Choosing The Right Type Of Custom Medals

When businesses want to honor people who have done well, they give them medals.

For many, medals are a way to show that someone is excellent, and they represent recognition and achievement.

But, with medals available in different sizes, types, and designs, picking the correct type of custom medals can be hard.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the types of our custom medals and why you should go for a custom medal for your next event.

Types of Custom Medals You Should Know 

Here is a list of our top custom medals you can order.

Wood Medals 

wood medal

Wood custom medals are becoming a popular choice with the need for sustainability. At Medals China, we offer you the option of creating your custom medal in wood.

Our custom wood medals are made from quality wood, and we can customize them with other materials or designs for more uniqueness. 

Interlocking Custom Medals 

finisher medalfinisher medal

Interlocking medals are unique because they fit together like puzzle pieces to make a more extensive design. Each medal can be used alone, but they tell a better story when combined.

For example, participants get interlocking medals for completing different challenges in races like the Spartan Race’s Trifecta. If your event can use this type of medal, we can make custom interlocking medals for you at a reasonable price.

Glow in the Dark Medals

Glow In The Dark Medals

Are you hosting a night event? Do you want to make your Halloween parties exciting? You should check out our glow-in-the-dark custom medals.

Our medals are made with fluorescent colors that make them glow. They come in different designs and sizes, ranging from 40mm to 100mm.

At Medals China, we have these awesome glow-in-the-dark custom medals for you to choose from.

Spinning Medals 

bespoke running medals

Want to add a bit of fun to your medals? Our spinning medals are special awards that come with a design that allows you to spin them freely.

They are perfect for recognizing sports or school achievements. Our custom spinning medals are made with high-quality materials and for different purposes.

At Medals China, we can even add your logo, text, and symbols to make your spinning medals extra special.

Printed Medals 

Printed Pin

Printed medals are popular because they are less costly and easy to personalize.

They usually have designs or artwork printed on a flat surface, which is often made of plastic or metal.

These medals are commonly used in sports and educational competitions.

At Medals China, we can make custom-printed medals that show off your event ideas and designs.

Glitter Medals 


Glitter medals add a touch of sparkle and joy to your regular medals.

Our custom glitter medals are designed with glitters that sparkle when they catch the light. And it is a nice medal option if you want to reward it in a kid’s talent show or dancing event.

If you like to add fun to your medal, then our glitter medals made of zinc alloy and glitter are your best bet. 

Standing Medals 


Standing medals are special because they can stand upright on desks or shelves.

They have a flat base that helps them stand independently, unlike regular medals you wear around your neck.

At Medals China, we offer custom standing medals in various designs and sizes. We can even make standing medals based on your ideas and designs.

Transparent Medals

Clear Transparent Medals

These medals are popular among businesses because they’re beautiful and feel nice.

They’re made from acrylic or a mix of materials and have a modern style that’s great for corporate award events.

At Medals China, we can create custom transparent medals for you. We can use different styles and designs to match your event and ideas.

Why Buy Custom Medals? 

Why go for our custom medals instead of the regular medals? The answer is simple. Firstly, choosing our custom medals offers you freedom.

When you order our custom medals at Medals China, you can select the color, quantity, design, and even material types. 

Secondly, when you get our custom medal, you can make it memorable for your event.

You can ask for a design that shows you appreciate the participants’ hard work.

award medals custom

For example, you can have their name or a personal message on the medal.

Thirdly, getting our custom medal makes your event or brand look more professional.

Whether it’s a sports event or a dance competition, our custom medal can help you add value to your event.

Finally, when you get our custom medal for your event, it’s something special that your participants will treasure.

It shows that you recognize their achievements and makes your event even more exciting.

When participants receive a custom medal, it becomes a valuable item for them.

They can display it or wear it as a symbol of their accomplishment.


When you’re planning to buy a custom medal, it’s essential to know the different types of medals in the market.

This way, you can make the right choice and avoid any mistakes.

Are you looking to buy custom medals? At Medals China, we are one of the leading manufacturers of custom medals around the globe.

We offer affordable custom medals that you can customize to fit your event ideas and designs. 

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