputation as one of the best medals manufacturers in the USA. Their 40 years of experience among the medal manufacturers have made them the leader in this industry. As their company started early, they have the largest collection of medals, trophies, and awards. Their unbeatable selection of sports trophies deserves to be checked out. From martial arts to table tennis, from swimming to skiing, you will get all sorts of awards. Aside from custom trophies and awards, you will get corporate awards and plaques as well.


If you purchase stock products then this medals manufacturer offers same-day shipping. They do not charge any extra for rush fee production time. Chuck Weisenfeld founded this company in 1978. At first, it was a single-store front operation in Brooklyn but now it has a 250,000-square-foot facility in Hawthorne, Newyork. They are quite concerned about both their product quality and customer service. They have hardworking people working on their team who are always eager to learn new things. This medals manufacturer offers a return policy, order tracking option, and many other conveniences.

2. Simbaline:


Among all the great medals manufacturers companies, we have the Simbaline at number two. They have been in business for 45 years. 102 members are working on this medals manufacturer company currently in two national locations. Simba was all about neck ribbons, stock medallions, and trophy hardware at first when its founder Jay started it. As the demand for the products grew, he started to directly import awards from China. With the growing popularity of custom products, this medals manufacturer started to make custom key tags, lapel pins, medallions to badge reels, Championship Award Belts, golf and beverage accessories, coins, and many more.


Jay Schechter founded Simba back in 1974. In all these years, they have never steered away from the top-notch quality of their products and this attribute is the reason why they always got a five-star industry rating from all the distributors. This medals manufacturer thinks that the customers come first and they will always be dedicated to the best quality customer service. This medals manufacturer company also provides innovative and modern decoration services. Simba guarantees that you will get a fair price if you purchase from them.

3. Ashworthawards:

In the list of the best custom medals manufacturers in the USA, we have the Ashworthawards in number three on the list. They have been doing this medals manufacturing business with coaches, industry leaders, event coordinators, and race directors. This medals manufacturer has been providing them with the highest quality recognition products and awards. They are providing great materials, custom design, and high quality with unbeatable pricing. People who purchase from this medals manufacturer can get the proper exposure and recognition they need. This company was founded in 1965 by the late Douglas R. Ashworth and they have been in this business for over fifty-five years. Daniel Ashworth, the president of Ashworthawards has been running this company for more than 20 years with the help of his wife Kimberly Ashworth.


They expanded their manufacturing facility in Massachusetts. They have their line of 100% Made in USA dimensional steel products. Acrylic/crystal awards, plaques, and direct print products are also what they can offer. They have both domestic and abroad manufacturing facilities. This medals manufacturer has a long-standing relationship with many organizations and companies. They are a proud family-owned and operated medals maker.

4. Justawardmedals:

Everwood Industries launched this Justawardmedals. They are a reseller of recognition products and they work as a full-service manufacturer. As a medals manufacturer, they provide art reproduction, in-house logo, full color, plastic fabrication, sublimation, and laser-engraving.

This medals manufacturer is quite transparent about their business and they are always available for the customers. They are one call away to answer all your questions or you can also email them for any type of question.


They are among the medals manufacturers with more than 19 years of experience and they have got the number four position among all the medals manufacturers on this list. You will get quality engraving, wide selection, fast turn-around, friendly service, great price, and many more along with the buyer’s privacy. They have a standard data encryption system on their website for your safety and they promise to keep your information discreet.

5. Trophydepot:

Among the best ten medals manufacturers, we have kept the Trophydepot at number five on our list. Trophydepot started as a small trophy shop in Queens, Newyork. From that small humble beginning, Trophydepot has become one of the largest award and trophy suppliers in the world. They have reached this position because they have always put their focus on customer satisfaction first.


Their first shop in Newyork, Queens was founded in 1982. Their Trophy and Award retail shop expanded to a 4,800 sq. ft. retail store in Newyork Hyde Park. From that shop, Trophydepot was born in 1999 and then it expanded its facility to 29,000 sq. ft.

Trophydepot again moved to Edgewood, Newyork with a 51,000 sq. ft. facility where 120 staff members started working. Trophydepot moved to Hauppauge, Newyork in 2016 and now they have 120, a 000 sq. ft. facility. Each employee in this medals manufacturer company is a master of their craft. They are known for striving for the satisfaction of clients all the time. This medals manufacturer can be a great start for any client because they offer the best selection at the lowest prices.

6. Maxmedals:

In this list of the best medals manufacturers in the USA, we have kept Maxmedals at number six. A sporting coach’s oversight caused the inception of Maxwell Medals and awards. Their journey started in 1975 when they got their first order from Southeast Michigan. Still headquartered in Michigan city, they take orders  from all around the world and running their business globally. They have thousands of clients from all ranges and their business is still expanding.They guarantees the best value in the medals industry, promising on-time delivery of products with state-of-the-art designs and high-quality.They also have first-class customer service among all the medals manufacturers.

If you purchase from this medals manufacturer then they will see you as an integral part of your team. Therefore, they will take full responsibility for any type of mistakes occurring in the medallions. They are fully accountable for getting the whole job done as a medals manufacturer, managing every detail from production to delivery.As a medals manufacturer, they try to understand everything their clients are looking for. By understanding properly, they aim to offer their clients medals and awards that perfectly represent their brand while honoring the achievements of each participant properly.


Among these top medals manufacturers, we have AAA award at number seven on this list. They provide custom medals and award ribbons at efficient prices. As a medals manufacturer, they claim to cover all your needs when it comes to medals and awards.This medals manufacturer offers free shipping in the United States continental. They will not take any hidden charge or make any extra expenses for you at all. They have an easy ordering system with quite simple direct pricing. Like other custom medals manufacturers in the USA, they also promise to deliver the products on time. They can offer you all the things that you need for the participants and contestants.They claim to manufacture medals that offer the recipients sense of pride, achievement, victory, and completion at any age.


Their products include medals with Bronze, Gold, and Silver to show students, athletes, employees, and scholars that they are holding the top positions in their fields. Their medals are made in such a way that each recipient will know the power of teamwork, hard work, discipline, and dedication. They go into the details of medallions so that they can make perfect medals for hockey, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, track, archery, tennis, wrestling, golf lacrosse, boxing, gymnastics, dance, cheer, karate, softball, bowling and many more. This medals manufacturer also has awards available for music, chess, billiards, choir, piano, church group, drama, and many more. This medals manufacturer makes these medallions with distinctive designs for different subjects. If you go with their custom medallions option then you have the freedom to choose everything based on your preference.

8. Nothers:

In this list of top 10 custom medals manufacturers in the USA, we have kept Nothers medals manufacturer in number eight position. This medals manufacturer has been supplying recognition products and awards for more than 50 years across Ontario. Swim Ontario, Western University; Ontario Volleyball, Ontario Soccer, Canadian Lacrosse Association; Skate Ontario, OWHA, Pet Valu, Ontario Basketball, College Pro, and BDC are among their key clients.


As a client, you will get a full-service system from their warehouse starting from program concept planning, and medal manufacturing to delivering the products at your doorstep. They have been receiving the prestigious consumer choice awards for Toronto and London for the past nine years. They want to ensure the success of their clients by offering exceptional value-added quality solutions as a medals manufacturer. Its mission is to offer a one-stop solution for promotional industries with a memorable experience. They always focus on training their employees properly so that they can give their peak performance as medals manufacturers. Jim Nother is the president of this company and he leads the team. Jim Nother Sr started this company fifty years ago in London, Ontario. This company started in a basement and now this company as a medals manufacturer is keep going forward with a great team.

9. Award:

On this list of the top medals manufacturers in the USA, the Award comes in nine. They serve medallions with pride as they take pride in the work they do. This is why their motto is “Award- Proud to serve”. It has been manufacturing medals on a large scale for over 35 years. They have a record of producing more than 31 commemorative medals at the request of a veteran group. This medals manufacturer is great at offering unique service in producing personalized medals and gifts.

The great thing about this manufacturer is that even though it has adapted to the digital world, it remained a cottage industry at its core because this medals maker relies on the highly skilled local craftsmen for crafting unique medallions. Medallions crafted by the local craftsmen are highly appreciated and loved by the customers. “Award” also enjoys building a long-standing relationship with their clients who value professional service. You can easily get in touch with this medals manufacturer via mail or telephone. Their customer service team is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can simply get in touch in case you have any confusion regarding any products.

10: K2awards:

 In the list of top medals manufacturers in the USA, K2awards stands at number 10. K2awards is a great medals manufacturer for anyone to purchase high-quality personalized awards, trophies, medals, and plaques. They promise to make any event unforgettable with their top-notch quality products. They make custom medallions by keeping it in their minds that the recipients can take pride in these even after many years. The main focus of this medals manufacturer is on impeccable craftsmanship and top-quality designs for all the awards they make. They have an extensive selection of the highest quality personalized medallions that are quite perfect for all types of recognition ceremonies. You can simply browse through the website of this medals manufacturer to find out the thoughtfully designed medals. They use top-notch materials so that the products crafted by them can withstand for years with high durability.

They guarantee to deliver the products on time just before you will need them. Each product is handled with much care and processed with highly professional and experienced staff members. You can order with confidence from this medals manufacturer. Because they have a secure payment system and they keep your information private. There is no such thing as too big or too small order to them because they are always dedicated to their customers.


All the medals manufacturers mentioned above are quite renowned because of their way of doing things. You will realize it only if you visit their websites. With years of experience, these top 10 Custom Medals Manufacturers in US enjoy reputation for keeping up with the latest trend and fashion.These are the reasons why they are on top and these are the reasons why they are still growing big and moving forward while satisfying many customers all over the world. Their years of experience have given them the ability to make the best quality custom medals with all the attributes a client can ask for. That is the reason why they have become trusted sources for many event companies and other sectors out there.  If you want to purchase medals from Asia then China is the best and top place to purchase the best quality custom medals from.

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