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Sports Medals

Our factory mainly making sports medals, badges, and keychains for more than 10 years. We have our own complete production line, from manufacturing artwork to packaging and shipping. We are the real source sports sports medal manufacturers in China.

We supply many sports Sports medal a day to America, Europe, and Oceania. Due to our competitive price, high-quality products, and good service, American CROWN AWARDS company and British RUNNING IMP company visited our factory every year before 2019. They have reached a great business relationship with our factory.

Each of our departments and every production link has QC. They inspect each product carefully. And the products can’t go to the next department before passing the inspection.Before shipment, each department supervisor and production manager must sign to confirm the quality of the sports medal. Then we will arrange to deliver the medals.

Our factory has also passed ISO 9002:2015, Sedex, and Environmental Protection Verification. So it is very convenient to order Sports Sports medals from China. It takes about 12-15 days to make 500-1000pcs Sports medals, 3-5 days for shipping. You can receive sports medals at home or at the office.

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Sports medals are mostly made of metal, the most used material is zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is characterized by reasonable price. The product will not rust and can be stored for a long time, then iron, stainless iron, copper. Sports Medals for children can also be made of plastic or PVC.

The normal processes of the sports medals include soft enamel, imitation hard enamel, glitter, transparent, glow in the dark, and printing. Each process has different effects.

Plating colors are Shiny gold/silver/copper, Matt gold/silver/copper, Antique gold/silver/copper, Black nickel, Imitation shiny gold, Spray black, Paint blue or red, etc.

We also have different types of ribbons. Such as woven single color ribbon, striped colors ribbon, one color printing ribbon, sublimated ribbon.

Exercise has become an indispensable part of our lives. More or less exercise is closely related to our health. Now our living standards are constantly improving, our food is becoming more and more abundant, and we take in a lot of nutrients every day. However, Now that physical work is getting less and less, we have to use sports and sweat to get rid of excess fat and toxins in the body. Exercise can not only keep our body healthy but also speed up our body's metabolism and make our skin better.

There are many types of sports. Marathon is currently the most popular in the world. Every year, every city will hold multiple marathon events, which range from tens of thousands to hundreds of people. Competitors can receive a sports medal for finishing the race after running the required number of kilometers.

There are also sports, such as running, climbing, swimming, basketball, football, rugby, cycling, etc. You design the sports medal artwork as you want, unique shape, and the content pattern and name of the game inside. Unique sports Medals are the best affirmation for athletes.

Sports are inseparable from our current life. Our industrial age is slowly changing from manpower to mechanization. Many manufacturing enterprises use automation to create more production efficiency than manpower. With the improvement of culture, there are more and more mental workers. Most of the time, we sit in the office and work with computers. If we don't pay attention to exercise, there will be many and a series of diseases in the body. Exercise keeps our body active, strengthens our body, and can also delight our mood. We sweat through exercise to excrete a lot of toxins that can cause disease in our bodies. If we maintain a good exercise habit for a long time, we will also have a healthy body.

Sports medals are used in many places. The medal is not only an item but also a spiritual prize. It is a great affirmation and encouragement for the medal winner, and it is praise for their efforts and results.

At present, the most representative sport in the world is the marathon. Every year, numerous cities throughout the world host international marathons. Many marathon runners, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands, are currently participating. On the marathon track, everyone is incredibly energetic and enthusiastic. Exercising is a pleasurable experience as it makes our bodies healthier, and it also allows us to meet new people. A finisher's sports medal is awarded to each participant. This medal is the most powerful motivator for them to finish the competition. This distinction means more than eating, drinking, and having a good time.

Several sports medals are also used in the school. Every year, medals are utilized in a variety of student sports meetings, competitions, and graduation ceremonies. The school's education has changed. It not only pursues students' test scores but also pays attention to students' hobbies and hands-on ability. Children can fully express their talents in many facets of development.

Many sports, such as cycling medals in cycling competitions, swimming medals in swimming competitions, football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, baseball, and so on, employ sports medals. These comparisons require sports medals.

Medals are also utilized in businesses when a team completes a project or when personnel are promoted; when a commendation meeting is organized, medals are an essential honor. Medals of recognition for outstanding employees are also important. 

Sports are inextricably linked to our lives. Thus sports medals provide spiritual inspiration to everybody who is positive and driven.

You first need to provide us with a design of the sports medal. They can be a hand-drawn draft or a clear computer-generated drawing. Then tell us the size, thickness and accessories of the sports medal. With this information, we can provide quotations for the sports medals for your reference.

When you confirm that the price of the sports medal is acceptable, we will start to make manufacture artworks. The manufacture artworks are based on the design of the sports medal you provide. We will make them more perfect according to the requirements of the craftsmanship. If the sports medals are to be colored, our designers will mark the PMS numbers of each color . The size and some special requirements of craftsmanship will also be marked. And the accessories of the sports medal include the ribbons, safety pins or other accessories.

The most commonly used materials for making sports medals are: zinc alloy, iron, copper and stainless iron. Among these materials, zinc alloy is the most used, because zinc alloy material not only has weight sense, but also can be used for a long time. It won't rust and the price won't be too expensive.

The iron material will have size restrictions. You cannot make sports medals of too large size. The usual size is 25.4-60mm, because iron is relatively hard. If the size is too large, the pattern details will be pressed out and not full.

The price of bronze sports medals is relatively expensive, and most of them are used in challenge coins, badges and the sports medals for the military. If it is an ordinary sports event, it is not recommended to use copper materials.

Most of the stainless iron is used in printing sports medals or lapel pin, but the regular thickness of stainless iron is 0.8-1.5MM, if the sports medal has a required weight, it is not suitable to use stainless iron material

This is no problem. We can process the production of the sports medal samples first, but the customer must pay the mold fee first. Then no longer charge the mold fee after you confirm processing mass production. If you want to send the sample the sports medal to your office, then you need to pay a shipping fee, which is about USD30-50. If you don't need real samples of the sports medal in your hands, we only take photos for your approval, you don't need to pay the sample shipping fee. The delivery time is about 3-5 days for the samples of the sports medal.

There are 3 modes of transportation, express (DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS), by air to the airport or dispatched to the door, by sea to the port or dispatched to the door.

The most advantageous of these express companies is DHL, both in terms of timeliness and service. Nextly, Fedex and UPS in the United States and Canada are also relatively good. The shipping time is 4-6 days.

Air freight to airport or dispatch to the door. First of all, we must have enough weight to be cost-effective. Secondly, it must take 8-10 days, and the price is cheaper than express delivery.

If there is enough weight, shipping by boat to the port or to the door, this method is also cost-effective. But the transportation time is relatively long, about 50-65 days to your port or to the door.

Our factory is very clean and tidy , and they has passed ISO 9001:2015 and Sedex certification. Each department strictly implements the 7S management concept, and each department is equipped with QC staff. Each product must be carefully checked by QC before it can be left to the next department.
Before each product is shipped, the production supervisor and the production manager must always check carefully and confirm them. Then they will arrange to ship them out. Under these strict control conditions, we make sure to guarantee that every product is qualified.