How to Customize Challenge Coins?

What is challenge coin?

How to Customize Challenge Coins? Before that, we need to know what Challenge coin is. Challenge coin is mainly used to commemorate some important events or events of the souvenir gifts. We can put the logo and text on the coin’s front or back, and design a unique commemorative coin. Commemorative coins are mainly made of zinc alloy, brass and iron, so even though a commemorative looks small, but as it is made of metal, you can feel the weight.

What is challenge coin used for?

We can use the custom challenge coin in many cases. For example:

1.In education, with every important event from kindergarten to university, or students are going to graduate, we can put what we want to say to students or the school logo on the custom challenge coin, it’s a unique gift.

2. In the field of sports, at the end of each competition, we can dispense challenge coins to the participants to commemorate the success of this event.

3. In the military, the military completed a special military mission, can use challenge coins to commemorate this special event, or soldiers in the training process, can give challenge coins to encourage and praise.

4. Some national dignitaries use challenge coins to mark their contributions to the country, and stars use challenge coins to mark their outstanding performances.

Who will customize challenge coins?

  1. Challengecoins are used in education from kindergarten to college.
  2. Training institutions, musical instruments/art/foreign languages/sports, every event or game will use challenge
  3. Sports companies often hold some sports events, challenge coin will always be used for each successful event
  4. In the army, challengecoins are used when military missions are completed or when soldiers are about to leave the army.
  5. When company develops a new product, as well as the anniversary uses challenge coins.

How to customize challenge coins?

  1. Provide a design for the custom challenge coin.If you don’t have a design, provide a draft, and then tell us the size of the coin, the quantity, the materials used to make it, and finally the color of the plating.With these information, we can then provide the price of challenge coins and shipping costs.
  2. If the customer confirms the price, then we will make challenge coin production artwork which will includes the size of the custom challenge coin, requirements on the process. Furthermore,if it need to be enamelled, the artwork will also shows pantone color numbers.
  3. Once the production artwork of the custom challenge coin is confirmed, the client should provide the receiving information, such as the company name (if there is no company name, it does not matter) , the receiving address, the recipient, and the telephone number. Then we will issue invoice to the customer to confirm the order information.After we receive your confirmation and payment,production will be arranged.
  4. Some customers worry that will the coin look good? We understand your concerns. If time is ok, we can make preproduction samples, sample time is 6-7 days. Also,we can take photos to confirm the effect before going into full production. Additionally,if you want us to send the real sample, there will be a transportation cost for the sample.
  5. After confirming that the sample is OK, we will arrange the mass production of the coin.Later,we will send it to the designated address of the client by International Express (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT) when the coins are ready

The process of custom challenge coins


  1. Artworking making.

With the popularization of computer technology, computer drawing replaced the previous manual drawing.

  1. Mold making.

The designed drawings are imported into the carving software for 3D modeling or editing. After that, we carve on the mold by machine. The thickness of the carving knife should vary with the thickness of the lines in the drawing. Comparing with the artwork of the coins, we can then check if the mold is correct and if the lines of the design are continuous on the mold.

  1. Slotting

Digging on the mold of  coin in order to let the raw material flowed into the mold of the coins. The quantities and size of the rabbet depend on the shape of medal. As a result of this process, it improves the products smoothness and very good help for controlling the reject ratio.

  1. Mold polishing

In the process of engraving the mold of coin, there will be some traces of the carving knife leaving on the surface of the mold and needless sandblasted as well. We will use 220#, 350#, 450# and 600# oilstone to polish the mold step by step first, and then polish the smaller corners and letters with fiber. The edge will be polished as well.

  1. Die cast

Because too large products with small machines will lead to the product line and pattern not full enough, the die machine should be suitable to the products.. Put the mold on the machine and adjust the position of the front mold and the back mold to reach the consistency. Adjust the pressure of the machine as well in order to make full products. We will check samples of the Custom challenge coins first before mass production. If all is ok, we will let the machine work automatically in high efficiency.


1.Products Polishing

In order to make the coin smooth, the edge and the surface of the frontside and backside of it will be polished.


Firstly clean the surface of the custom challenge coin after polishing. Secondly, plate the background in copper color. Then we can plate any colors requested by order. Such as shiny gold/ silver/ copper, antique gold/ silver/ copper, matt gold/ silver/ copper, limitation gold, spray black// blue/ white and so on. Finally, cover the products with oil and baking for 2 hours in the oven in order to protect the electroplated coatings from oxidation.

3.Quality control for plating

Take off the bad products of the Custom challenge coins which have bubble, watermark on the surface. And take off the one that is off color as well.

4.Color filling

Firstly,we fill the enamel color according to Pantone Solid Coated.Then we will select a suitable cylinder to fill colors according to the input area size. In the meantime, we need to be very careful to avoid spill or color changing. After that, we clean the surface of the Custom challenge coins since there will be a few colors spill onto the surface unneeded.

5.Quality control after filled colors

This is our QC line, after enanelling and before packaging, our QC workers need to check the quality of the Custom challenge coins one by one, to make sure no texts or parts missing, colors are correct or no colors flow out.


After QC processing, all workers need to wear gloves so as to protect the goods from finger mark. Our poly bags are in good quality and ,at the same time,carton boxes are overseas transportation standard.

custom coins

 What are the materials used to make the challenge coins? 

The common materials used for challenge coins are brass, zinc alloy and iron. Brass looks better quality and have a good sense of weight, but the price will be much more expensive. While Zinc alloy are used more, the commemorative coins made of this metal material are durable and will not rust. The price is also very reasonable, which is the choice of many guests. The price of iron material is the cheapest, but the quality is also relatively worse. It will rust soon, so very few clients choose to make commemorative coins of iron. What are the prices of challenge coins and custom challenge coins?

What are the prices of challenge coins and custom challenge coins?

Challenge coins are customized. Clients send us their designs or logos and tell us the size, plating color, workmanship and quantity of the coins. Then we can provide the exact price.

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