10 best custom belt buckles made in China

Custom-made belt buckles are unique accessories for one’s taste and preferences. These custom belt buckles are designed to reflect an individual’s personality. Whether for a personalized gift or fashion, these buckles set you apart.


 Classic Frame Buckle

 The classic frame buckles have the characteristics of a traditional design. They have a rectangular frame. These custom-made belt buckles include a central bar or prong that secures the belt. Their designs are versatile and found in metal alloys. They are associated with formal and casual belts. They allow for easy adjustment or removal of the belt strap. Their finishes include polished, brushed, antique, etc.

 Western Buckle

gold belt buckle

These types of custom-made belt buckles have characteristics of Western and cowboy fashion. These custom Western belt buckles represent a Western-style belt. They feature a large, ornamental design on the front. These are available in brass patina, distressed finish, engraved or embossed detailing, etc.

 Military Buckle

cowgirl belt buckle

Another popular belt type among the custom-made belt buckles is military buckles. They refer to belt buckles designed for use in military uniforms and gear. These have certain features with practical requirements of military personnel.

 Nameplate Buckle

large belt buckle

Another widely known type of custom-made belt buckle is the nameplate buckle. They incorporate a flat plate with a name and initials engraved over them. These are often customized to add a personal touch or information about the wearer. Their features include flat plate design, personalization, and material variety. These are available in gold or silver plating, enamel coating, clear lacquer, etc.



 Logo Buckle

western belt buckles

Logo buckles are the next trendy type of custom-made belt buckles. They combine a person’s name with an engraved logo or symbol. This customization provides an opportunity to showcase both their name and a logo. Their features include personalized engraving, logo, and customization options. Their finishes include brushed finish, powder coating, matte finish, etc.


 Novelty Buckle

cowboy belt buckles

Novelty belt buckles are different from the traditional and standard designs. These custom-made belt buckles have unique, creative, and sometimes quirky features. Their key characteristics are unusual designs and humorous elements. They also feature thematic variations. Their finishes include powder coating, gold or silver plating, matte finish, etc.


 Slide Belt Buckle


western belt buckles for men

Slide or ratchet belt buckles refer to a belt’s fastening mechanism. It uses a sliding mechanism for change. These custom-made belt buckles have incremental adjustments for a comfortable fit. Their features include a ratcheting mechanism, total adjustability, and quick release. Their finishes include gunmetal finish, chrome plating, anodized finish, etc.



 Hidden Belt Buckle

big belt buckles


For practical or aesthetic reasons, we conceal the buckles of hidden belt buckles. These types of custom-made belt buckles aim to cut the buckle’s visibility when worn. Their key feature is a low-profile design. They also have a concealed fastening mechanism and internal latching system. They come in anodized, polished, brushed, chrome plating, etc.



 Custom Shape Buckle

belt buckles for women

They are made in unique, personalized, or customized designs according to specific preferences. These custom-made belt buckles can form any shape and represent personal interests or company logos. Key aspects include varied materials, craftsmanship, and corporate branding. Their finishes include powder coating, anodized finish, and clear lacquer.


 Interchangeable Buckle

cowgirl belt buckle

These are other types of custom-made belt buckles. They can be removed anytime and replaced. This allows the wearer to customize the belt’s appearance. They provide versatility to match the belt with various outfits. Key features include modular design, detachable mechanism, and many style options. Their finishes include polished, brushed, black, chrome plating, etc.


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