A Beginner’s Guide to Start Your Enamel Pin Business

Everyone loves to wear or collect fancy items. So, pins are making a thriving return to the fashion world. It’s all because of Generation Z’s fondness for throwback alternative styles. Enamel pins fall into the categories of wearable and collectible items. Thus, they are an excellent option for entrepreneurs to start a new business.

The potential profits of selling enamel pins are higher than you imagine. You don’t need significant capital on a manufacturing unit, a storage facility, or equipment. Even more, you don’t need a degree or skills. Imagination and a solid business plan for your company are all required.

The purpose of this blog is to provide just that. If you want to please your creative side by starting a pin business, our step-by-step guide is here to help.

Why Should You Launch a Pin Business?

From t-shirts to tote bags, you can discover many custom items in online stores. There are many options to make money selling personalized goods online. Then, why sell personalized pins instead? Here is why;

  • Pins Are Compact and Not Heavy: Because of these features, shipping enamel pins is less expensive. Moreover, storing them is also straightforward. It means you can save costs and increase your revenues.
  • You Can Start a Pin Business With a Low Investment: The initial investment in making pins is rather small. It is negligible when compared to other items, like apparel.
  • Many People Find Pins Attractive: Younger generations tend to have a stronger affinity for pins. However, pins collection carries a deep love in many cultures.

Can Anyone Make Money By Selling Pins?

Logo Lapel Pins

Well, enamel pins have gone from being just an accessory to a fashion statement. Their meteoric rise in popularity in recent years proves the profitability.

1) A Market on the Rise:

Personalization of pins is still in vogue and is becoming more so by the day. Enamel pins are an ideal niche to enter.

Pin sales are rising for the last decade. Also, experts predict this trend will continue. The reason is pins are popular among many different types of people. It includes millennials, Gen Z, pop culture lovers, hobbyists, and niche groups. With such a diverse group of buyers, enamel pins are likely to never go out of style.

2) Pins Are Trending Online

Nowadays, small businesses can’t work without internet sales and social media. Thankfully, these platforms are a fantastic way to sell enamel pins. Show your ideas, communicate with clients, and establish a devoted following! Selling enamel pins online has never been this easy.

3) Easy Cross-promotions

Enamel pins offer many collaboration opportunities. Connect with influencers or marketing companies that coincide with your target audience. It can help you gain more exposure for your pin business. You can get more customers via collaborative pin launches or marketing campaigns.

What Are Some Common Types of Enamel Pins?

If your pin designs are complete, the next step is to decide the pin type. Enamel pins are available in different types, but the most common ones include;

1) Embossed or Printed Pins

Printing involves placing a pattern directly into the pin’s metal surface. More elaborate and complex drawings are possible using this technology. Applying an epoxy coating, either thin or thick, gives them a unique feel and completes the look.

2) Soft Enamel Pins

To this day, these enamel lapel pins remain a customer favorite. It’s formed by baking colored enamel onto textured, lustrous surfaces of the metal.

3) Die-struck Pins

Die Struck Enamel Pin

These pins are made by stamping a pattern into a metal surface and then polishing and plating it. The lack of colorful enamel gives them an understated elegance. These metallic lapel pins resemble coins in design.

4) Hard Enamel Pins

These resemble soft enamel pins. But instead of mixing colored enamel, each piece is made separately and baked. The end product is a little more costly than soft enamel pins but is tougher and lasts far longer. It’s ideal for those seeking a striking, polished look.

You can choose the manufacturing process that works best for your designs. A pin supplier can give suggestions based on your desired appearance, feel, and budget.

8 Easy Steps to Start a Pin Business

Die Struck Lapel Pins

Okay, so you’ve decided to sell pins. Where should one start? If you are interested in starting a pin company, these are the procedures to follow:

1) Find Out Who You’re Targeting

You must determine the intended recipients of pins before you start designing them. Do you know the movies and TV shows your target demographic enjoys? Are they comic book lovers? Everything you do will be based on who you’re making them for. Be it picking designs or promoting your pins!

Knowing who will buy your brand’s personalized pins is crucial. Starting with a specific audience and working your way out is usually the best strategy.

2) Make Designs

You can boost the brand’s image and stand out from the competition with enamel pins of unique designs. So, don’t hold back; be imaginative and make eye-catching pin designs. Your products will engage with the target demographic on a personal level.

Starting a pin business does not need artistic or graphic design skills. Hiring a graphic designer lets you get detailed graphics, even with only a basic idea. However, copying or reproducing designs without the creator’s consent is illegal. Using ideas from preexisting designs is okay, but you must make all your artwork from the ground up.

3) Find a Reliable Pin Manufacturer

Your credibility will take a hit if your pins are of low quality, regardless of your designs’ uniqueness. Thus, choose a company with a reputation for making precise, high-quality pins.

The manufacturer must use top materials and quality control procedures to ensure precision. High-quality pins boost buyer’s confidence in your company. It will encourage them to buy pins from you again.

We at MedalsChina assist clients in making unique, personalized pins. You have complete control over the pin production process. You can share pin details, including the size, shape, and design. After that, we use our expertise to make the best pins.

You can also choose from various other customization choices. It includes color, finishing, backside attachment, and extras like glitter enamel.

4) Establish Your Brand’s Identity

The idea of a home-based, locally-focused startup doesn’t sound profitable. Customers are more likely to buy pins from a famous company that has been there for a while. Besides, they like easy checkout and a solid support system.

People are more likely to buy pins from you when they see you portrayed as a brand. They begin to see you as a reliable company that can quickly meet all their requirements.

5) Set Up Your Online Enamel Pin Store

Many online platforms provide the tools you need to set up your very own online store. You can start with a basic layout or use a professional to handle the setup.

You can always pay someone else to create your online pin store if you’re flush with cash. A website offering pins needs quality photographs of the pins. Thus, design eight or ten different kinds of pins. It will give your consumers extra pin alternatives to choose from.

Just photograph all the pins and put them on your new website. You have merely completed your shop, so this is only the start. Putting your marketing efforts into the pins is a must.

6) Work on Order Fulfillment

Find the most affordable shipping option for pins. Choose by comparing pricing, delivery timeframes, and policies of different shipping companies.

Use the estimates to determine whether you will provide free delivery on all orders. Likewise, is there a mandatory minimum purchase amount to get free shipping? Decide on these crucial factors for your pin business.

Decide on the refund method and return policy. You can check the return policies of competing enamel pin companies. You can learn about their approaches and the usual expectations of customers.

7) Promote Your Pins

It is the crucial step in launching a pin business. You can’t grow an enamel pin company without a social media presence. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others need your presence.

Create a separate account for your company and request the help of your loved ones to spread the word. Acquiring a fan base should be your priority.

Your pins don’t have to pique the attention of your initial followers. It implies that a few thousand followers will be enough for a beginning. You can also start publishing pin-related content to your page.

8) Make Money by Selling Your Pins!

If everything up to this point has gone according to plan, you can start selling your pins. You should be able to experiment and enhance your methods as your lapel pin company grows.

Do you want your company to stand out and get more consumers? You can invest some profit in advertising or making fresh lapel pin designs.

Tips for Enamel Pin Packaging

In the enamel pin industry, good packaging is crucial. It tells the narrative of your company and safeguards your pins from harm. Moreover, it improves the unpacking experience and leaves a lasting impression.

You can use any of the following options to pack your pins.

1) Zippers or Polybags

Buyers can view the pins without separating the poly bag. Besides, it is an affordable packing option for lapel pins. They are ideal for safeguarding even a single pin.

2) Patron Cards

Backing cards are more expensive than wrappers and plastic bags. However, they are worth it since they give your items a professional feel. This packaging serves several purposes, like displaying your logo and company information.

3) Packages in Boxes

You can use the box wrap to highlight your logo efficiently. It improves the pin unpacking experience with a luxury feel. It also protects your pins from damage during delivery.


1) Enamel Pins – What Are They?

These are tiny ornamental pins made of metal and enamel paint. They are a common way to add flair to ordinary items like hats, purses, and apparel.

2) How Much Should an Enamel Pin Cost?

Many aspects affect the final cost of enamel pins. It includes dimensions, design, color, polish, and more.

Moreover, soft enamel pins are less expensive compared to hard ones. You can learn more about the cost of custom pins by contacting MedalsChina.

3) Can You Make a Profit by Selling Pins Online?

Selling pins at a price higher than their production expenses is possible. Factors like design intricacy, popularity, and demand can cause this markup to fluctuate.

4) What Are the Components of Enamel Pins?

You can get pins made of various components. Companies make enamel pins from different metals. It includes copper, zinc, brass, and gold.

5) Can You Have Different Designs in Enamel Pins?

Of course! You can make enamel pins with your own unique designs. Many manufacturers, like MedalsChina, provide customization services. Get your hands on unique pin designs by collaborating with designers. An expert designer can turn your vision into a design.

Final Thoughts!

So, is selling fancy accessories something you’re good at? You can make a living doing what you love if you start an enamel pin business. This business idea is popular among many entrepreneurs.

It is not necessary to have experience to start an enamel pin company. You should launch your pin business now since you have all the necessary resources.

Regardless of how many competitors you perceive in the pin business, go for it. You can succeed in this market by producing unique pins and promoting them to the correct people.

We are here to assist you in starting a pin business. Set up a free consultation with a MedalsChina executive by contacting us.

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