How to select a custom coin maker for your business?

Selecting the most suitable custom coin maker for your business is crucial because many things depend on your decision. A good custom coin maker will ideally make custom coins for your business.Besides, they will ensure you the on-time delivery. You will get the best value for your money and the highest quality custom coins for your business simultaneously. So, without further ado, let’s get to know some key facts on how to select a custom coin maker:

If you want to find a good coin maker, you should keep the following points in your mind

1. Competitive price: 

With the rise of the Internet and the rapid development and widespread use of the Internet, communications between people from different places are becoming more and more convenient than we could only imagine back in the day. Nowadays, the internet plays a significant role in every sphere of our life, including work and national economic development.

In the past, the internet was not available to everyone because the wonders of technological gadgets were not cost-efficient. Nowadays,with smartphones and computer devices,people can get access to the internet from anywhere in the world. The internet connection has become faster than ever, so people can browse the internet effortlessly without any hassle.

This gave birth to excellent communication among people through social media and greatly improved our communication efficiency with customers in all sorts of businesses. With the use of high-speed internet connections, customers can find more suppliers instantly with the touch of a hand and this is also creating competition among the suppliers much stronger than ever before.

Not only do coin makers need better prices to get more orders from customers, but the customers also need competitive prices to get orders from the event providers. Event organizers need coins to hold an event and they do not stick to one supplier due to this rise in internet and easy communication system with lots of suppliers. This is why they can send inquiries to several suppliers simultaneously to obtain more competitive prices. The internet can greatly save the cost of their activities and get the most out of the purchasing.

2. High-quality of challenge coin

custom military challenge coins

Challenge Coin is a commemorative gift and a souvenir collection for some historical figures, military activities, sports competitions, and essential activities. This is why Challenge Coin has a special significance. They are precious to the people who receive them. And to ensure this value of a challenge coin to the receivers, the coins must be of high quality. Without the highest quality, the provider cannot ensure a sense of value to those who will receive the coins.


This is why it’s pivotal for the buyers to keep this in mind when it comes to coin purchasing. If you are selecting a custom coin manufacturer, then make sure that the manufacturer is professional at manufacturing the highest quality challenge coins. The receiver put each coin in the most prominent place  as it is a thing of glory to them.


A challenge coin reminds them of the glorious days they had in the past. It is a thing to cherish. Therefore, quality is a thing that should not be compromised at any cost when it comes to challenging coins. The normal size of the challenge coin is 25.4/38.1/44.45/50.8mm. A small commemorative coin contains a lot of content. If little flaw exists in the manufacturing process, no one is willing to accept this critical product as quality is a crucial part of all types of custom coins for all types of events.

As a qualified coin factory, every workshop should have QC to control the quality. QC must check every production process flow of Challenge coin before transferring it to the following department.

This is the only way a manufacturer can ensure the quality of the custom challenge coin. Even if we live in a world where most factories use advanced machines with the latest technology, the accuracy of the product quality is not always ensured because the products are made of metal. However, we can guarantee high quality 100% only by having QC control in each production process. This is why you need to see if the manufacturer has QC control or not.

The QC department has to be very cautious on the checking of quality before packaging.The QC supervisor needs to verify the quality repeatedly to ensure each custom coins of top-notch quality. Before packaging, the department supervisor needs to verify the quality repeatedly to ensure each custom coins of top-notch quality.


The production manager must verify the quality before arranging and signing the shipment. If you think that the bespoke coin maker will ensure all these processes before they deliver the products to your doorstep, then you can select that custom coin maker for your business. A custom coin maker always takes full responsibility for ensuring the 100% high quality of the product.

3. Delivery date of Challenge coin: 

make challenge coins

Each challenge coin has an event date, which is why each order for a challenge coin comes with a specific delivery time. No matter how good the quality is, it will be useless if you can not have on time delivery. If they can’t get the challenge coin before the event, it will be fatal to the event organizer.

This is why the delivery date is the most important for both the customers and manufacturers. An excellent coin maker always has a strong awareness of the delivery date, and all coin makers should have this awareness so that they can thrive as manufacturers and the clients can get the full benefits of the challenge coins.

No matter how skilled the manufacturers are in crafting the custom coin, they cannot be trusted if they are not punctual. This is why select a custom coin maker for your business that is quite disciplined in terms of delivery time. On-time delivery is crucial. The coins will lost value if they are not delivered as scheduled,even if the quality is of top-notch.

When discussing orders with your coin maker,you must thoroughly determine the production and transportation time. When you tell them about your requirements, they will evaluate and let you know the production time. Then you can determine whether or not their delivery time can catch up with the event date.And later the decision of placing an order or not.

The normal production time is: 100-500pcs usually takes 12-15 days, 501-2000pcs will usually take15-17 days, and 2001-2000pcs will generally take 18-20 days. If the delivery is urgent,you can negotiate with us to use the VIP channel to prioritize your order. Usually, there are urgent delivery systems available in all custom coin makers. The question is how fast they can deliver the products to you and how fast you need the products. Evaluating all these aspects, you can choose the right custom coin maker based on your requirements.

5. How to distinguish excellent Coin makers:

design your own challenge coin

First, you should ensure that you search correctly and then find the source manufacturers rather than traders. The source manufacturers have their production workshops, and they follow all the processes of manufacturing perfectly.

From raw materials to shipments, they are all under their control. This will not only helps customers to reduce costs and save profits but also guarantee the production time. If you go with a trader, the delivery time might not go as expected since they do not have any control over the manufacturing processes. In peak seasons,coin makers always put orders from direct clients ahead of those from traders’.

And sometimes, the customers directly order from the coin makers for urgent delivery, and the coin makers have to focus on those orders and finish them quickly. If you make orders to any coin maker for urgent delivery, they can increase their work processes’ efficiency and deliver the products on time. But you cannot expect the same from the traders since they do not have the production processes and time on their own hands. This is why they cannot give you a 100% guarantee on your urgent needs for the challenge coins.

The whole scenario is different for the traders compared to the custom coin makers. The traders do not have factories for manufacturing the custom coins. Upon the receipt of order, they send it to the factory of the custom coin makers for inquiry. An additional 10-20% of the factory’s price will be added to the quotation to earn profits. After all, this is the only source of profit for them.

This will cause the customer to increase expenses, which will be a significant cost in the long run. This is why you should choose a manufacturer rather than a trader. By doing so,it will allow you to get the factory price without any extra costs. If you want to find the difference between a trader and a manufacturer, then you will have to go through their websites.

On trader’s website,you will not find any pictures of their factory and different processes of coin making.Some traders will try to make their website to be more like a manufacturer’s. They download pictures from the internet and add them onto their website.But if you look closely,these are very easy to tell. If you find real photos of custom coin-making processes, you can be sure that they are a genuine manufacturer, and then you can start inspecting other aspects of their website to ensure the challenge of coin quality.

Understanding coin maker’s MOQ:

Many factories do not accept orders in small quantities. For example, if the amount of the order is less than 100pcs, they will not buy it. Because the orders with1000pcs or 20pcs take the same assembly line, and they spent similar time, maybe several days difference. Big or small, the efforts we put in each order is almost the same. The smaller the quantity is, the less profit we have.This is why each factory has its way of taking orders based on quantity.

From the customer’s point of view, it is impossible to have many people participate in every game. If a customer needs 20pcs of coins or medals but is unable to make an order because the manufacturer does not take orders that small, then it will be an excellent problem for the customer.

A customer cannot order a quantity of product he does not need. But small activities also require medals. This is why the customer must find a coin maker that not only can accept small orders with MOQ 20pcs but also can accept large orders, which are conducive to customers opening up more markets and participating in more activities. Some customers purchase medals or challenge coins for wholesale.

They usually make large orders and do not face any problems with the minimum order quantity system. However, you should remember that a good custom coin maker that you can choose for your business takes both small and large orders.

Browsing the coin maker’s website and you will know their experience in this industry. To ensure that coin makers have sufficient experience and technology, it is generally required to have more than 5 years of production time. Time can not only improve the technology of a coin maker but also significantly improve its quality.

For a coin maker to be around for a long time conducting their business with a good reputation, there have to be seasoned workers whose skills have been honed through the years. If a challenge coin maker has been growing for many years,it means they are reliable. If they were unreliable, they would not have been around for such a long time. This proves that they are trustworthy because they are highly skilled and experienced.

check well-known companies worldwide and see where they get custom coins and other products from. Many large companies will recognize an excellent coin maker supplier. If coin makers cooperate with some well-known companies, then it indicates that their price, quality, and service are high quality. Price,quality and service are key factors that well-known companies and organizations always take into consideration. This is why your coin maker is working with many other famous companies at the same time. And it means that you can also work with them with confidence without worrying about the quality and price. You can also check the review section of their website to find out the previous experience of other buyers. If you see that the responses are positive, you can also be optimistic about selecting that custom coin maker.

About us:

Our factory was established in 2013 with a 3600 square meters workshop. More than 80 highly skilled professionals are working relentlessly regularly to turn the imagination of our clients into a reality. Our main products are custom medals, stock medals, custom Lapel pins, custom badges, custom keychains, custom Challenge coins,

Custom belt buckles, bottle openers, dice, champion ring, custom refrigerator stickers, etc. And we handle both the production and sales processes. This is why you can look forward to the best products at the best prices. We are certified by ISO 9002:2015 and SEDEX because of strictly implementing the ISO 9002:2015 quality management system. Our products meet the quality inspection standards of EN71 and CE.We are working with more than 60 companies in North America, Europe, Japan, and other countries and regions.

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