Top 14 Most Popular Lapel Pins

Here are the details of the 14 most popular lapel pins. 

 Flag Lapel Pins 

Logo Enamel Pins

Flag lapel pins represent national flags in miniature size and are worn as accessories on clothing.

These are commonly worn during national holidays, political events, or to show solidarity. 


Comic Lapel Pins

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Comic lapel pins feature designs, comics, cartoons, or graphic novel designs.

They are perfect for comic enthusiasts, conventions, or casual events where a touch of humor is welcomed.


Custom Logo Lapel Pins

Custom logo lapel features a specific company or organization’s emblem.

They find widespread use in corporate settings.

Employees and executives wear them, or they are distributed as promotional items. 



Military Lapel Pins

Die Struck Enamel Pin

Military lapel pins are insignia worn as a mark of honor to represent different branches or units of the armed forces.

They are typically worn on uniforms during military ceremonies and special events.


Sports Lapel Pins

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Sports lapel pins represent team spirit and athletic pride with sports-related designs or logos. Athletes, fans, and supporters prefer wearing them during sports and tournaments.

They also like showing allegiance to a favorite team.


Floral Lapel Pins

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Floral lapel pins are charming accessories with delicate flower designs. They show elegant, nature-inspired accents.

These pins are crafted with precision. They are enamel-finished and provide a smooth, detailed appearance.

They add sophistication to formal occasions such as weddings, parties, or business events.


Animal Lapel Pins

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Animal lapel pins have attractive animal-themed designs and express love for wildlife or pets.

They are perfect for casual or formal occasions and express fondness for animals.



Vintage Lapel Pins

Die Struck Lapel Pins

Earlier eras and feature replica designs of vintage items inspire vintage lapel pins.

They add a touch of nostalgia to retro-themed events, parties, etc., and can also be worn as a stylish luxury.

Collar Lapel Pins

custom metal pins

Collar lapel pins are specifically designed to be worn on shirt collars.

They are a subtle yet stylish accessory for any occasion.

Their placement on the collar provides a unique and refined way to showcase individual style and attention to detail.


Hobby Lapel Pins

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Hobby lapel pins are worn to celebrate individual interests and passions.

They are perfect for self-expression.

People wear them proudly during hobby-related events, club meetings, etc.


Heart Lapel Pins

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Heart pins feature a heart-shaped design and symbolize achievement.

They symbolize excellence and add a touch of distinction to formal events.

They are also perfect for award ceremonies or celebratory occasions.


School Lapel Pins

coat pin

School lapel pins represent educational institutions and feature the school’s emblem or logo. Students, alums, or faculty wear them to boast school pride and affiliation.

School lapel pins are suitable for graduation ceremonies, alum events, etc. 


Music Lapel Pins

soft enamel pins

Music lapel pins feature musical symbols, instruments, or logos.

They are perfect for musicians, music enthusiasts, or events related to the musical arts.


Travel Lapel Pins

hard enamel pin

Travel lapel pins consist of travel-destination-related designs, landmarks, or symbols.

They are perfect for wanderlust enthusiasts, globetrotters, or anyone passionate about exploring the world.


So these are the 20 most popular lapel pins. Use them on the right occasion, be a part of the event, and attract the attention of the people around you using these lapel pins. They add style to your attire and are a great way to kick-start a conversation with like-minded people. Get your favorite lapel pins at the most affordable and high-quality price now.

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