Top 11 Largest Award Medal Suppliers in the World


For years, medals have been the most collectible items and cherish victories or achievements. Medals are extensively awarded in Sports, military, or on excellent educational performance. And it is the highest level of honor a person can achieve. There are 11 top largest award medal suppliers in the world. Before we discuss it, we need to know what a medals is.

What is a medal?

A medal is awarded to an individual or an organization on an occasion or an event for showing remarkable performance and recognition in the niche of military, sporting, science, cultural, academic, or various other categories.Military awards are considered to be the most prestigious awards. The government of the country awards them. Military medals are presented for the actions during war or the civilian’s defense.

Why do medals make the recipients happy?

Medals do not make you rich, but they give you eternal happiness. It makes your event more special for you- an event that can be cherished for your whole life. A study also concludes that medals bring prestige and respect to the owner because they are awarded for extraordinary efforts in a specific field. People know the recipients for their excellence.

Top 11 Largest Award Medal Suppliers:

There are many award medal suppliers across the globe to provide custom race medals, custom sports medals, personalized medals, and custom award medals. If you intended to buy medals in bulk, the top 11 award medals manufacturers are:

1. Just Award Medals:

On top of the list, one of the best award medal suppliers is the Just Award Medals, operating for 19 years in the industry. Everwood Industries, Inc owns this wholesale medal supplier. It is considered as one of the finest companies in this business.What makes the Just Award Medals unique from others in the market? The business is an all-time full-service manufacturer and reseller of recognized personalized medals and custom sports medals. The Just Award Medals services include in-house logo and art reproduction abilities, CNC routing, plastics fabrication, full color “direct to substrate,” full-color printing, laser engraving, and sublimation.

  • High-quality medals: Besides, what makes it unique from others in the market is that it provides high-quality medals and keeps direct contact with its customers to keep them more updated and satisfied with the business medals and related services.
  • Courteous staff: The courteous customer services staff of the award medals manufacturer are available 24/7 throughout the year to respond to your queries and help you place your medals orders for your special event to make it more special.

2. MedalsChina:

MedalsChina is another amazing award medal suppliers. It is one of the best Chinese trophies and award medal suppliers, established in 2013. It has a 3600 square meters workshop, where different styles of trophies and awards are manufactured. And it’s the biggest medals supplier not only in the country but across the globe.

The main items of the MedalsChina are:

Custom key chains, custom bottles, custom medals, personalized medals, lapel pins, custom badges, custom challenge coins, custom dice, custom belt buckles, custom refrigerator stickers, custom champion ring, and many other customized items are on the list.

What makes MedalsChina unique?

Excellent services: To provide excellent services and trophies or medals to its customers, the medal supplier has a complete range of production processes, including drawing, Maudling, engraving, mold polishing, die casting, product polishing, and elector-sparkling.

  • Well-designed Quality Control Department:MedalsChina also has a quality control department to ensure that each production process is thoroughly checked and each medal or trophy is checked before being delivered to the customers. The process to be checked includes plating quality checking, enameling quality checking, ribbon and packaging quality checking.
  • Implementation of ISO 9002:2015 quality management system:The business makes sure to work according to the ISO 9002:2015 quality management system. It received the quality certification in 2015. This makes sure that every item delivered to the client is made with high-quality products and right on time when needed in the market.
  • Competitive prices: The MedalsChina prices are competitive while maintaining the highest quality and the right on-time delivery.
  • Success Story: The wholesale medals supplier can make good relationships with almost 60 organizations in North America, Japan Europe. The business plans to expand further and make clients all across the globe while keeping the high-quality in focus with the right time delivery.

Besides the above facts, MedalsChina can generate a revenue of 5 million on the sale of 10 million products.

If you are interested in buying medals, ribbons, or trophies from MedalsChina, you are welcome to the official website,,  to place your order. China’s largest medal supplier is always keen to make long-lasting relationships with its clients all across the globe.

medals supplier

3. Crown Awards:

Crown Awards is another most wanted and top medals manufacturer. It is the leader and has worked in a specific industry for 40 years. It deals in medals, trophies, awards, crystals, plaques, corporate awards, pinks, and ribbons. Right according to the needs of an organization, the Crown Awards makes the events more memorable with its excellent medals. Crown Awards is also famous for manufacturing personalized medals. Besides it also provides excellent services. This medal supplier sells trophies and medals for less than Dollar 5. However, high-notch quality is the priority of the business.


  • Sports medals and sports trophies: If a corporate or an educational institute is looking for a sports medal or awards, the Crown Awards is the perfect choice to buy the high-quality right to the occasion medals. Crown offers many trophies, medals, and more across hundreds of different sports and activities. From swimming to skiing, from martial arts to table tennis, the company offers all kinds of custom sports medals and trophies.
  • Corporate Plaques and Awards: Crown Awards also holds several corporate awards for branding, employee recognition, and business partner awards, including crystal, acrylic, plaques, and more.
  • Personalized Trophies and Awards: The department of innovation at Crown Awards works continuously to bring innovation and uniqueness to their work. The business provides its clients with the perfect reward for their organization. Create medals, badges, and more with your logo. It is that simply working with Crown Awards.
  • Shipping On the Same Day: If an organization or an educational institute needs a medal or an award in a short period, the Crown Awards has the facility of delivering the medals as soon as possible. Crown offers SAME DAY SHIPPING on all stock in most of the locations, including medals, personalized medals trophies, crystals, acrylics, and others. The condition is that the order shall be placed before 5 in the evening.

The above characteristics make the Crown Awards one of the top award medal manufacturers.

crown awards

4. Bespoke Medals:

Next on the list is another excellent award medal manufacturer. This award medal manufacturer believes in making each event more memorable for your participants and judges. The Bespoke medals let the organizations and educational institute celebrate their hard work and achievement from little to big.

Bespoke is famous for designing and manufacturing high-quality medals and pin badges for your popular events. It believes in making every moment special.

What makes BeSpoke Medals unique from others?

  • Personalized medals or custom medals: Bespoke Medals provides high-quality personalized medals and trophies for all kinds of events. For any event, let’s say a sports event, a business, or even a person can customize their trophy, medal, or even the pin badge. The client provides the Design along with their logo, and it would be ready for the day of celebration.
  • On-time delivery: Bespoke makes sure to deliver the needed order right on time. The business knows the importance of on-time delivery.
  • Affordable price range: The prices of the Bespoke medals are affordable to make any event a lifetime event. The organization can choose a medal from a wide range of medals according to its occasion and preferences.

The business website has a wide variety of medals and pins badges to select from. If an organization wants to buy medals in bulk, Bespoke is the right place for them, as the business provides a high discount rate on bulk purchases.


5. Trophy Depot:  

This one on the list provides its custom sports medals, custom race, personalized, and custom award medals in the industry over the last 30 years. The medals supplier made it possible to reach the biggest organizations across the globe and provide high-class medals.

What makes Trophy Depot unique from others in the market?

  • Excellent sports trophies and medals: It manufactures excellent sport team trophies and corporate awards for some of the world’s largest and well-known companies.
  • Unique crystal awards: Its crystal awards, including crystal circle awards and star crystal awards, are the most selling medals of the business.
  • Big giants are the clients: Google, Wal-Mart, Hilton, and Kellogg’s are loyal clients to the business.
Trophy Depot

6. AT Designs:

AT Designs is a 46 years old medals supplier on the planet. It is famous for its excellence and on-time services. The USA and Canada-based wholesale medals supplier enables the customers to opt for easy ordering facilities, fast service, and quick delivery.


  • Affordable personalized medals:It also gives the option of affordable personalized medals. From large marathon events to small club projects, the AT Designs award medals manufacturer is one of the top choices for most organizations.
  • On-time delivery for your event:The AT Designs provides on-time delivery. It ensures that your medal is delivered to you at the right time and day. The purpose behind this is to make every event special than ever.
  • Multiple payment options:The wholesale medals supplier and organizations can make payments via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express. The client’s information is kept confidential and not sold to other businesses.
AT designs medals

7. AAA Award:

It is one of the leading award medal suppliers. This is an American-based company with an award or medal for every event to make it more memorable. The business offers custom award medals and award ribbons at wholesale prices to organizations across the globe. It designs, manufactures, and provides services in custom sports medals such as basketball medals, hockey medals, custom race medals, football medals, swim medals, track medals, wrestling medals, and soccer medals to custom award ribbons and academic awards too. The best part about it is that it provides thousands of personalized medals and custom awards at the most competitive prices in the industry.

The reasons behind it as the top award medals manufacturer are:

  • High-quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Services and
  • The most competitive prices in the market.

Contact AAA Awards today to easily process personalized medals for any event and make every winner, participant, judge, instructor, or donor feel more valued than ever.

aaaward medals

8. Wilson Trophy:

If an organization or a business wants to buy medals in bulk, the Wilson Trophy is another great option on the list, especially in the niche of sports and race events.


  • High-quality personalized medals: This ward medals manufacturer is famous for producing high-quality personalized medals, plaques, cups, glass plus acrylics, and custom sports awards for any kind of sports, especially for soccer, baseball, football, and others.
  • Free delivery above $ 150: The organizations or wholesale medals suppliers can enjoy the benefit of free delivery of over $150. However, the company Wilson Trophy is not responsible for the customs duties and taxes of the destination country. According to the destination country’s customs department, the client has to pay them.
  • Unique designs right according to customers’ demands: The trophies and medals of the Wilson Trophy are so unique and appealing that it doubles the occasion of a victory.
  • Toll-Free No: The toll-free number for the Wilson Trophy is 800.635.5005- for more rushed orders. Make your every sports event more memorable for the winners, participants, and respectable judges with the awards and medals of the Wilson Trophy.

9. Mission Awards:

Mission Awards is another big name in medals and corporate awards. It is one of the awards medal manufacturers. It manufactures medals in the sports category, especially for golf, gymnastic, soccer, and others.


  • High-quality materials: At Mission Awards, the business makes personalized medals for the clients to make their day more special. It manufactures die-struck medals, spin-cast, die-cast, PVC/ soft rubber ad Mylar custom medals. These are all made with high-quality materials. Each customer can suggest their Design for the special event.
  • 3-dimensional Design: The wholesaler medals manufacturer is known for its 3-dimensional levels, window and cut-out effects, sinners, and rotating levels.
  • Wide range of designs: It manufactures textured materials, multiple plating options, diamond, coin and printed edges, bottle openers, belt buckles, standing medals, and wine stoppers. Make your very event special with the Mission Awards.
  • Availability of staff: Mission Awards staff help you suggest and finalize your unique Design to be engraved on the personalized medal for the special event. The courteous staff of the business is available 24/ 7 to assist you and answer your queries.
mission awards

10. HoneyDewusa:

For a personalized medal or buying medals in bulk, this is another medal supplier that promises to deliver high-quality awards or custom medals at the most competitive prices. A USA-based medal manufacturer manufactures custom race medals, custom sports medals, personalized medals, custom award medals, and pin badges.

What is so unique about HoneyDewusa?

  • Reasonable prices: The business charges reasonable prices for its medals and trophies.
  • Unique designs: The Research & Development team of the business makes sure to deliver unique medals and trophies in the market. Innovation along with high quality is the core value of the business.
  • 24/7 availability of the customer services staff: The customer services department of HoneyDewusa is available 24.7 to ensure that all the valuable clients’ queries are answered.

There are multiple designs to choose from according to the requirements of your event to make it the perfect one for your lifetime.

11. Lashowroom:

Another well-known and praised award medal manufacturer is the Lashowroom, operating in the industry for 25 years with excellence.


  • High-quality with an economical price range: The medals supplier is known for providing high standard quality with the lowest possible prices in the industry. Lashowroom uses Trotec laser systems for outstanding results every time the order is manufactured for the client.
  • Delivery within 5 days: Besides unique designs and high-quality medals or trophies, the business makes sure to deliver the order within five days to make the event more memorable for the clients and participants.
  • Maximum bulk discounts: The business gives maximum discounts on volume orders means incredible savings for the clients. The Lashowroom professional and friendly staff go the extra mile for true customer satisfaction and help them get whatever they need. Moreover, the business does not rely on third parties and directly purchases the items required from the guaranteed manufacturers.


Organizations make their events unique with custom medals and trophies. Try any of the mentioned award medal suppliers to make each event special.

Check out the list as mentioned earlier for each medal and trophy manufacturer; you will be able to compare them yourself. Get your medals from a certified company like MedalsChina to experience the best you can. Be aware of the fraud companies and try to report them to legal authorities. Good Luck!

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