How to Buy Medals in Bulk?

For years, medals have been the most collectible items and cherish victories or achievements. They are extensively awarded in Sports or on excellent educational performance, and it is the highest level of honor a person can achieve. Before we discuss how to buy medals in bulk, we need to know what a medal is.

What is a Medal?

A medal is awarded to an individual or an organization on an occasion or an event for showing remarkable performance and recognition in the niche of military, sporting, science, cultural, academic, or various other categories. Military awards are considered the most prestigious awards and are awarded by the government. Meanwhile,Academic and sports medals are given to the participants to make them feel proud throughout their lives and give them a strong sense of achievement.

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The Advantages of Buying Medals in Bulk:

A business is always seeking for latest ways to become more efficient, save money and collect more profits. And the medals suppliers are not an exception. Buying medals in bulk is a great way to save money and cater to the needs of your clients on time. It comes with other advantages as well. The quality of the medals is guaranteed, and an organization can receive the right style and high-quality medals before the event. At the same time, some medals supplier provides medals, ribbons, and neckbands for free.

How To Buy Medals in Bulk?

Before you make a huge investment in buying medals in bulk, you should know why you are buying medals in bulk?

Organizations usually buy medals to present to the participants and judges. Reasons for participation could be any event, excellent performance, and how they inspire others in the industry.

Medals are given to participants to give them a sense of achievement. They give people hope that great things can be achieved if they work hard. Today, for years, but medals have also been used to encourage employees to motivate them and make them more productive. Medals are considered the most economical way of awarding people, and that’s why most organizations, including academic organizations and sports clubs, buy medals in bulk to present them to their shining stars. Students and athletes are usually recognized by the medals awarded for their performance. Organizations buy medals for purposes like this.

Determine to whom the Medal is Given

First, you shall know why your organization wants to buy medals? Organizations bulk buy medals for celebrating multiple occasions like remarkable performance, military holidays, and outstanding performance in any competitions.

Consider the event that is coming forth or if your organization wants to give regard to its employee to make them more productive. The reason behind giving awards medals can be any, and that you shall know prior bulk buy medals.

At MedalsChina, an organization can purchase medals and awards for all kinds of events. It is one of China’s best award medals manufacturers and is the biggest medals supplier in the country. Organizations and individuals can buy medals in bulk like a custom medals, personalized medals, stock metal medals, custom Lapel pins, badges, keychains,  Challenge coins, belt buckles, bottle openers, dice, and champion ring,  refrigerator stickers according to the events to make them more special.

Determine to whom the Medal is Given

Determine What Material to Use for Medals?

Choose the premium quality medals.

Medals come in different styles, sizes, and qualities. First, make sure that the medals you are buying look great with the event and logo of your company. Next, check if the materials used for manufacturing the award medals are of premium quality or not? Choosing the premium quality medals for the participants makes them happy, and they would proudly showcase them for a longer time. So it is important to invest in medals made of high quality and come in attractive designs.

MedalsChina manufactures medals with premium quality and attractive designs. The Chinese award medal supplier crafts the medals with gold, silver, bronze, and other variant materials. We craft the designs with full uniqueness to make every receiver feel proud and happy on their faces.

It is advisable to buy medals in bulk.

For wholesalers, they have to check out if they have many options available or not. If you are a medal supplier or whole medal seller and currently supplying medals in only one particular niche, but the planning of expanding the sectors in the future, it is advisable to buy medals in bulk. Make sure to buy premium quality medals in bulk.

It calls you to choose the medal manufacturer company capable of offering you bulk buy medals from multiple sectors, and MedalsChina is a great option. You can choose from race medals bulk to customized awards and academic medals without any complex selecting and buying processes.

Many options of materials are available at MedalsChina.

MedalsChina shows maximum flexibility while choosing the materials for medals. If an organization decides to buy medals from MedalsChina, it gives freedom to design for medals engraving with high precision that the medals can rightly fit the occasion. The staff is highly skilled and uses the latest machinery to keep away all the complications of designing and manufacturing medals.

If an organization wants to buy versatile and heavy-weight medals, they opt for Europa. Europa medals are non-enameled and quite famous these days. They are categorized in multiple finishes like gold, silver, and bronze. Each of them makes the event more special.

Silicone medals are another option that is best for clients looking for something that is super-cost efficient. These medals are flexible and can hold 2D and 3D designs easily.

Color sprayed medals, both enameled and non-enameled, are also in trend to evoke a sense of pride in the participants. At MedalsChina, the client can select one according to their choice and bulk buy medals.

MedalsChina promises its clients to deliver the best user-friendly metal medals for all occasions.

Determine The Size of The Medal

Before buying medals in bulk, you also have to choose the size, shape, and letters or signs that your organization wants to put on the medals for a special event. This engraving process makes the awards or medals more special and the event memorable for a lifetime.

Most of the medals manufacturers today use modern laser machines for the manufacturing of the medals, and this offers more simplicity and efficiency. Buying medals in bulk from MedalsChina almost 5k medals bulk lets you choose the right size and shape of the medal that fits the organizational needs. The award medals manufacturer company offers cost-efficient and risk-free investment.

Determine the Ribbons of Medals:

Ribbons, an important part of the medals.

Before you make a huge investment in bulk buy medals, remember that ribbons are an important part of the medals. A medal is not complete without a ribbon. No matter how stylish and high-quality a medal is, if the ribbon attached to it does not go along with it, the whole purpose of leaving an impact on the audience and making the receiver happier is useless. Ribbons are attached to medals to make them look more good and unique so that everyone loves them.

Type and material of the ribbon.

There are ribbons that do not come with any print or design.They are plain and simple single-colored. These colored ribbons are readily available at the time of purchase. You can buy these ribbons with the bulk buy medals and attach them to the medals later according to the design of the medal or the purpose of the event. Some medal ribbons come in different colors and designs.

The materials of the medal ribbons depend on the preference and budget of the client. Clients usually prefer buying 25mm/38mm full color printed ribbons in both plain and vibrant colors for the medals, and they bring joy to the hearts of the receivers. Those clients or organizations that prefer to buy full-colored ribbons want to increase the visibility of their brand or businesses.

Clients can also add slogans, texts, or the company’s logo to the ribbons to make the awards more overwhelming. These ribbons also display branded imagery in detail.

If your organization wants to buy medals in bulk and add some flair to them with fancy ribbons, MedalsChina has the best offer.

Before buying medals in bulk, you can also opt for printed woven satin ribbons. You can put your company’s name, slogan, logo, or even a special motto on these ribbons to make the event more joyous. The standard woven ribbons for medals look more stylish and let you make the event a lifetime event. Provide all the details to MedalsChina, to get them printed on the ribbons and make your medal reach the participants more uniquely.

How to choose ribbons for custom sports medals

Select A Reliable Medal Supplier:

Selecting the right medals supplier is important. Of course, you don’t want to award your participants or judges of the vent with a poor-quality medal. You want something presentable for them that they can cherish for a lifetime. Medals are presented for excellence, and they are for a lifetime.

There are a plethora of medals or awards and trophy manufacturers in the market. Organizations might opt for trophies instead of medals or awards,  and the selection depends on the clients’ preferences. These medals and trophies are of different sizes, shapes, and even manufacturing materials. The availability of more options and more suppliers in the market means you need detailed research when selecting the right medal supplier. Remember, the medal or trophy you present to your audience reflects your brand image, and a high-quality medal shall be presented to them. The medal you give communicates the actual meaning of your brand or organization.

Consider the following tips when selecting the right metal supplier for your organization.

Tip 1:

First, make sure that you check out the company’s certificate page. Every good supplier of medals has these pages, which show their market value in the industry. If a medals supplier has these pages, the business has a strong reputation in the market, and it provides high-quality medals to the clients on time.

Tip 2:

Next, check out the variety of medals the medal supplier is providing. Select a medal supplier that provides a huge variety of medals, awards, or trophies. Check out the official website of the business. It is a good feature if it is loaded with many options for the customers. This means that the medals supplier can meet your organizational demands, and your organization can also order customized medals in bulk. If an organization seeks a medal manufacturer, the most important is to have a strong reputation in the market. Otherwise, they might experience difficulty later.

A medal supplier providing a great variety of options is recommended because an organization might require various designs and materials for different events n purposes. Search and choose a company that offers a great range of styles and shapes of metal medals bulk and race medals bulk.

Tip 3:

The medal supplier shall have a user-friendly website. Today, a user-friendly website is the one you can open from your smartphone too, and there shall be zero errors on the websites. Read out the content available on the website to know more about the medal supplier and know what they are offering. This content can help the clients read about the details of their manufacture’s medals.

Tip 4:

Select a medal supplier that provides excellent customer service. This feature of the medals supplier is highly important. Because if by any chance you receive poor-quality and worthless medals, you can exchange or refund them immediately. A medals supplier that provides feasibility to its clients is highly recommended.

Tip 5:

shall provide high-quality medals to its clients. The medals supplier an organization chooses shall guarantee the quality of the medals or awards. There are many medal manufacturers in the market that provide high-quality medals and ensure that the medals they sell are upgraded.

Tip 6:

If an organization wants to invest in metal medals bulk for a special event and is planning to engrave the company’s logo or a special message, choose the medals supplier with skilled engravers. Engraving the medals or trophies is a skilled-based task, and it needs special attention throughout the process. The competency of the engraver defines the quality of the engraving and thus the overall medal. Engraving on medals is in trend these days because it encourages the participants and judges and makes the event more memorable. Suppose you consult and select the medal supplier with the best engraving qualities. In that case, you can get ideas and guidance throughout to make the medals more enchanting for the upcoming events.

Tip 7:

Select a medals supplier capable enough to provide on-time delivery of the medals even if you buy medals in bulk. Choose a medals supplier that takes responsibility for the complete manufacturing and engraving process and deliver the metal medals bulk or race medals bulk before time. If any revision is required, it could be done on time.

Tip 8:

Budget is important that most organizations consider while buying medals in bulk. Choose a medals supplier that offers medals at a reasonable price, but the quality of the medals is not compromised in any case.

MedalsChina offers ideal pricing when buying medals in bulk. The company also facilitates its clients to incorporate their designs and logo on the medals and make the event more memorable. MedalsChina charges unbeatable prices for high-quality medals along with free standard neckbands and free setup.

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Determine the Price and Delivery Time of Medals:

When you select a medals supplier, communicate why you need medals and give the overall idea of the event or purpose for giving out medals. The medals manufacturer would brief you accordingly. However, if you have already designed the style of medals, you can share them with them and ask for customized medals and metal medals bulk or race medals bulk. Negotiate price accordingly and provide them the delivery time of medals. Clients usually give delivery time one week before the event.

MedalsChina offers ideal pricing for buying medals in bulk and makes sure that the order is delivered on time.


Medals are awarded to participants and judges to make the event a lifetime event and let them cherish that moment for their whole life. Hence a medal is a sense of pride. Make sure to invest in medals manufactured with premium quality with a motto or a company’s logo engraved on it.

Though there are many medals suppliers in the market but prefer choosing the one with a strong repute in the market, the reputation of the medals supplier is concluded from the company’s certificate pages. Choose a medals supplier that offers a wide variety of medals or trophies and offers ideal pricing on buying medals in bulk.

MedalsChina is one of the top awarded medals manufacturers and charges reasonable prices for buying medals in bulk. Meanwhile, it also facilitates clients interested in ordering customized medals for a special event.

Visit the company’s official website,”,” to place your order today and receive the medals on time to make the event a memorable one. The company has been managing medal supplies for years. Customer satisfaction is the one topmost priority at MedalsChina. You can get your bulk order here easily within the time frame of your choosing. Go get your medals now. Stay Safe!

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