How to Put On a Belt Buckle?

Belt buckles are a trend. People wear them on different occasions. Even in the past, they were a part of fashion. You can see that in the movie Heroes of the 1980s. The trend of wearing belt buckles has always stayed. However, many people don’t know how to put on a belt buckle. 

The inclusion of a belt buckle gives you a more casual look. However, it can also be a headache if you don’t know how to put it on. But you don’t need to fuss! I will walk you through the steps of putting on a belt buckle. You’ll end up learning all things related to belt buckling. So, let’s dive in!

Overview of Belt Buckle & its Importance

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As you know, a belt buckle is a decorative clasp or fastener. It keeps the belt secure and gives you a more enhanced look. Generally, people wear the belt buckle to get a more casual look. Have you ever noticed guys in concert wearing buckles? They do this to get a sense of casualness.

The belt buckle trend is not new. It has been present for decades and has never gone down. Both men and women wear belt buckles to achieve a unique and enhanced look. However, some people use them for more secure pants. As I said, these buckles act as clasps or fasteners.

So, they give the feeling of security. Different types and shapes of belt buckles are available on the market. Each of those types has its pros and cons. A big belt buckle gives a casual look, while a small one looks more formal. Let’s dive in and learn the methods for belt buckling.

Material Required 

As I said, there are different types of belt buckles. Each of those types requires different techniques and methods. However, their belt buckling requires some tools for practical work. Here are some equipment that you should have before starting the process:

  • Pliers
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Leather punch tool

These tools are optional. However, their availability ensures that you’ll have a smooth process as we advance. Although you might not need any of the above tools if your belt is new, having them is peace of mind. 

How To Put on a Belt Buckle?

There are two main kinds of locking mechanisms for belt buckles. Those are snaps and screws for locking. Both require slightly different ways and techniques. In the section below, we will discuss both of these two techniques.

Putting on a Belt Buckle with Snaps

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  • First, find the belt that fits your needs and style. 
  • The belt will be snapped at the start. You’ll have to unsnap it to attach the buckle. If the belt is new, unsnapping may not be easy. However, you can apply some force to unsnap it.
  • Insert the belt into the loop of the buckle. During this step, ensure the buckle is in the proper orientation.
  • Once you have buckled the belt, snap it back. It will be loose at the start. You can recheck that the buckle’s dimension is right up. 
  • You can wear the belt and put the buckle’s prong where you prefer. Generally, the belt should end between your pants’ first and second loops.
  • At the start, pants might feel loose. However, you can try putting prongs in different belt holes. This will ensure that you find the best fit and feel comfortable.

Precaution: New belts usually have very tight snaps. Unsnapping them requires some effort. Don’t be too rude, and avoid applying harsh force. This act can affect the binding of the snaps. It is recommended to unsnap with gentle force. The more you play with the belt snaps, the more convenient and friendly they will become.

Putting on a Belt Buckle with Screws

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Many believe these belts don’t allow you to change the buckle. This is wrong, as you can put on any belt buckle, even if the belt has screws for attachment. Here is the step-by-step process:

  • First of all, remove the screws present on the belt. You cannot unscrew them without the help of a screwdriver. Therefore, I mentioned earlier that you should have those tools.
  • Once all the screws are unscrewed, it is time to put the belt in the loop of the buckle. Before doing that, keep the buckle in the right direction and dimension. If you end up attacking in the wrong direction, then the text or design of the buckle will be upside down. You’ll have to remove the buckle to make it correct.
  • Put the belt in the loop of the buckle, and put the screws back on the belt. Again, you’ll have to use the screwdrivers to fasten the screws on the belts. 
  • If the belt is old, there might be some signs of rust on the screws. You should clean them carefully to look good and in good shape for an extended duration.
  • Once the screws are back, you can then put the prong of the buckle in the hole of the belt. That’s it, and you are ready. You can slightly adjust the prong if the belt is too tight or loose.

Putting on a Belt Buckle With Rapid Rivets

Rivets are small pins with caps that join two materials together. Generally, belts come with snaps or screws. However, few brands use rivets to attach the belt buckle. Here is the way of putting on belt buckle with rapid rivets:


  • First, you should align the buckle’s prong with the belt holes. If you have alignment, you can proceed to the next step without punching a hole. However, if the prong is not perfectly aligned with the hole, you’ll have to put another hole in it with the help of a punch tool. 
  • If you fail to get alignment, proceed to create a hole. You can mark the position where the prong goes. Use a punch tool to make a small hole in the marked position.
  • Place the rivet in the hole of the belt from the backside. After that, check that the hole and prong are aligned perfectly. If everything is perfect, put the rivet cap over on the rivet from the front side. 
  • Don’t leave the cap loose. Instead, tap it and make sure it is perfectly secured with the rivet. However, it would be best if you tapped with gentle force. A harsh approach will affect the rivet and belt quality.
  • The final step is to avoid it if your prong fits the hole quickly. You can wear the belt and check if it is good or needs any customization. 


Precautions: Having the right size of the rivet is crucial. If you choose a more oversized rivet, it can affect the quality of the belt. If you do so, you will have to create a bigger hole in the belt for rivet placement. Therefore, choose the small rivet, typically 5 mm in size. You can read your belt manual if there is one.


How To Put on a Belt Buckle Without Snaps?

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Some belts come without any snaps. They are categorized as cheap and generally not recommended. However, attaching a buckle to such belts is relatively straightforward. They require a slide-through mechanism. Here is the step-by-step process of putting a belt buckle without snaps and screws:

  • First of all, insert the belt in the loop of the buckle. Remember to insert the side of the belt with no buckle or prong. 
  • Slide the buckle to the other end. Make sure that the right side of the belt buckle remains up and that the text or design of the buckle remains in the correct orientation. 
  • Wear the belt and put the buckle in the middle or center. Insert the buckle’s prong into the appropriate hole on the belt. You can put prongs in different holes to adjust the tightness.
  • Pull the end of the belt through the buckle to secure it. As I said, you can adjust the buckle to ensure the belt feels tight. Moreover, double-check that the belt lies flat against your waist and that the buckle is centered.

Is it Easy to Change a Belt buckle?

Changing or replacing a belt buckle is relatively straightforward. However, if you are using a rapid rivet, the process can take a bit more time. On the flip side, if your belt has screws or snaps, the process of putting the belt buckle on it does not take much time and is accessible. 

There are different types of belt buckles. Each of those requires a different method for putting it on the belt. Generally, three types of belts are available in the market. The ease of changing belt buckles varies. These types are as follows:

  • Belts with rivets
  • Belts having snaps
  • Belts having screws

Putting a belt buckle on the belt and having snaps is the easiest. All you have to do is unsnap the belt, put the buckle, and resnap. That’s it. It does not take more than 5 minutes if you have some practice. The screw belts are second from an easy point of view. You’ll have to unscrew those screws. 

Quick Tip: The rivet method takes the most time as you must punch and create holes. It might take 1 hour to complete the process. Therefore, choose belts with snaps, which are easy to work with when putting the belt buckle on.

What Kind of Buckle Should You Choose?

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There is no hard and fast rule for choosing the buckle. All types of buckles can be easily attached to the belt. However, your styling influences the kind of buckle you should select. Each type of buckle represents different styles

For example, the thick buckle represents a casual style. You can wear bulky buckles to any concert or event. They make you prominent and give the feeling of casualness. However, they are not good for a professional look.

The thinner buckles present a more formal style. If you are going to attend a business meeting, you should prefer thinner and smaller buckles. They give a feeling of professionalism. However, personal preferences and choices can vary. You can play around and choose one that makes you feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the different types of belt buckles?

Several types of belt buckles are available in the market. These include traditional frame-style buckles, plate, box-frame, and snap buckles. Each type has a unique fastening method suited to different styles and purposes. 

What should you do if your belt buckle is too loose?

If a belt buckle is too loose, check the buckle’s fastening mechanism.  Ensure the belt is threaded correctly through the buckle and keeper for frame-style buckles. In short, clasps and fasteners are responsible for looseness. Check to get rid of this issue.

Why do people use a belt buckle aftermarket?

Belt buckles are part of fashion and styling. People use them to get better looks. They are mainly used for decorative purposes. By wearing them, one can attract others and look unique. This is why many people use them aftermarket. 


Over the last few decades, the belt buckling trend has increased. Both men and women wear them as a must-have ingredient for styling. However, many don’t know how to put the belt buckle on. If you’re one of those, don’t worry, as this guide gives you complete step-by-step information. 

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