The Effects Of COVID-19 On The Production And Supply Of Medals In China


Covid-19 is the worst pandemic to ever hit the earth. It changed the lifestyle of the entire world. It affected all businesses, big and small, and there was a time when all industries came to a standstill. Things have started reviving now but businesses are still trying to recover the losses that they inculcated and that is not an easy journey. Though the war has been conquered, the disruptions, in the form of variants keep disturbing the smooth flow of operations. To understand the effect of COVID-19 on the supply of medals in China, we need to look at a wider picture.

COVID Situation In China

The first few cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed in the Wuhan district of China. With sparse knowledge of the virus and no medicine, it caused huge difficulties in being contained within the region and it started spreading uncontrollably. China implemented the Zero Covid policy, meaning, zero tolerance toward the disease. The effected were sent to isolated units till they tested negative. Entire areas and cities were sealed off. This helped a great deal in winning over the situation.

With time and experience, China conquered the situation, consequently bringing down the death toll and the infection rate. Currently, China is the lead supplier of the vaccine formulated to cause immunity against the virus.

The government ensured that all citizens are fully vaccinated. As of today, 88.8% of the population is fully vaccinated, bringing China to the top of the list. Only vaccinated individuals are allowed entry into the country to ensure that the spread of the disease is minimized. Considering that China is one of the most densely populated and one of the biggest countries in the world, this is no small task. However, through sheer diligence, the government of China has finally succeeded in not just containing the virus but also finding ways to treat its different variants.

Effect Of Covid-19 On The Production Units

The rise of this deadly virus negatively affected the production of various items including the medals as the price of the raw material increased manyfold. The rise in the prices of the raw material proved to adversely affect the prices as well as the production of the medals.

The core raw material used for the production of medals, that is metal, witnessed a sharp rise in prices due to a limited supply. Many cities witnessed a complete lockdown in china which restricted the supply of raw materials. Also, the workforce became sparse, resulting in lesser and fewer production per unit.

Like most novel disasters, the supply chains have been completely disrupted due to the corona virus. At different times, different parts of china faced a total lockdown sometimes affecting the supply chain and sometimes the workforce.

Because of the increasing rates of raw material, many small businesses were out of business and many kept on striving hard for survival. The bigger establishments have a wider cushion for their falls and one such factory is the Metal Awards Factory.Despite the effect of COVID-19 on the supply of medals in China, Metal Awards Factory strived and kept it’s promise.

Production of Medals Throughout China:

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Medal production was not deemed important enough to be facilitated in any special way. This is why factories responsible for the production of medals suffered during the pandemic. Not only was the production affected, but it also increased the prices because of the unavailability of raw materials. The smaller factories were unable to take the hit. With a loss of workforce, overly priced raw material, and the low inflow of orders, they could only survive by increasing the rates incredibly, which is never a good business strategy. However, bigger factories were able to abide by good tidings. With a substantial workforce and some reserved raw material, they were able to carry on with the production of medals, at considerably raised prices but with a guaranteed output. One such factory is the Metal Awards Factory, which is regarded as the leading medal manufacturer across China.

This factory is situated in the Guangdong Province, an area spared by Mother Nature. The rate of infection was much lower there and this factory was able to operate through most of the Covid period. The main factory is in the Guangdong Province, which faced lesser pressure from the epidemic, however, it has other branches in other cities of china due to which, it was easier to carry on functioning. With an established business and long-term orders with the raw material suppliers, they have been able to keep the prices of the medals from rising too high. With a reputation for fulfilled promises, the company has managed to keep its customers satisfied both within and outside China.

Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd

Getting to know Metal Awards.

Metal Awards, more commonly known as Medals China, is considered the leading manufacturer of custom medals, stock medals, custom Lapel pins, custom challenge coins, custom badges, custom key chains, and much more. Their clientele ranges not just in China but they are catering to customers from North America and Europe to Japan. Currently, they have a long-term business relationship in 60 countries. They firmly believe in delivering quality products within an established time frame. They take their promises seriously, which is why they are ISO and SEDEX certified and have implemented a quality management system not just for the finished product but for all the steps involved to make sure that the result is beyond the customers’ expectations.

The effect of COVID-19.

The noble corona virus affected all businesses, big and small, in many aspects. The workforce got badly hit, and the supply of raw material was affected because of the closed routes. Getting through the quarantined areas was impossible. Then, the sanctions imposed by the government for maintaining hygiene, caused great disturbances for the workforce to reach their workplaces, not to forget the quarantined areas, which made it impossible for the workers to reach the factories. But Metal Awards Factory kept working through these hard times. Metal Awards like medals and lapel pins are not just used in sports but are often used as a token of appreciation in any field and during those difficult times, many needed to be appreciated. The medical staff that went out of their way to look after the infected, leaving their own families, the laboratory doctors, who practically lived in the labs to find a medicine for the cure, and the service workers, who tried to find ways to facilitate the lives of the affected. They all needed to be appreciated as a motivation. This is why Medals China continued working through the difficult times.

Not only survive,but also thrive.

The factory has multiple branches across China which is why they were even able to operate through the quarantine era. A strong customer relationship with the raw material suppliers ensured that the raw material was provided on time. Branches in different cities took care of the workforce issues.

Metal Awards Factory has tried its best to survive through the hard times. They invested in their suppliers to make sure that there was no scarcity of raw material, and the workforce was from different areas to work at their different branches. Through timely decision-making and planning ahead, they were not just able to deliver their promises but also, they were able to keep the prices of these medals under control. Despite the effect of COVID-19 on the supply of medals in China, Metal Awards not only survived, but also thrived.

Though the corona virus still exists, we are now learning to live with it. Businesses are once again flourishing. Everyone faced a hard time, but now things are getting back on track. It will take time to recover the 2 years we lost, but we all are now managing.


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Metal Awards Factory or Medals China is also now recovering. With the recovered routes, the delivery of the raw material and the availability of the staff is also restored and the prices are now coming back to normal.

During difficult times, it is always best to go to the leading manufacturers like the Metal Awards Factory. They are an established business with set alternates. They used multiple suppliers to fulfill their needs.

The price of any product is dependent upon many factors, the biggest being the price of the raw material. If the suppliers increase their rates, the price of the finished product is also up, also, a skilled workforce plays a great part in the production. If there is an unavailability of the staff, the price can take a further hike. This is what happened during the pandemic. The prices went soaring high because nothing was available during the quarantines.

Like all industries, the effect of COVID-19 on the supply of medals in China is anything but small. Those who were able to survive raised the prices but Metal Awards factory managed to stay afloat. With skilled management and sheer diligence, they managed to survive. Though the prices had to be raised, they managed to control them from going too high. And hence they have managed to retain their current customer base because they promise to deliver. The prices are now back to normal because the supply routes are back to normal. The workforce is back and the medical sanctions have become easier. We all have gone through a tough time and we pray that time never comes again, but even if it does, Metal Awards Factory promises you that they will deliver what they promise and will never let their customers down.

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