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The points of getting a sports medal.

Encourage a healthier living style by promoting sports and distributing sports medals; you can buy the bestselling sports medals at the most competitive prices to promote sports.

We all love to be appreciated, and recognition goes a long way when it comes to some special skill or capability. People have been awarding medals since times unknown to recognize someone’s efforts or skills, and capabilities. Sometimes, these medals are awarded to individuals to keep their spirits high. Initially, these medals were only given to the participants of sports events, but now, these medals are awarded to recognize people in a team. They are awarded academically to students who achieve beyond expected, students who win laurels, and teachers who perform exceptionally well.

A new way of awarding medals.

Apart from Sport and Academics, there is now a trend of awarding medals to employees that perform well through a year and to recognize the special services rendered to the company. These corporate companies also award medals to recognize the services of their employees. Awarding medals is now an accepted way of acknowledging and appreciating the services and efforts performed by people.

When these medals are awarded to celebrate a victory, especially in sports, then these are valued to the utmost. Sports medals are highly valued and cherished because of the victory they spell. These are then kept as souvenirs and decorated in the most coveted places for years to come.

The History of Sports Medals

We can not pinpoint exactly when the tradition of giving out these medals started. But it is a fact that the winners in sports were always awarded. The first-ever evidence we find of medals is during the Olympics, going as far back as 1896. That is when we see the distribution of medals amongst the participants. The medals were gold for the winner, silver for the first runner-up, and bronze for the second runner-up. Though the sizes and shapes greatly differ from what we call medals now, still, this is the closest we can get to the origin of medals.

Initially, sports medals were only for the winners of the Olympics. Later, the trend of awarding sports medals gained popularity in the 1900s in the UK, when they started promoting sports for a healthier life. During the Victorian Era, the heartlands of the UK encouraged their employees towards “Mens Sana in corpore Sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body). We used medals as an incentive. Later, the trend took popularity, and slowly and gradually, awarding sports medals became necessary in all sports events.

Types of Sport Medals 

When we talk about sports medals, we get the image of a round gold or silver disc hanging from a ribbon. But, the medals, along with everything else, have also evolved over the years. There are now rectangle medals, and they are no longer in the traditional gold, silver, and bronze coloring. But in fact, it comes with different embellishments dedicatedly representing the event they are being presented at. For example, if the sports event is for a corporate business, then the medal will have business logo on it. The colors represent the teams.

There are now 2D and 3D medals. Like everything else, technology has crept into the art of medals as well. The awarding of the medals is still fixed for the winner, first runner-up, and second runner-up. The sports medals are awarded for different sports, and generally, three per sport are awarded. Discussed below are the different sporting events that these medals are awarded at. Let us go through them, one by one.

1) Running Medals

Marathon medals

Running is an ancient sport, and at one time, we considered it as the only serious sport. The running medals generally have pictures of runners embellished on them. There can be other things as well, whatever is significant to the event.

2) Swimming Medals

Swimming medals

Swimming is also an ancient sport. Initially, all medals were the same, but now the medals have some representation of the event. People go for swimming symbols embellished on the medals. Swimming medals can also have the ocean or a pool along with the symbol of the event printed on the medal to signify what the winner did to achieve that medal.

3) Marathon Medals

Marathon medals

Marathon is a test of endurance, and this has been in existence since times unknown. People still prefer to have the picture of runners embellished across the medals. Marathon medals are generally for people who can finish the entire marathon. So quite a lot of marathon medals are distributed.

4) Football Medals

football medal

These days, football medals are the most coveted. Football medals almost always have a football embellished on them. The difference is that some people get their medals in 3d, and some get them in 2d. Because of the sport’s popularity, these medals are in the most demand all around the world.

5) Soccer Medals

football medal

Soccer is the term generally used in America to refer to Football. Soccer Medals are the same as Football medals and have a ball embellished on them. There are 3d versions as well as 2d versions of the medals. You can choose according to your requirement and budget. China has the highest number of fans for Soccer.

6) Racing Medals

Balance Bike Medals

Racing is also an age-old sport. When there were no engines, the races occurred on foot; there were motorbikes and later car racing. Racing Medals can have whatever the race is about. A bike, a car, a steering wheel, but the most common symbol is that of a helmet as helmets are used in every race.

7) Basketball Medals

The modern era in sports introduced balls to the field. One such ball game is the basketball game. It is a team game. The ball used is different, and the basketball medals have either the ball or the net embellished on them.

8) Wrestling Medals

Worldwide, there is a huge fan following for wrestling and a huge appreciation for the wrestlers. They are often appreciated by wrestling medals, with two people locked in physical combat or two hands playing tug. All these symbols represent power, and that is what is represented on the medal.

9) Baseball Medals

Baseball is a sport popular in US and Canada. It is played with much enthusiasm to celebrate warm weather. The medals have the picture of 2 baseball bats crossed. Baseball Medals are a good way to appreciate people who play them.

10) Cycling Medals

cycling medals

Cycling is a very good exercise as well as being sport. Cycling medals are beautifully made. As with all modern medals, they have the emblem of a cycle on them. These days, the medals are not made of traditional gold, silver, and bronze. They are available in colors as well.

11) Hockey Medals

custom hockey medals

Hockey medals are for the entire team. Currently, the Chinese hockey federation is paying extra attention to their hockey team. This is why they appreciate them and promote them whenever possible. A team has 13 players, 11 of whom have a position on the team. At the time of appreciation, all 13 players get hockey medals.

12) 5K Medals

Custom 5k medals

Marathons and endurance races are tough and, though all can’t win it, it is essential to appreciate those who participate in them. 5k is for those who run 5 km at a stretch. The average time to complete this is 45 to 60 minutes, and those who do it get the 5k medals when they reach the completion point. Marathons are open for all, and many people participate in them. Hence many 5k medals are distributed. The category, distance covered, and the event is often mentioned on these medals to remind the runners which medal is for which marathon as marathon runners participate in many marathons and generally have a collection of these.

13) Taekwondo Medal

taekwondo medal

Taekwondo is an extremely popular sport in China. Many schools teach and promote this sport as it is the best self-defense technique as well. China currently has the strongest team for the Olympics and Asiad sports program as well. Taekwondo medals generally have two figures locked in martial arts positions, embellished on the disc. Taekwondo medals are being appreciated by the government as well.

14) Karate Medals

Karate is another form of martial arts. Its origin is not clear, but it is supposed to be a mixture of Chinese and Japanese martial arts. Karate medals have the traditional karate symbol on them. These are presented at all levels and much appreciated locally as well as internationally.

15) Shooting Medals

Shooting is often taken up as a hobby by people involved in combat. Army and police officials also often hold contests that involve shooting. Shooting medals have different kinds of arms embellished on them. Shooting medals are considered to be very precious within the armed forces. They establish your precision with the arms.

16) Dance Medals

Dance medals

Dancing is a form of art that is appreciated worldwide. It expresses devotion, joy, and the freedom to express yourself. It is highly valued in China and is considered an art that covers various dance genres simultaneously. The dance medals generally have a ballerina figure or a salsa figure representing classical and contemporary dancing genres.

17) Tennis Medals

badminton medal

The sport of tennis is another form of ball game but with a small ball. It is played almost worldwide because of lesser people being involved during the game. Various tennis championships are being held in China as well as internationally. The Tennis medals generally have tennis balls as an emblem.

18) Volleyball Medals

Volleyball is a much popular sport throughout the world. It is played on beaches as beach entertainment. The Chinese Men team for Volleyball is supposedly the best in Asia. The ball for Volleyball is different and is hence used as an emblem on Volleyball medals.

Bestselling Sport Medals

Some sports are more popular than others, and some sports are more popular in some countries than others. But still, medals are appreciated by all winners as they embody achievement success in something other than normal life. Sports Medals distinguish the athletic nature of an individual and are often cherished throughout the winners’ lives. Some sports are the most favorite regardless of nationality, age and religion. These are the sports that are covered below. Most medals are generally distributed amongst the following sports.

1) Running medals 

The oldest of all, running is still considered the forerunner of all sports. Though, there are various running events now. Running events are held in accordance with the distance covered, depending upon the stamina of the individual runners. Each running event is then awarded three medals.

2) Swimming medals

As with every other thing, Swimming is also not just a simple event. There are different competitions held under this category as well. Swimming is an age-old sport, and now there are different types of swimming competitions. Apart from the traditional open water swimming event, seven other swimming events were held at the recent Olympics. Three medals per event were distributed amongst the winners.

3) Marathon Medals

Marathons are generally a test of endurance. Earlier on, they were just limited to running; now, marathons are a competition of endurance for different sports and cross-sports as well. In a marathon, the winners are celebrated as much as those who complete it. The winners get the medals for their positions, and all the others will get a medal for participating and completing the race.

4) Football Medals

Football is popular the world over. It has the highest viewership across the world. People of all ages and all nationalities actively participate in Football. It is considered to be one of the best sport. Football medals are much appreciated, and most universities give admissions over football achievements.

5) Soccer Medals 

Much like Football, Soccer has an equally large viewership and following. The Soccer medals are much appreciated and valued. People save these medals and decorate them in their homes as an achievement.

6) Racing Medals

Each country has its racing events that racing enthusiasts from all across attend. Racing medals are again much coveted and valued by the racing devotees. Even though only a small percentage of people can afford such enthusiasm, those who do are appreciated through these racing medals, and hence racing medals are much appreciated.

Bestselling Sports Medals for Sale in China

China is a big country with a huge population. Sports are much encouraged in china to improve health and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. To appreciate sports, a lot of sporting events are held, and medals are distributed. These medals hold a tremendous amount of importance in the lives of people who cherish them throughout their lives. This is how the importance of playing sports is spread through generations. Sports medals hold an important position for all. This is why they are promoted.

1) Running medals for sale

Running Medals are extremely important in China. People award them to athletes who can run and race for distances. In China, many people make running medals, but getting good quality medals is the highest aim. You will get the best Running medals for sale in china from Medals China at the most reasonable prices.

2) Swimming medals for sale

Swimming is a tough sport and hence is much appreciated in China. You can get admissions to good universities through the laurels earned through Swimming. This is why Swimming is being much promoted in china, and swimming medals are being awarded. You will get the best swimming medals for sale in china from Medals China at the most reasonable prices.

3) Marathon Medals for sale

Marathons are tough, and hence all participants should have appreciation.. Due to the long-distance covered, all are welcome to participate, and hence a lot of marathon medals. You will get the best marathon medals for sale in China from Medals China at the most reasonable prices.

4) Football Medals for sale

Football is extremely popular, and China is promoting Football amongst the youth because many universities are offering Football scholarships. The entire squad, based on 20 members, is awarded medals. You will get the best football medals for sale in china from Medals China at the most reasonable prices.

5) Soccer Medals for sale

Soccer is the American version of Football and holds the same esteem and value as that of Football. Since the entire squad of 20 members will have medals, you need a good deal. You will get the best soccer medals for sale in china from Medals China at the most reasonable prices.

6) Racing Medals for sale

Racing is a coveted sport, and though not encouraged a lot because of the dangers it presents, the medals are highly valued. You will get the best racing medals for sale in china from Medals China at the most reasonable prices.

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