What is the process of custom medals?

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The importance of medals has increased in the past few years. And the role of medals is becoming more and more important because of various reasons. As these medals are in use for many different reasons, they always come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We use many types of different materials in crafting these different types of medals. So, what is the process of custom medals?


In the medals market, custom medals occupy the dominant position because they are the first choice for most organizations, companies, and individual buyers. There are so many advantages of going for a personalized medal option. You can choose preferred material, design, sizes, shapes, and everything else that matters if you go for custom medals. The appearance of the custom medals is produced completely based on your preference and requirements.

These are the main reasons behind the rising popularity of custom medals. If you have also decided to go with a personalized medal option then you must have curiosity about how it all happens and all the processes of custom medals. If you know the process of custom medals before you purchase from a source then you know exactly what you are purchasing and it will surely assist you to purchase the right products for your goal and bring you mental satisfaction at the same time. Let’s get to know the process of custom medals for our company.


Custom medals design artwork:

No matter whatever the event is about or whatever the occasion is for purchasing medals, the designs of the medals are quite an important part because the design always influences people. People always tend to say to us that we should not judge a book by its cover but in reality, that is exactly what we all do. This is why the appearance of a personalised medal matter much more than we can imagine. The design and the looks of custom medallions put a big impact on the mind of the receiver.

The more amazing the medals look, the more sense of achievement it provides for the people who receive the medal. Keeping this in our mind, we focus properly on the design artwork sector for custom medals. And only the highly qualified designers are working here for us to design custom medals for you. They have many years of experience and their design will instantly bring you satisfaction.


However, custom medals are all about your preference in customization. You have the full freedom of designing. This is why you can send us your design or the concept and we will take care of the rest. All you have to do is give us an idea of what you want to look forward to and we are here for you. Back in the day the design and artwork process for a personalised medal was manual drawing and sketches were created using hand. But nowadays we use the latest software program tools in computers to create the best designs for custom medals. As a result, the designs are better than before and we can create more designs in a short time compared to before which gives us more efficiency and the ability to show you more designs so that you can choose the one that you really love.


The molding process for custom medals:

When we finally choose the design, we use carving software for 3D modeling and editing so that we can jump to the next step of crafting custom medals. The next step for crafting a personalised medal is the process of molding. The molding process requires some delicate machine work. The quality of the custom medals depends on the worker who is molding them and the quality of the machine. Thankfully all our workers who work in each sector are quite skillful and all the machines we use in the process of creating custom medals are the latest. We make sure to check them often and fix different parts whenever necessary. These are the reasons why we are able to follow the best molding process. And this is highly essential for molding the exact personalised medal that is designed in the computer.


By keeping these in our minds and following these processes, our highly professional craftsmen start carving on the mold with these latest machines. Different types of knives are used based on the number of carvings we want. We use different types of knives based on the number of carvings we want and  the thickness of the lines mentioned in the drawings of custom medals. We have all types of carving knives available which are compatible with our machines so that we can turn the design of the custom medals into a reality in the exact way that they look into the design.

No compromise is allowed in this sector and this is why we put our full attention to the details. This process keeps on going until we feel the need to check if the molding process is going according to the design or not. With our highly experienced craftsmen and the latest machines, we are always able to mold the design correctly. However, if it goes slightly wrong in any case, we restart the whole process again and correctly continue molding the design. This is another reason why we are 100% reliable for you if you want to order custom medals.

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Slotting process of custom medals: 

To bring more improvement to the product, we do this process. This slotting process makes the custom medals smoother. Because we dig on the mold so that we can let the raw material properly flow into it. This assists a lot in controlling the reject ratio. The shape of the medal always decides the quantities. It depends on the size of the rabbet and the overall shape. No matter whatever the shape is, we ensure that the overall slotting process is done properly because we do not want to make any compromise in crafting these custom medals. We ensure the quality of each personalised medal and provide each one of them to our customers with a 100% guarantee.


Custom medals Mold polishing process: 

 Molding and slotting processes are quite essential for crafting custom medals. And a personalised medal cannot possibly be crafted without going through these steps. However, these steps lead to some needless traces on the surface of the medals which are not welcome by anyone. And the custom medals will not look luxurious and awesome with these unnecessary traces. As the engraving process requires proper use of carving knives, the traces of these knives on the surface of the mold is not possible to avoid. Some needless sandblasts are also seen on the surface of the custom medals after they come through these processes. And these are the reason why this mold polishing process exists.


In this process, we make sure to carefully polish the whole medal so that they can come with an extra shine that will make the participants feel that they are achieving a great thing. Without this polish process, custom medals will not be able to add a sense of achievement to the people who will receive them. This is why we put our focus on this sector and make the custom medals look as good as possible by adding proper smoothness.

We must ensure that the medals look not only new but also better than new. This is why we use 220#, 350#, 450#, and 600# oilstone step by step for proper polishing of the custom medals. After that, we also use fiber for further polishing. We leave no stone unturned for polishing each personalised medal. When we start polishing the letters and the small corners, we use fiber for effective polishing. This is why we clean and polish all of the custom medals so that they go to your hands properly homogeneous and smooth surface. This is why we are your best option for you if you want custom medals without any possible impurities.


Die-cast process of custom medals: 

 Whenever we are manufacturing our custom medals, we make sure that the die machine is compatible with the medals. If the medals are too large compared to the die-cast machine then this process will not be perfectly done. But we don’t have to worry about that because we have all the die-cast machines we need to perfectly craft any type of custom medals based on your requirements. Our highly experienced staff members put the mold on the machine and they ensure the consistency for custom medals by making proper adjustments to the front and back mold.

Based on the requirements for your custom medals, we make proper adjustments to the pressure of the machine so that we can get the most perfect outcome. These machines we use are of cutting-edge and latest model. This is why they will start working automatically in full efficiency under the supervision of our experienced staff members. As we want all the custom medals to come out of the machine perfectly, we check samples in this process before starting mass production.


Even though we polish the molding before getting the die-cast process done, we will polish each personalised medal again to ensure greater quality. We polish the surface of both front and backside with full care and also the edges of all the medals.

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Custom medals plating: 

 After polishing the custom medals, we clean the surface of the medals properly. Then we color the custom medals into copper to create a great background for adding any other color based on the requirements and preferences of our clients. Many plating colors are available for each personalised medal such as gold, silver, copper.These colors also can be in matte. Imitation gold and spray black, white, and blue colors are also available.

We can literally add any color of your choice in the custom medals for you based on your preference and necessity. We also make sure that the electroplated coatings are protected from any type of oxidation. This is why we cover the custom medals with oil and bake them for two hours in the oven. No matter how professionally we we are during these processes for crafting custom medals, some medals will come with a watermark or bubble. And some medals come with off colors.

This is why we select those products and then take off those bad products in order to ensure quality control for the plating process.


Color filling:

 After that, we do the enamel color filling process for the custom medals. This process is done according to Pantone Solid Coated. We have to be very careful in this process because a slight mistake can ruin a personalised medal. This is why only the best of the bests staff members with many years of experience work in this sector. Firstly, we choose the most suitable cylinder to fill colors for the custom medals based on the size of the input area. This is where we stay quite careful so that we can avoid color-changing or spilling. We work on this part with full delicacy. However, some colors will be usually spilled onto the surface of the custom medals unnecessarily. To take care of those unintentional colors added to the surface, we clean the surface again.


Quality control of custom medals after filled colors:

 Before packaging the custom medals, we ensure quality control once again after the enameling process. We have experienced staff members doing these processes. They check each personalised medal one by one to ensure that everything is alright with it. They make sure that the colors are perfect and no parts are missing. Optimal preservation qualities are ensured properly. They check all these things properly so that only the highest quality custom medals reach the hands of our clients.


Ribbon for custom medals: 

 Ribbons are part and parcel of custom medals. Without ribbons, we can not use the medal in a proper manner. And ribbons also play a vital role in making the medals stand out. If the ribbon is not a proper match then the whole purpose of the medal will not be fulfilled properly. This is why ribbons for custom medals are important. And we have our own ribbon workshop for that where we make different kinds of ribbons that will suit any type of requirements of yours.

The ribbons we make for custom medals are sublimated ribbons, printing ribbons, stripes ribbons, and woven ribbons. You can choose any of these ribbons for your custom medals based on your preference and budget. Different ribbons offer different kinds of benefits, quality and that’s why they come at different prices. You can add your own words on some of the ribbons for your custom medals. This way, you are not only getting the medals customized but also getting the ribbons customized.


Installing attachment:

 When the custom medals are crafted based on your requirements and preferences on the designs, shapes, sizes, and other things. You choose the ribbon and after choosing the ribbon, we install the attachment to the custom medals. This process is all about attaching the additional necessary things into the medals such as rope, chain, different kinds of ribbons, etc.



After all these steps mentioned above are finally done, we send the medals to our staff members for packing. In this process, all of our staff members wear gloves so they don’t leave any finger marks on the medals. Our company uses the best quality carton boxes and poly bags for packaging the custom medals. These are so high quality that they keep the product intact and in great condition until they reach our buyers. This packaging system of ours is perfect for overseas transportation.


The facts mentioned above are the relevant information of the medal customization process. Now that you know how the overall process for crafting custom medals is taken care of by us, you can certainly put your faith in us for getting your hands on the best quality custom medals available in the market. All these processes mentioned above for creating custom medals are the most perfect ways to craft custom medals. That’s what we have been doing for a long time. Whenever there are the latest machines in the market for creating custom medals, we purchase that immediately. This is why our custom medals will meet all your expectations and in fact exceed your expectations in many ways. These custom medals belong to the world-class standard.


Our company accepts custom medals orders for major events of major enterprises/government/finance/electricity/education and major events of enterprises and institutions. We are accepting large-scale projects that will require the mass production of custom medals. We are also available for transporting custom medals globally and we have been doing it for more than 10 years. Over 80 staff members are working relentlessly to craft the best quality custom medals available on this planet.

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