Our Enamel Pin Advantages

1. Price advantage

Metal Awards is a genuine source factory. We have a complete production process from drafting design to packaging and delivery. We have 80 pro technicians in manufacturing and 20 employees in sales.

2. Reliable

 Metal Awards’ factory is certified by ISO 9001:2015, Sedex and GRS

3. Quality assurance

We have a high-quality production process. Each enamel pin undergoes strict quality checks. Only those without quality problems can move to the next production stage. Products require a signature from the production manager before proceeding to delivery.

4. Flexible production time

Enamel pin production takes 10 days for 100-500pcs, 12 days for 501-1000pcs, and 15 days for 1001-3000pcs.

*Priority is available for urgent orders.

5. Quick delivery

Delivery methods include DHL, FedEx, and UPS, and the estimated delivery time is 3-5 days via priority and 6-8 days via economy.


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How to Make Your Own Enamel Pins


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Why Choose Our Lapel Pins


Original Manufacturer

As a lapel pins manufacturer, we have extensive manufacturing experience.

lapel_ pin_packaging

MOQ with 20pcs

Our minimum order quantity is 20 pieces. You just need to tell us the lapel pins style you want and we will quickly prepare them for you


Competitive Price

Due to lower manufacturing costs in China, we can offer competitive prices.


Customization Services

We can customize various types of lapel pins according to your needs, meeting the demands of different markets.


Excellent Customer Service

We provide top-notch customer service, ready to assist you with any issues and build long-term partnerships.

Delivery Time: 5days

Fast and efficient delivery ensures that you receive your customized badges promptly. Trust us to deliver quality products to your doorstep in no time.

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 Custom Soft Enamel Pins

1. Using the international Pantone color number to meet your more accurate color requirements.

2. Soft Enamel Pins are Die-Struck, highlighting the layer of metal and color. The metal line is raised, and the color is concave.

3. Soft enamel color has many applications. It can be filled on 2D surfaces or with color in 3D relief.

4. The price is moderate. Many of the lapel pins we see have soft enamel processing, which is the choice of most customers.

lapel pins brooch for coat
pins on hat
coat pin soft
pins on hat

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Custom Hard Enamel Pins

1. They have the same noble quality as jewelry; another name is Cloisonne Pins.

2. Using the international Pantone color number to meet your more accurate color requirements.

3. After filling the hard enamel color, the whole pattern surface is cut and then plated, and the color and metal lines are entirely smooth.

4. It is high-priced and suitable for corporate brands, employee recognition, or high-end parties.

custom-made pins
custom enamel pins no minimum
custom metal pins
enamel pin creator

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Die Cast 2D or 3D Pins

1. Customize any desired shape, size, and thickness, which can reflect more cut-out effects.

2. The process is flexible. It can use soft or hard enamel color. It can also use UV printing. With UV printing, it can do colorful gradients or photos.

3. In 2D, metal lines and colors will be more strongly reflected. In 3D, complex shapes can be reflected to show more details.

4. Zinc alloy was chosen as a raw material. Its price is low, but it also reflects high quality. It is more weighty.

Die Struck Enamel Pin
Die Struck Lapel Pins
Butterfly Clutch Pins
suit pin

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Offset Printed Pins

1. The colorful images have gradient colors. They are quickly made into Printed Pins, and the product perfectly matches the image.
2. What sets our Printed Pins apart is their exceptional ability to reflect intricate details. This is a feature that soft and Hard Enamel Pins simply cannot replicate.
3. After printing, we cover Printed Pins with a layer of epoxy, which protects the color from damage or fading over time.
4. Stainless iron is cheap and can handle large orders. You can also use brass for high quality.

Printed Pin
custom metal badges
soft Logo Lapel Pins
Offset Printed Pins

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Upgrade Options of Lapel Pins


Glitter Color

It looks like grains of sand, shining in the light and sunlight, and is very beautiful

Transparent Color

Through the transparent color, we can see the accidented texture and details of the background.

Glow in the Dark Color

The colouring then lights up in the
dark. In the daylight the colouring
is visible as ‘normal’ colour.


Sliding Enamel Pins

Sliding-lapel-pin concept is one of the favorite features for lapel pins. Each sliding pin is composed of 2 or 3 pieces; the pieces are arranged in 2 levels and used to create a 3D effect.

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Choose Your Lapel Pin Plating Colors

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Choose Your Lapel Pin Attachment

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Popular Lapel Pins

enamel pin manufacturers
Die Casting Glitter Colors Pin
custom lapel pins hard

Personalized Swing Badge


Die Casting 3D Model Printing Color Pin


White Stones Soft Enamel Colors Pin


Red Stones 3D Model Pin


Spray Blue Color Filling Soft Enamel Pin


Two Pieces Conbined Printing Color Pin


Carnival Soft Enamel Colors Pin


Die Strucking UV Printing Pin


Carnival Pin with Cut Out


Die Casting with Cut Out Pin


Piece Combination Colorfull Pin

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