How to Custom Medals?

When it comes to ordering personalised medals, people tend to think that the overall process is quite complicated. But we want you to know that if you order custom medals from us then you will not have to go through any complications at all because we always make sure to offer a hassle-free custom medals ordering process. Let’s get to know in detail about the whole process of ordering custom medals so that you can effortlessly make the purchase of personalised medals from us. Without further delay, let’s get started:

How to custom medals

Draft drawing for custom medals: 

Drafting is one of the most important parts before we start crafting the custom medals for your events. Before you order the medals and before the personalised medals reach your hands, you need to know how they look. Our main goal is to satisfy you with custom medallions. If you don’t become satisfied after getting your hands on the custom award medals then the whole purpose of custom personalised medals will not be fulfilled. This is why we make sure to create a draft drawing of the medals first for your events and show it to you so that you can decide whether you like it or not. If you want anything changed then you can let us know right away.

In the custom medals draft drawing, you will be able to see the colors, patterns, fonts of the letters, and the words and get a clear picture of custom medallions in your brain about how the final products will look like. If you like the design then you can make an order for it right away. Or you can also ask us to change the colors or bring any change in the patterns. You can also tell us the fonts that you would love to see on the custom medals for your events.

After your instructions on fonts, colors, patterns, and other things we will correct and present you with another draft design for you to see. This process will keep going on until you like the design for your custom medals. When you finalize the designs, we will inform you about the price based on those requirements. Then you can simply make an order for the custom medallions. The drawing process will not necessarily have to be done on the computers. The overall draft drawing for the custom medals can be done by hand.

This process is necessary because, without the draft drawing, efficient and perfect medallions cannot be crafted to 100% satisfy you. This drafting process will work as the primary communication format about the design between manufacturers and buyers. This process helps both parties to decrease complications about the overall designing process. Below is an example of a draft drawing for you to take a look at.

drawing the custom medals

Custom medals designed by the customers: 

Customization is a great strategy for the business. It simply helps in increasing the visibility of any business and brings more benefits. This is why custom medals are the first choice for many organizations and companies that hold different kinds of events. We’ve been wishing to increase our service quality and that’s why we offer customization service when it comes to medals.

That’s why you can send us your custom medal design and we will turn your design into reality perfectly. We always make sure to put attention to detail when we do the overall work with delicacy. We offer you the full opportunity to exercise control and adapt the product to your preferences. That’s why you can send us your design and we will make sure to offer you a final product that will give you a positive user experience.

A complete design should have size and thickness mentioned in it because the price depends on both  thickness and size. The more the size and thickness the more the price. The price also depends based on the colors. The design should mention how many colors there will be. Some customers like to add stones to their personalised medals. The price will also depend on that whether you need additional stones attached to the custom medals or not. When we will know everything about the colors, sizes, thickness, and other details, we will be able to tell you the exact price of the custom medallions.

Before you design your custom medals, you need to make sure that these personalised medals will increase the recognition of your brand, add more professionalism, be unique, communicate the exact message, become high perceived value awards, and stand out from the competitors. If you design your custom medals by keeping this in your mind then you will surely boost the overall growth of your organization, increase healthy competition, attract more talents, and become a talk of the town after a big event. Without further delay, send us your design and we will take care of the rest for you. If you have a design like that mentioned below then that will make it easy for us to let you know the price right away and start working on it without any delay.

Selection of materials for custom medals: 

Zinc alloy, iron, and copper are usually the three types of raw materials that are widely used for crafting personalised medals. Each one of the materials comes with a different price and different characteristics. When it comes to zinc alloy, it is one of the most affordable and the best material for custom medals because it is more affordable than chromium which means it is less expensive than stainless steel. Zinc alloy is categorized as a heavy element. When these are used for custom medals alloyed with metals, they always make sure to provide proper corrosion resistance, impact strength, stability, and dimensional strength. As zinc alloy offers corrosion resistance, they are highly popular for making custom medals.

Zinc alloy is also famous because of its rustproof. If you also want great dimensional consistency for your high-quality custom medals then zinc alloy can be a great option for you. You will get toughness, strength, bearing, rigidity, and great performance economically if you go with zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is famous for surpassing other alloys such as magnesium, aluminum, and bronze when it comes to quality and affordability.

Zinc alloy is perfect for crafting personalised medals with high longevity. Because of all these characteristics zinc alloy is a great option for duration and strength. As a result, it saves both time and money at the same time. Zinc alloy allows designers to create longer and smaller cord holes, smaller draft angles, thinner wall sections with much longer tool life for the designers. When it comes to formability and machinability, zinc alloy is perfect. When it comes to rigidity to cost ratio and strength to cost ratio, zinc alloy is much superior when comparing with other materials.

If you want to go for custom medals at a cheap price then iron is a good option for you. However, iron is not as popular as zinc alloy when it comes to crafting personalised medals. Because long-term exposure to space will cause oxidation and rust. This is the reason why iron is not as popular as zinc alloy in the market for crafting custom medals. Due to the oxidation and rust with the lack of corrosion resistance abilities, custom medals made of iron will not last as long as the custom medallions made of zinc alloy.

However, you have to keep the price in mind too. You cannot possibly expect a lot of good things from a material that comes at a super cheap rate. Iron will eventually corrode when you will expose them to oxygen and water. However, coating the iron can be a good option for slowing down or preventing the corrosion of the iron. Iron is famous for its ease of fabrication, strength, and cost-efficiency.

If you are looking forward to getting your hands on some great quality custom medals then you need to be ready to cost a little more than the personalised medals that are made of iron and zinc alloy. To make this sort of custom medallions, the metal will be copper. Copper is more expensive compared to iron and zinc alloy because the quality is also much higher. Copper is usually characterized by a sense of weight and due to the low cost-efficiency. This material is not used much for crafting custom medals for normal events and sports events. But when it comes to military and other national or international big events, copper is used for crafting the personalised medals.

Ribbons for custom medals: 

After you choose the design of the custom medals made by the medals manufacturer or make the personalised medals design by yourself the second thing you will have to do is choose the material. When you choose the material and decide everything else about the custom medals such as the colors, patterns, sizes, thickness, and other things the whole process will not be over. Because the next thing you will need for the custom medallions is ribbons for the medals. Ribbons are part of the medals because we can not give participants medals unless they have ribbons in them.

Ribbons also play other important roles such as marketing and making the overall event unique. A great selection of ribbons for the medals will enhance the overall appearance of the medals regardless of their quality. The ribbons should have a matching color with the color combination of the custom medallions so that they can make the whole event even better and the receivers of the medals feel proud to have the medals. With the perfect set of ribbons, the custom medals is irresistible to everyone.

The available three types of ribbons are Plain single color or stripe colors ribbon, One color printing ribbon, and Sublimated ribbon. The normal width of the ribbon is 20/25/38/40mm and the length is 800/850/900mm. More creativity can be added to sublimated ribbons. You can add any type of design or writings you want on sublimated ribbons of your custom medals. Sublimated ribbons are great for making the medals look more appealing and irresistible to everyone. They are also great for marketing because they can convey proper color and add more meaning to the personalised medals.

You can add your logo in the ribbons if you go with sublimated ribbon option. Adding a logo and other designs related to your company or organization on the ribbons will simply add more visibility and catch the eyes of the people present in the event. If you go with printing ribbons for your custom medals then you can effortlessly add the slogan of your business and the words of your choice on the ribbon. The words can be motivational or the words can be printed on the ribbons of the custom medals for sending the right messages to the right people present in the event. So these sorts of ribbons are also great for building proper communication with the participants and audience.

You can also choose plain single or stripe colors ribbon if you prefer simple and neat types for the medallions. The choice completely depends on your preference and some aspects of the event and the colors of the medals. Sometimes simplicity is the best in certain situations. No matter what type of ribbons, we have the best quality at the most affordable prices for your personalised medals.

Colors for custom medals: 

There are some general electroplating colors of the custom medals given below. You can choose the electroplating colors of your choice based on your requirements and preference from the electroplating table.

Shiny plating and Antique Spray color have two different prices, and shiny plating is the same as shiny plating and Spray color. The shiny plating price will be more expensive than antique plating and Spray color. As the overall processes for coloring are a little different, you can look forward to the different costs.

The gold color custom medals symbolize passion, illumination, and courage. The gold color is the color of wealth and extravagance. Silver medals symbolize sleek, high-tech, and modern while giving off the same rich vibe as gold. The metal copper is valuable. As a result, the copper color personalised medals are also represented wealth. The black color custom medals symbolize elegance, power, and sophistication. The blue medals convey the message of wisdom, confidence, stability, and faith. And the white color custom medals convey the signs of purity and innocence. Now you can choose the perfect color for your custom medals.

pins on hat

The shipping process of the custom medals:

When you can confirm all the information given above, we will be able to let you know exact the price. Then you will need to consider the transportation cost. If the number of your orders is small and the activity time is urgent, we usually choose to Ship by Airplane, which take about 3-5 days from China to overseas. Most customers prefer this way because it’s fast and simple.

Shipping the products by Boat is a transportation process suitable for a large number of goods. It will take much more transportation time compared to air freight transportation. Shipping on the boat will take about 60 days. Even though this transportation process takes much longer time, it is cheaper. Guests can choose to pick up the goods at the local port or have them delivered to their door. Shipping the goods by Train also requires a large number of orders from us. The transportation time is about 45-50 days from China to overseas. In this way, the customer does not need to pick up the goods at the port or airport, and the delivery man directly delivers the goods to the designated place provided by the customers.

Now that you know all the processes in detail, it should not seem complicated to you anymore. When you will go through each one of these processes, you will be guided by our customer management employees. We are dedicated to offering the best quality custom medals at the most affordable prices without any hassle at all. It’s time for you to choose the colors, sizes, thickness, metals, and ribbons to customize the best personalised medals for your event. Contact us today to get the best deals on the best custom medals.

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