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Are you trying to encourage your students or others in order to participate more actively in Sports? Well then, awarding them with sport medals is the best thing that you can do for them. Only the winners are awarded a special prize, but a sport medal can be awarded to all the contestants. This would encourage them to participate more actively in sporting activities and, ultimately a healthier lifestyle.

The custom of awarding sport medals is an old one. Olympics 1896 was the first official event that awarded sports medals to successful participants. Later, other sport events started and the successful participants had trophies and cups as award while the other participants had medals.

Types of Sport Medals

Traditionally there are 3 major types of sport medals. Gold, Silver and the Bronze medal, indicating the winner, first runner-up, and the second runner-up. They used to be circular and had colors in gold, silver, and bronze accordingly.

However, trends have changed. With the advancement in technology, different dyes are available and sport medal producers now give the option of different types of sport medals that are braver in designs and colors and have more modern techniques of craftsmanship. There are the 2D and 3D sport medals, which might represent the logo or the name of the host on the medal. These 3D ones are in demand currently, despite being more expensive due to the curves’ convexities.

Long gone are the days of the traditional round sport medals. Now, people prefer different shapes. If the 3D and 2D models are not affordable, then companies opt for different shapes with unique engravings. Sports medals are no longer the circular discs they used to be. There are newer and more exciting than before.

Enameled medals are another type. These are also well received in the market as, despite concurring cheaper costs, they are more colorful and look like pieces of art. They stand out amongst their traditional counterparts.

And if this is not all, there are the Sticker Sport Medals that are even more vibrant. With a base of a metal disc, you can have them personalized in any color and form because of the stickers that you can stick to the base for more colorful and personalized yet cheaper medals.

Usage of Sport Medals

Sport medals are awarded at sporting events. Generally, the winners are now awarded monetary prizes or trophies and cups, however, awarding the other participants is equally important. Towards that end, the sport medals come in useful. You can award them to the organizers as well.

Sporting events are generally held at stadiums and auditoriums. Different types of tournaments and sporting events are held there all around the year. These venues need to award their various organizers in order to encourage them. These medals are extremely useful in places like these.

Importance of Sport Medals:

Sports are extremely important in our lives. They play a key role in maintaining our health and balancing our lives. This is why appreciating and acknowledging those already in sports is extremely important. Sport medals are used as a positive reinforcement towards further participation. It serves as a beacon in high-lighting your success and honor and dignity above your peers. Since the Olympic medals represent the highest level of athletic achievement, sport medals mean a lot in the sporting world.

A sport medal encourages the participants to set themselves a goal. The spirit of demotivation can wreck your entire career, it can discourage you from further perusing but a little appreciation, in the form of some participation award, can work miracles and this is what a sport medal does. It helps encourage the athletes to put forth their best effort, redefine their goals, and work towards them.

 The Ultimate Guide to Buy Sport Medals in Bulk

The usage of sport medals has increased many folds during the last few years. Schools, colleges, and universities have been distributing medals to honor the value of participating in sports. Nowadays, even banks and industries hold annual sporting events and distribute participation sport medals in an attempt to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports. Not to be forgotten are the stadiums where these events have been held. These places require a huge number of medals which often request special dyes in accordance with the event taking place. For this purpose, you need to find a company that makes medals in bulk and are ready to deliver at the time. In the below passage, we will discuss how to find a producer that will make your sport medals not just within your budget but also according to your requirements. I hope you will find the article below useful and helpful.

Select the best manufacturer: preferably someone who has prior experience and owns the factory!

Sport Medals are not expensive to make if you know the craft however, in case of inexperience, it can be a totally different matter, so it is much better to find someone who has prior experience. The best way to find an experienced vendor is to pick a contact from some sporting event you go to, or you can find someone online as all vendors put up pictures of their products. Factory owners are also a safe option as they would also require a minimum loss of the raw product as well as labor.

Word of mouth is often the best way to know your vendor. You get to see not only the quality of the work but also you can check if they deliver on time. If you can get one of the custom sport medals you will be able to see the finesse of the end product. This would give a better idea of the quality of the work they provide.

Check the market to see if they offer compatible prices

The cost of medals differs with the addition you add to it. The basic price is the price of the disc, then comes the add-on prices. The price of the engravings (high level or low-cost), the price of the logos, the price of color, and a lot of other things. All of these add up to give the final price of sport medals. While ordering in bulk, you should be aware of these prices beforehand and should cross-check with other vendors to ensure that you get market compatible prices.

Then, many vendors offer packages while ordering in bulk. For example, a package can potentially offer 100 sport medals with a colored logo, 50 uncolored sports medals, and 50 ones with plain text. Be aware of all these offers and packages that are trending in the market so that you can get the best deal. Sport medals are precious for the receivers. Make sure you get good quality at the best price so that they can enjoy their price for years to come.

Quality and Certification

When you go bulk shopping for sport medals, there is a huge range available, both online and in shops. Unfortunately, cheap-quality medals are also mixed in this vast variety. Again, you need to visit the market to learn the difference between a good quality sport medal and a cheap one.

If you chose yourself, it is possible you will not be able to distinguish between the two, the difference being so minor. However, if you opt to buy from an experienced vendor, then there will be an assurance that he will use quality material for your sport medals. These sport medals often serve as mementos of their achievement by the receivers hence it is important for your reputation to use a vendor that gives you quality products in the shape of sport medals. The quality of the sport medals is important so make sure that you get a company that has experience in making these sport medals.

Delivery time

Another factor that defines a good vendor is the time they take to deliver their products no matter what the product is. This is extremely important. So if you are ordering sport medals in bulk, then make sure that you really look up the company. It is important that they make quality products and know their trade, but it is also equally important that they know and understand the meaning of honoring their commitment. The delivery time is extremely important.

Your shipment will be of no use if the delivery is after the sporting event. This is a factor that you cannot judge on the basis of what the vendor says. If the company selling these sport medals is an experienced one, it means that they are true to their commitment to providing quality products on time, which is why they are still in the market. So best of luck with finding a good vendor. Sport medals are important, it would not do if these sport medals are not delivered on time.

Find a Sport Medal Company that gives you a vast and wide selection to choose from

Yes, it is equally important that you know the range that is available in the market before you place that bulk order for sport medals. There was a time when it was unthinkable of anything else besides a circular disc as a sport medal. Now, there are many different types of medals that are trending in the market. Firstly, it is no longer necessary that the medal should be circular. The medal can be any shape. Not just circular, they can be square, rectangle, or even the shape of your company’s logo. Even a disc is no longer necessary.

You can get as creative as you like. You can go in for something created that the sporting event is representing. For example, the medal can be a lion head with the inscriptions that define the event. Or, for that matter, whatever is important for you. These are the 2D and the 3D models of the sport medals. The sport medal industry producers now give the option of different types of sport medals that are braver in designs and colors and have more modern techniques of craftsmanship. These sport medals are really works of art now! There are so many different techniques for different types of engravings. These themselves make the sport medals stand out amongst the normal ones.

If on a low budget, you have a lot of choices even then. Ask the vendor for the enameled sport medals or the medals with stickers. These are low on the budget and every bit as beautiful as their 2D models. Why go for the simple old ones, when there is such a huge variety to choose from. And this is the aim of this article, to let you know your options and help you decide how to order sport medals in bulk. We want you to know that a huge range of sport medals vary in different budgets. You can go as artistic as you like while being within your budget.

Why Choose MedalsChina?

MedalsChina is an online servicing store that was established in 2013. The main aim of this online store was to provide a range of quality custom medal, stock medal, custom Lapel pins, custom badges, custom key chains, custom Challenge coins, custom belt buckles, custom bottle openers, custom dice, and champion ring, custom refrigerator stickers, and much more. The main line of business being quality medals. All the attributes that have been defined above for buying sport medals in bulk, MedalsChina has proved to master them all. The factors attributing to the said company’s success are briefly defined below along with the differences between MedalsChina and other factories producing the sport medals in bulk. I hope you will find the analysis below helpful in buying sport medals in bulk.

The Differnece Between MedalsChina and The Other Supplier: 

You are obviously investing heavily when you are buying sport medals in bulk. Therefore you need to be sure of what you are buying. At MedalsChina, we ensure maximum satisfaction of our clients.

Self-owned factory

The company is self-owned and the workshops spread over 3600 square meters. This provides ample of space for all the workers to do their work comfortably. The integrated units can work independently, yet retain harmony and collaboration.

Experienced Workforce

The company employees a team of 80 professional production workers. The team comprises of integrated units for better collaboration control. These units include a complete set of production process: drawing, engraving, molding, mold polishing, die casting, product polishing,  and elector-sparkling. Each team is expert in their area and is responsible for their own unit, ensuring minimum room for default.


MedalsChina has a fixed price that is compatible with the market. They use high-quality material to ensure long lasting price of their products while remaining within reasonable price limits. The bulk orders are of course treated differently. However, the prices are in accordance to the material used.

Quality And Certification

MedalsChina offers the best quality of sport medals in the market. We ensure that the raw material used is of premium quality and it won’t tarnish. The team at Medals China has certifications from ISO 9002:2015 and SEDEX for implementing ISO 9002:2015 quality management system. We ensure that all our products meet the quality inspection standards of EN71 and CE.

Delivery Time

Thanks to our professional team, we ensure that our products meet the high-quality standards and ensure fast delivery capacity. We don’t want to let our customers down in any way.

Wide Selection

We have a wide range of products that you can chose from. We also offer customized items for our customers. Nothing is impossible.


Sporting events are incomplete without sport medals. For each athlete, no matter what level he or she is playing for, always has a goal in mind and these medals serve as a push towards that goal. They feel motivated for more when awarded with a sport medal. If you are establishing a business comprising of medals, then make sure you hire a professional and experienced team that can produce these sport medals and other medals in the bulk at a minimum of cost.

This is only possible if this team knows the techniques and craftsmanship that goes behind the process. And if you are a buyer of sport medals in bulk, then make sure that the company you are using for buying these medals fulfill the above defined specifications for producing these sport medals. These medals are important so the production is also equally important because they serve as a memory and need to last a long time. And with this we wish you a happy buying of sport medals in bulk!!

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