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When any country, organization, or any other society wants to honor people for their hard work, achievement, and untouched work, which has made them distinguished from other people—they award such people. Medals China, a custom medals manufacturer, will never disappoint you. Our factory is certified by ISO 9001:2005 and Sedex. Our factory is famous for making reliable, durable, value-added, and custom medals at competitive prices. Here are the customs medals order guide.

Order Guide-Why do you need custom medals?

Custom Halloween Medalcustomizable medals

A ‘custom-made medal ‘ is usually given to a particular person for their specific ‘ achievement.’ Our factory has expertise in making strong quality medals. It has specific design for that person and depicts their achievement. If that person has won the race, it would be custom-made ‘ custom race medals.’ If that award or medal is for ‘ custom running medals.’ For past years we have been designing custom race medals, custom military medals, custom award medals, personalized medals, custom sports medals, and custom medallions.

For the customer who wanted to give something more than an award, we designed a medallion for them. It’s like a piece of jewelry that can be worn too.

Order Guide-Why do you need your custom medallion manufactured from us?

For the past 10 years, we have been manufacturing medals for different customers worldwide. Our products are known for their strength their design. Suppose you want to buy a custom-made medal for your event. You just need to send us the design. There are more than 80 employees in our factory. You will get your custom-made medal after 15 days of artwork approval. There are different kinds and colors of ribbons. Different plating varieties are also available with a diversity of colors like gold, copper, silver, and many others. There are multiple varieties available for the color filling, such as soft enamel, transparent color, or glow in dark color.Please just follow the medals order guide we provided.

Quality Assurance team – at Medals China!

After we have carefully selected color, ribbon, a plate of your choice and which satisfies your demand, there’s a quality assurance team that makes sure our designed product fits all required parameters.

Medals China is known for making the best custom-made medallions of your choice. We have made custom cycling medals with soft enamel processing, custom gold hockey medals, marathon medals, etc.

When you award someone for their achievement, it’s at a bigger level. You need it to be of high quality to stay durable and reliable. Because they will display this at their home, house, or some international people they interact with. And if it’s not higher in quality, it will impact you first.

So, you shall invest in the custom medallion which caters to your requirements and purpose of achievement. The medallions made in our factory ‘ China medal’ are safe from climate change and any rusty corrosion. You should never in cheap metals.

Available Variety – at Medals China

The medallion comes in different colors, sizes, designs. The thickness is mostly 2-4 mm. But it can vary upon your requirement.

Here at ‘ China Medal, ‘we have a variety of medals. We have experts who guide our customers from design selection to material selection, from ribbon color to color plating.

Medals China- the right supplier of medallions

custom metal medallionscustom-made medallions

In the past ten years, Medals China has catered many customers custom medals that have fulfilled their requirements for medals. If you are organizing an event to honor and appreciate the efforts of the best swimmer, you need to get the right medallion. For this, you need to choose wisely. Medals China fits all the requirements. If you want to first visit the factory to avoid any ambiguity- you can visit us too.

Which city are we located in? And how can you contact us?

It’s located in the South of China, Dongguan city, 90km away from Honk Kong. If you want to order from us in bulk and are worried about the product, you can contact us. And we will pick you up if you are located in the city.

Medals China – ISO 9000: 2015, and Sedex certified

We have almost 80 employees 18 sales representatives. Our plant area is 3600 squares meters. Our factory is tidy and clean. We are not contributing to environmental pollution. We have proper arrangements for sewage. Our professional team believes in recycling waste products and is environmentally friendly. We are certified with ISO 9000:2015 and Sedex certified.

Valuable customers review

On our website, there are various reviews regarding products we manufacture. We have made a section where our customers can review the products. It helps new customers to know about our services. It’s easy for them to decide whether they want or not.

Need sample- no worries, you can get that too!

If you have decided to order from us, you need to know more about our product designing, transportation, etc. We can make a sample too, and this will be delivered to you in 3-4 days. We do quality assurance at every step, from a craving to ribbon selection. That’s why we take time to process. Also, we are manufacturing hundreds of products at a time.

What are the different custom medallions we have made – at Medals China?

Since 2013 our factory, Medals China, has manufactured several Ironman medals, Marathon race medals, Christmas medals, Swimming medals, Medals for schools, Engraved medals, and so on. For more knowing visit our website.

Running short on finance? No worries, we manufacture wholesale cheap custom medals awards!

We are known for providing the best quality product at a competitive price. Suppose you have less budget and want logo-based medals. We can help you with this. We are aware of the importance of your event and how much you need to motivate your participant – with a token of appreciation – Medals China is here to help you.

While designing and selecting colors. Our team will keep in mind every tiny detail while manufacturing. They are most cost-effective with the best possible quality.

Contact us directly!

You can directly contact us without reaching out to any middle man. You can email us. Also, we have provided our customer care helpline number on the Website. For more info. Contact us.

There’s no need to contact any middle man that will cause ambiguity in most cases, and your product will not have some parameters. We believe you know better about your product and direct contact is always better to reduce risk chances and ambiguity. You are always welcome to contact us, even if you want to come to our factory. Medal China welcomes you to come. We will pore our hearts towards you and try to answer very patiently and calmly.

6 different languages to select on the Website

Suppose you are from the Middle East and worried about language. Or language is acting as a barrier between services. We have got it fixed too. 6 Different languages, including simplified Chinese, Arabic, German, French, English, and Dutch, are available to select, making our website user-friendly.

Order Guide-Environment-friendly Products: 

Our products are environmentally friendly as we don’t let chemicals go into the air and cause pollution. Our experts believe in recycling. Also, our products are of high quality, and the material used will not get corrosive.

The custom medallions at MedalsChina are crafted with full attention.

Order Guide-Select the right medal supplier:

A medal or a trophy reflects the brand image of the company. It communicates the actual message to the receiver.

When once decided the type of medallions is required, the next step is to choose the right medal supplier. There are many medal suppliers in the market, but choosing the right one is important to receive on-time delivery and make the moment more special for everyone. If you by any chance select the worst medal supplier, there are higher chances that the medal supplier sells you medallions at high prices. Also, the quality of medallions is not impressive. There is an ambiguity about the on-time delivery of the custom medallions with the wrong medal supplier. Always invest in medallions from a well-known source. Before placing your order and making a purchase, consider the following points of your medal supplier.

Order Guide-Check if it has a company’s certificate page:

First, make sure that you reach out to the company’s certificate page. A reputable medal supplier has a detailed list of certificate pages that shows their reputation in the market. A medal supplier with certificate pages shows that it is a reliable company in the industry, manufactures excellent medals with high-quality materials, and provides on-time delivery.

Order Guide-Read the customer reviews section:

Reading the customer reviews section is a healthy thing to do when selecting a product or a service. These reviews let you know what other people are thinking about the business and if investing in it would be a good decision or not. Reading the customer reviews also saves your time.

Variety of medallions:

Next, check out the designs of medallions. Select a medal supplier that displays a wide variety of medallions or custom medallions. You can reach the website of a medal supplier and what they are offering, along with mentioning the price range. Here the client can get an idea if the medal supplier has the kind of medals the client is looking for and if the medallions fit the client’s budget. It is recommended to select a medal supplier that offers a wide range of medals because you might need medals for different events and purposes. Lookout and select a medal supplier that displays a wide range of shapes and designs of medallions and race medals bulk.

Order Guide-Check out the reputation of the medallion supplier:

Checking out the reputation of the medal supplier in the market is also important. If a medallion supplier has a strong reputation in the market, you shall go for it. A well-reputed supplier gives on-time delivery of the order.

Order Guide-A user-friendly website:

Always select a medal supplier that has a user-friendly website. A user-friendly website is easily available on any device. So, connecting with customers services personnel or reading about the medal’s supplier offering is easy anywhere.

Order Guide-Check out the terms and conditions:

Read out the content to conclude more about the company. Especially read out the terms and Conditions section. This section lets the client read about the policies of the medal supplier.

Order Guide-Best customer service:

Select a company that gives the best customer service. This is a crucial point to consider. Just think for a moment, if by mistake a business receives poor-quality medallions or the wrong order by any case, you can exchange or refund them immediately. A medals supplier that provides feasibility to its clients is highly recommended.

Order Guide-Providing guarantee:

Select a medal supplier that sells high-quality medallions to its clients. It is advisable to choose one that provides a guarantee for its products. A long list of medal suppliers in the market provides high-quality medals and ensures that the medals they sell are upgraded.

Skills of the medallion supplier:

If an organization plans to buy medallions in bulk for a special event and plans to engrave the company’s logo, you need to choose the medals supplier with skilled engravers. Engraving the medallions is totally based on a skillset, and it needs special attention during the whole process. The Skillset of the engraver defines the quality of the engraving and thus the overall Medallion. Engraving on medallions is in fashion nowadays because it motivates the participants and judges and makes the event more memorable. If you would consult and select the medal supplier with the best engraving qualities, you can get ideas and guidance to make the medallions more enchanting for the occasion.

On-time delivery:

An organization orders medallions for making an event more special and evokes a sense of achievement in the participants and judges. This means that on-time delivery is important. Choose a medals supplier that can provide on-time delivery of the medallions even if a client purchases medals in bulk. It is advised to select a medals supplier that takes responsibility for the complete manufacturing and engraving process and delivers the medallions before time. There is no problem if any revision is required. It could be done on time.

Consider your budget:

Budget what most organizations consider while buying medals in bulk. Choose a medals supplier that offers medallions at a reasonable price, but remember, the quality of medals is not compromised.

MedalsChina offers ideal rates to its customers when they buy medals in bulk. They also facilitate their clients to incorporate their designs and logo on the medallions and make the whole ceremony special. MedalsChina charges low prices for high-quality medals along with free standard neckbands and free setup.

Order Guide-Do not buy medallions from a middle man:

medallions sportscustom-made medallions

Now that you know how to choose the right type of Medallion to meet all your needs and how to find the best source for your order, there is one more thing you need to know, along with the many people who sell Medallions as brokers. They buy medals directly from medallion manufacturers and then sell them to customers. So, they benefit from it. This is why buyers pay high prices for medallions. Therefore, you should always purchase medals directly from the manufacturer.

Even brokers who sell medallions to their customers do not have interest in anything else like fame or famous medallion makers. Therefore, problems such as not receiving medals on time may occur, and you may not be able to receive medals of appropriate quality and value. That’s why you should buy the medals directly from the manufacturer to get the right quality and save money.

Medallions can be purchased from both direct and indirect sources. The indirect source is the store, and the direct source is the medallion vendor. Be sure to check where to buy the custom medallions? Direct source or intermediary? Remember that buying medallions from indirect sources will cost you more and, in some cases, up to twice the original price. Buying medallions from direct sources can save you a lot of money.

Always buy directly if you can.

We recommend that you purchase medallions from a retailer rather than directly from a retailer, as this content will help you find where to buy your medals. The market is crowded, and there are so many shops that you will believe they charge you the best price, but that is not true. This trader is like a broker, takes orders from customers, and then forwards them to the medallion makers. Keep the commission and sell. So, they make a profit, and the buyer has to pay more for the medallions.

Why you shouldn’t even buy from a middleman because they don’t care the most about the quality of the medals.

They do not aim to provide the highest quality to their customers as they do not typically represent the brands that make medals. Medallion manufacturers, meanwhile, are investing in the industry and are committed to providing the highest quality medals that customers will find again and again. They want to leave behind the best company reputation in the industry.

Get in touch for medallions:

Once the true purpose of buying medallions is clear, it’s time to decide the best source for purchasing them. By now, you already know that reaching out to the right medallion supplier is important.

MedalsChina is the right place for placing an order for the desired high-quality medallions at the most competitive prices from the market. MedalsChina is the perfect place to buy medals for you. They manufacture medals with premium quality and attractive designs. The Chinese award and medallion manufacturer makes gold medallions, silver, bronze, and other variant materials. The design of each Medallion is crafted with full uniqueness to make every receiver feel proud.

Get in touch with and reach the company’s official website and collect all the possible information. The MedalsChina website has uploaded images for all the available medallions. The price of each Medallion is also mentioned. MedalsChina focuses on creating the highest quality medallions and focuses on excellent customer service. Customer happiness is the top priority of the business. Making them happy and fully satisfied is our main goal and that’s why we have very friendly people waiting for your comments. The business believes that communication is the key to delivering exactly what the customers want.

Service matters.

That’s the reason the business never overlooks the importance of the customer service sector. We are good at customer support service. You can contact us for any help while buying medals for your events. We are sure that you will receive a very warm welcome from us. We will provide enough information and communicate with you the best to create the best Medallion for you. You may also request a fill-in form. Here you can easily write about yourself and your requirements to fill out the form. You can send us all the information you need to start working on your project.

This type of form usually contains a form to fill out your name, address, email address, the purpose of the event, company’s name, mobile phone number, VAT number, phone number, country, zip code, shipment address, etc. You can also choose a type. The add-ons you want with your product and the add-ons you want with your Medallion. You can also add your medallion designs as files, such as PDFs from this page. AI, EPS, high resolution. JPEG and more. In this way, you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to display on your Medallion.

Contact us for the estimates and your requirements. So, we can provide you our budget for your Medallion. MedalsChina uses the latest and highest quality equipment to create medals for you. We produce the highest quality medals at cost-effective prices. And we’ll give you a price you’ll definitely like, and you won’t get that price anywhere else. The price of a medallion depends on the material, color, ribbon, and many other important factors. But we promise that if you buy from us, you will get the best value for money and get the highest quality medals that fit your budget.

Final Thoughts!!

Unlike the medals, a medallion is also used to celebrate an occasion and let the participants and judges remember the occasion for a lifetime. The basic purpose is to inspire the receiver because it offers them a great sense of achievement. If your organization wants to buy medallions with good results, the first point to consider is discovering the purpose of giving out medallions. Next, it is absolutely important to choose the right medallion supplier. That would save not only cost but also save time.

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