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The importance of medals in the modern era cannot be described in words. The high importance of medallions means that people always demand high-quality medals. And when it comes to high-quality medals, only the best and most experienced medals manufacturers can make them. The necessity of high-quality medals gave birth to so many great award medals manufacturers all around the world. Many medals manufacturers are reliable and trustworthy as they offer great quality products. Therefore, everyone must choose medals manufacturers carefully if they want to get their hands on the best medals.

Building confidence among sports participants and work employees is one of the main reasons why medals are manufactured. Great medals can create a positive learning environment while motivating each individual. The medals must be well designed, attractive, and long-lasting to make the participants and employees feel that way and build a great learning environment while motivating them. And only the best medals manufacturers can make such medals. This is why the importance of choosing the best medals manufacturers also cannot be described in words. Athough there are so many medals manufacturers in the world, you can find the best ones in China. If you want to know about the best medals manufacturers in China then keep reading:

About Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd

About Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd

This company can become your one-stop solution for the best quality custom medal, stock medals, custom Lapel pins, custom badges, custom keychains, custom Challenge coins, custom belt buckles, and custom bottle openers, custom dice, and champion ring, custom refrigerator stickers, etc. All you have to reach out to them and you will find out. Over eighty seasoned staff members work every day to create medals with the highest quality based on their clients’ requirements. As a medals manufacturer, they produce and sold since its inception which happened in 2013. Now they are moving forward with their 3600 square meters factory where they use drawing, engraving, molding, mold polishing, die casting, product polishing, and elector-sparkling processes to manufacture premium quality medallions.

These are the main reasons why Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd has become one of the best and most trustworthy medals manufacturers in China.More than 60 companies all around the world have a great partnership with them and they manufacture medals for them. Among all the Chinese medals manufacturers, they are the most trusted because of a strict ISO 9002:2015 quality management system. This is why they were able to produce 10 million products in 2018 bringing an annual turnover of $5 million. They were also certified by ISO 9002:2015 and SEDEX in 2015. Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd has become quite reliable because its products meet the quality inspection standards of EN71&CE. There are many other conveniences this medals manufacturer can offer. And these are the reasons why they are not only one of the best medals manufacturers in China but also one of the best medals manufacturers in the whole wide world.

Now, let’s get to know about the top five award medals manufacturers in China you can trust:

1.Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd:

A veteran award medals manufacturer.

Among the top 5 award medals manufacturers in China you can trust, we have Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd because they have been offering the highest quality medals at affordable prices for over ten years. They are trustworthy as they’ve been offering the product quality they promise and on-time delivery of each order. You will get custom solutions from them for custom medal, Lapel pins, badges, Challenge coins, belt buckles, bottle openers, dice, champion ring, refrigerator stickers, etc. All you have to do is contact them and they will take care of the whole process with their experienced staff members. They have 3600 square meters factory with more than 80 staff members. When it comes to the Chinese medals manufacturers, they are at the top position. They have a strict ISO 9002:2015 quality management system and are certified by ISO 9002:2015 and SEDEX.

Easy to get access and worth to be trusted.

They have a user-friendly website where anyone can browse through huge collection of medals and purchase them without any hassle. Your information is safe with them as their privacy policy is quite strict. They have the FAQ section where almost all your questions will be answered. If you visit the website of this medals manufacturer, you will see all of the certifications. The review section will let you know that all of their previous customers are happy with the quality of the products. These are the reasons why companies from over 60 countries are continuing their partnership with them. All the products of Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd meet the quality inspection standards of EN71 and CE. Clients don’t have to worry about their payment method as it is completely secure.Therefore, we can state that Metal Awards Industrial Co., Ltd is the number one medals manufacturer in China.

2. Logo Emblem Industries Co., Ltd:

Logo Emblem Industries Co., Ltd-

In the list of the top award medals manufacturers in China you can trust, we have Logo Emblem Industries Co., Ltd in the second position. This medals manufacturer has been in this business since 1992 and they are committed to manufacturing high-quality medals. Let’s find out the things that make Logo Emblem Industries Co., Ltd medals manufacturer a trustworthy company among the top medals manufacturers in China.

Their culture

Their way of work is pragmatic and cost-efficient with harmony, unity, and cooperation. They continuously improve with innovation and development with international standard scientific management. They are quite serious about their work, properly committed, work fast with efficiency and deliver on time.


This medals manufacturer has a huge factory with different departments. The molding department has CNC engraving. Cutting and stamping are done in the die-struck department. The die casting department works on casting with a die casting machine. Then there is a polish department in this medals manufacturer for proper polishing. There are also different departments like a color filling, printing, plating, quality control department, and packing department.


This medals manufacturer has a business license along with QA international certification and they are known as an authentication provider by China manufacturing network, global sources to qualify vendors, and they have excellent enterprise rooted business 20 years certification.

3. Wenzhou Jiabo Crafts Co., Ltd:

In this list of the top 5 Chinese award medals manufacturers, we kept Wenzhou Jiabo Crafts Co., Ltd number three. They are a professional craft manufacturer situated in Wenzhou. As a medals manufacturer, they manufacture other products like keychains, coins, badges, medals, trophies, bottle openers, plates, bookmarks, among others. They use modern new and advanced ways for die-casting, hydraulic pressing, etching, molding, stamping, plating, and painting or enameling. And more than 40 highly experienced craftsmen are working for this medals manufacturer in their factory. They take special requests from their customers as they have experienced mold designers and the latest machinery. This medals manufacturer always hopes to build a long-term relationship with clients and work together for common growth and success.

  • This medals manufacturer focuses on offering superior quality products and the best services at the most affordable prices.
  • They help their employees improve their technological knowledge continuously along with their careers.
  • To maintain a good position among the top medals manufacturers in China, they have different types of intellectual and skill training programs.
  • Other companies are welcome to discuss business with this medals manufacturer.

Their Markets:

The main markets of this medals manufacturer are North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Europe, South Asia, Western Europe, Central America, Oceania, Eastern Asia, Southern Europe, and the Domestic market.

4. Zhongshan Artigifts Premium Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd:

Zhongshan Artigifts Premium Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd-

We have kept Zhongshan Artigifts Premium Metal & Plastic Co., Ltd on number four in this list of top medals manufacturers in China that you can trust. This professional medals manufacturer is famous for manufacturing all sorts of gifts and crafts with great efficiency. Key chains, badges, emblems, brooches, name tags Lanyard, bookmarks, bracelets, necklaces, lapel pins, plaques, cuff links, tie bars, bottle openers, mobile phone straps, medals, coins, trophies, souvenirs, rings, photo frames and luggage tags in both metal and soft PVC materials are their main products. This medals manufacturer has many years of experience in this field of manufacturing as their company started in 2007. They are located in a metal city in the world Zhongshan XiaoLan, near Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

More than 120 workers are working with advanced pieces of equipment like CNC die carving machines, 88T X 2 Die casting machines, 1000T; 500T X 2; 300T X 2 Oil hydraulic press, and other latest quality punching machines. They aim to meet the requirements of customers from all around the world continuously because their goal is to improve product quality as a medals manufacturer. Excellent service and best quality are a guarantee from this medals manufacturer. We can say that this company is an all-process production line because they have a Molding department, Die casting, Stamping, Polish, Coloring department, Packing department, Offset print, Pad print department, etc. Their art developing department will bring much convenience to any customer who is looking for a good medals manufacturer with great design.

5. Winwin Industrial Co., Ltd:

Winwin Industrial Co., Ltd

Winwin Industrial Co., Ltd medals manufacturer was established back in 1994 in the city of Huizhou. However, they later moved to Dongguan city in 2009. This medals manufacturer is famous for manufacturing metal and soft PVC items for promotional and gifting purposes. Their products include badge, key chain, fridge magnet, bottle opener, luggage tag, coin, among others.. This medals manufacturer has an export and import license. They provide a one-stop solution with great design service, mock-up, casting, coloring, stamping, offset printing, and PVC injection processes. As their product standard matches the requirement of the US or EU market, they have become a trustworthy medals manufacturer. They have passed SEDEX 4pillars, Macy’s, WCA, and Coca-Cola audit along with ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO9001:2015 quality inspection system. This medals manufacturer is appointed for NBC Universal and Disney. They have also worked for Guangzhou Military Region and Olympic Games.

Choose them and your life will be easy.

These are the top five award medals manufacturers you can trust to purchase award medals, trophies, or gift items from. They have made it to this list because they have been reliable to their customers for a very long time. Each one of these medals manufacturers has a great manufacturing factory with so many experienced staff members. And all of these medals manufacturers are highly experienced because of been in this field for a very long time. If you purchase from these medals manufacturers,you will surely get on-time delivery. Also,you will not have to worry about the quality of the products because they will surely satisfy you. And you will not have to worry about any middle man at all. Therefore, you can look forward to getting the best value for your money if you purchase from these medals manufacturers.

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